Disclaimers: The concepts and characters of The Forbidden Game belong to L.J. Smith.

Summary: Everyone deserves a second chance. Everyone excluding Tom! Anyway…so much for a happy ending sniff sniff I didn't know it would turn out that way either :p

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The grey winter sky was stained with black ominous clouds. The windscreen wipers battled feebly to rid the raindrops from the window. She could see blurry outlines in front of her for barely a second before another wave of water would wash over the screen. It was silent in the car. The only sound was the thudding of her heart and the whisper of urgency in the back of her mind. She had to get to Tom. She had to warn him, she had to protect him. They would be stronger as a team than individuals.

Dread and fear raged through her heart. She was breathless with anxiety and her muscles were trembling with tension. She glimpsed a red light and slammed on the brakes just in time. The wheels threatened to lock and the car slid to a halt before the white line. She sat for a moment, stunned, her heart racing up her throat. She watched traffic commence before her and leaned back weakly.

Her mind was whirling with fear and guilt. She knew she shouldn't have done it. She was too familiar with forbidden things and she had known deep inside that she was looking for trouble. Tempting fate. She hadn't properly thought about the consequence of her action. But it's been over two years and obviously her memory had become foggy. At least, the memories she had of him. She could recall scattered images of his beauty, vague and fleeting. Unreal. Maybe that's why she'd done it. None of her friends ever spoke about it, and it was never brought up or referred to in any kind of way. It was as though it had never happened.

Jenny herself had never thought about it much. She got distracted by events that were real and solid, like passing her drivers ed, waitressing at the local diner to save for her car, volunteering at the animal shelter, passing her finals and deciding which college or university she should apply for next year. She'd got caught up in life and thinking about shadow men and games had seemed childish and wasteful.

She didn't know what had possessed her to do such a reckless thing. Though at the time it hadn't seemed reckless to her and she hadn't meant for anything to happen. Or rather, she didn't expect anything to happen. Why she'd chosen mythology as a subject to write an essay on, she would never know. She shouldn't have gone the extra mile, as she often did. She should have known better when she carved those runes into the piece of ply wood. It was meant to be an example only. She'd thought then that it was oddly peculiar that she was compelled to choose only certain runes. Nothing out of the ordinary had happened. The runes hadn't flashed or moved after she stained them with red ink. She didn't know she'd activated them. The only way Jenny could think that she'd given them power, was when she'd read her essay aloud to herself. But any of the words could have sparked it.

Jenny licked her lips when the light turned green. She had to get to Tom, fast. She didn't know how much time she had. It's been over a month since she'd handed in the essay and the rune engrave was without doubt lost in some junk yard – teachers didn't hold onto examples for school projects as keepsakes. It wasn't until Jenny woke up this morning by an unnerving sensation of being watched that she knew something was wrong. She had sensed a presence in the room with her. She felt something crouching beside her bed and it had been terrifying. She'd had the disturbing feeling that she was literally face to face with something she couldn't see. It was when she heard someone sigh, a long heavy sigh, and felt the brief touch of cold breath on her cheek, that she'd freaked out.

She couldn't remember being this terrified. Her mind was dishing out possible solutions to protect herself and untangled thoughts of how to explain things to Tom and her friends were storming in her head as she put her foot down lightly on the gas and the vehicle came into motion.

She was too wrapped up in her dilemma to take note of her surroundings. She glimpsed from the corner of her eye something big coming toward her at an insane speed. For a brief moment, the world seemed to pause. Her mind went blank and her body turned numb in shocked disbelief. There wasn't time to think or react. The impact was hard and turned her numbness into excruciating pain. Her body was jerked back and forth, at the same time shaken from side to side, violent unpredictable movements crushing her bones and cutting into her flesh. There was a terrible screeching sound of metal and she was vaguely aware that gravity had changed, too disoriented to realize the car had been tipped over and she was trapped upside down between a mass of steel and bent metal. Her senses were slowly ceasing and when something cold and sharp slammed into the back of her head and she was thrown into an instant black abyss…