A/N So I have been wanting to write a Dean/Sam fanfiction for a while now

A/N So I have been wanting to write a Dean/Sam fanfiction for a while now. And here is the start. There is some kissing near the end of the chapter, I'll say it again, be warned; wincest.

Dean lie awake thinking about his short time left. Only just over a month now before he will hear the Hellhounds coming for him. The thought of it sent shivers down his spine; even though he acted like he didn't care he was secrectly scared of what lay ahead of him. He looked over to Sam who was facing the other way sleeping silently and Dean thought about how he had saved him - it was all worth it, for him. Everyone knew that Dean did love his brother but wouldn't admit it, it was just who he was. A 'jack the lad' some would say, finding dates at dodgy bars whilst Sam would go home early alone. They were different in most ways but they suited each other when they hunted and worked together perfectly. Sam yawned and Dean looked over to him again, Sam turned onto his back and rubbed his eyes.

Dean lay silently not wanting Sam to know he has been awake all night. Sam sat up and put his legs over the side of his bed facing Dean. Dean looked at him and saw more then he wanted to, Sam was just wearing his boxers and more then what was supposed to was hanging out.

"Whoa, now Sam. Put it away!" Dean said and faced the other way quickly. Sam looked confused and tired but then realised what he meant and quickly sorted himself out feeling quite embarrassed. Sam coughed awkwardly and rushed to the bathroom to take a cold shower.

Dean lay smiling to himself, he liked the way Sam blushed and got embarrassed so easily. Maybe some people would call it cute. Dean quickly dismissed the idea of his little brother being cute and put a T-shirt on over his bare torso.

Sam emerged from the bathroom a little while later fully dressed, wet hair hanging down to his chin, and walked past his brother's bed and to the chair with the laptop on the little table in front of it. He turned it on and looked to Dean to tell him what they were going to be hunting today. Sam couldn't forget that Dean had barely a month left but he knew Dean wanted to keep hunting like everything was normal.

"What?" Dean said when Sam had been staring at him for a few minutes silently.

"We both knew you're going to tell me where we are going today," Sam said looking down to his laptop. Dean sighed and slipped on a pair of jeans.

"We are going for breakfast." Dean said bluntly grabbing his jacket and Sam closed his laptop and got up to get his jacket. They walked out of the motel door through the car park full of rusty and half broken cars to the nearest diner they could see.

Dean had a big plate of pancakes drenched in syrup thanks to his eyeing up the waitress but Sam had a little pile with barely any syrup. Dean noticed and stuffed in a big mouthful of his with a wink to his brother who just rolled his eyes.

After breakfast the brothers walked back to the motel room, Sam took up his seat with his laptop and Dean switched on a tiny television in the corner of the room and perched on the edge of his bed to watch.

Sam kept looking at his brother thinking about why he doesn't even bring up the fact that he was dying in a month. All his feelings were building up inside him and he wanted to just shout and scream at Dean to do something about it. Sam couldn't loose his brother, not after his dad. He'd have no one left, he was scared. He didn't want to hunt alone, he couldn't.

"Crap." Dean said and changed the channel, and two seconds later did the same to the next channel, and the next. Sam was broken out of his thoughts by Dean and stared at him with teary eyes. Dean felt like he was being watched and looked at Sam.

"What now?" Dean said and put the remote down, but then noticed Sam was slightly teary and his expression changed to worry.

"Dean!" Sam said standing up. "I can't believe you're just sitting here when in a month you'll be dead!" Sam said feeling frustrated with his brother and Dean's gaze dropped and he looked slightly guilty.

"Not this again." Dean mumbled to himself and Sam just huffed loudly at him. "Look, Sam, you know if I do anything you will die! I am not going to let you die!" Dean was shouting too but Sam looked angry.

"We can kill the son of a bitch that holds your contract! Why won't you help me with finding who it is?" Sam said tears starting to fall from his eyes. Sam didn't like his brother seeing him so upset and tried to cover up the tears and wipe them away quickly but Dean knew he was upset since he had starting shouting. Dean walked over to his brother and stared at him in the eyes with a sympathetic smile.

"You are such a girl sometimes…" Dean said taking his brother into an embrace that Sam rarely got from his brother.

"Dean!" Sam said pushing him off. "Don't change the subject and ignore everything I have said." Sam said still trying to push Dean off but he held him tightly and Sam gave up. The brothers stood hugging for a second, something they very rarely do, and Sam closed his eyes taking in the support from his big brother. Dean pulled back but held onto Sam's shoulders and patted them with quite a bit of force. Sam gathered probably making up for the 'chick flick moment' they had just experienced.

"Dean…" Sam said before he knew what was going on their lips were touching. Dean's tongue pushed through Sam's lips and their tongues fought each others for dominance. Dean's won and he was pushing Sam backwards towards the wall where Sam's back met it and Dean pushed his body into his brothers, still kissing him ferociously. Dean would bite down on Sam's bottom lip every now and then and Sam would whimper but his hands would ask for more by sliding down Dean's body to his hips and jeans.

The pace was fast and chests were heaving when Sam's was revealed because Dean had pulled off his jacket and shirt. Dean looked down Sam's rugged and full of muscle torso then there was a lust in his eyes Sam was almost frightened of. Dean pushed himself into Sam harder and his kisses trailed off his mouth to his neck and he started to bite at the soft skin, leaving marks each side of his neck. Sam's eyes closed at the feeling of his brother's mouth at his neck. Shivers shot up and down his spine, it felt so good.

Sam suddenly pushed Dean off of him and looked at him with an expression of sheer repulsion.

'What are we doing?' Was all Sam's brain was saying to himself and he wiped his brothers wetness off of his neck and lips. Dean stood staring with longing but his gaze dropped as the realisation flooded him too. The brothers stood staring at each other, breathing heavily. Sam grabbed his shirt and Dean left the motel slamming the door loudly behind him and Sam just stood staring at the door in disbelief.

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