I own nothing apart from and the plot

I own nothing apart from Arwene and the plot!!

Chapter One

I stared at the mass of green flying past me, wondering how it was possible for one place to be so green. Of course, coming from a country that's currently in a drought will make you realize how much water is really out there in the world.

See, I've moved to America, or more specifically La Push. From the pictures I've seen and what I've heard everyone here looks like they've got a kick ass tan. What about me? I'm pale, with blond hair and blue eyes. This is just a tad noticeable amongst people with dark brown, almost black hair and brown eyes. My hair colour and eyes aren't the only dead giveaway that I don't belong here; my accent.

According to exchange students that came to my old school I have an accent. Plus I'm sure that there are gonna be Americans with American accents in La Push. And in case you haven't figured out yet, I'm Australian.

My mum, who divorced my dad years ago, came here for nearly a year to see the teaching conditions in America. Immediately she loved it and it didn't take her long to file for permanent residency and scored a teaching job at the local high school. Not only did she get a job but she met someone. She married him a couple of weeks ago. Now I have an additional step brother and step sisters to my list of siblings; yep I have one older brother and two very loud and opinionated sisters. If it wasn't for my dad living in a house-hold full f strange guys I would still be in Australia but here I was, pulling into the drive-way of my new home.

Billy Black, AKA my new step father, was waiting for us, beaming brightly at me. He wheeled up to me, holding out a hand.

"Hello Arwene. It's great to finally have you here." Billy said earnestly, shaking my hand.

I smiled, liking him already, "Hi, its good to finally meet the man that captured my darling mothers' heart." I said dramatically, gaining a snort of laughter from her.

"Very funny Arwene. Go and get your suitcase from the car." She said, giving me a look.

I shrugged, smiling brightly and headed to the back of the car, yanking out my heavy suitcase. I had been over the weight limit but what did they expect? I was moving countries and I kind of needed clothes. I struggled to heave the heavy suitcase but I managed to get it into the house without dislocating my shoulder. I followed mum down a small corridor, barely listening to her excited chatter. She disappeared into a room and I followed, sighing with relief when I finally relieved myself of the damn case. I studied the room, still lost in my thoughts, but was aware of mum leaving me to unpack alone. My room was small, nothing that I wasn't used t, with a single bed pressed up against the wall, the windows right above. There was a bedside table with a lamp and digital clock right next to it. There was a double door cupboard and I opened it, happy to see a small chest of draws inside and more than enough hanging space.

Stifling a yawn I began to unpack, folding my clothes neatly into the draws. I was a neat freak, all thanks to my mum. I clean when I'm stressed or upset. I went to pick something else from my suitcase but it was empty; I hadn't even realized that I had finished unpacking. I flopped down on my bed, staring up at the blank ceiling; this wasn't helping my exhaustion, I decided. I sat up unwillingly and made my way out to the kitchen, sitting down on a stool, propping my elbows onto the bench and watched mum bustle around the kitchen making sandwiches. Almost in record time she placed a sandwich in front of me, beaming as I ate it slowly. As she washed up the mess she began conversation.

"I hope you're not too tired." She said abnormally cheerful.

I grunted but it took me a moment to register what she had said, "Uh, why?"

She perked up, "There's a bonfire tonight to welcome you. It starts in about an hour down at First Beach." She said, giving me a look that I understood perfectly.

I stood, rolling my eyes, "I'll go have a shower."

I took my time, really not looking forward to going and being social. If it isn't obvious; I'm extremely shy. So much that I expect not to even talk to anyone on my first day at school; hell I barely know how I'm going to be able to talk to my new step-brother. I resisted a sigh when mum knocked on the door, telling me to hurry up. I changed quickly, darting back into the bathroom to dry my long hair. Luckily mum left me alone so I was able to get it almost completely dry and pulled it up into a half pony-tail, the rest of my hair falling over my shoulders. I trudged back into my room, seeing the impatient look on both mum and Billy's face so I shoved on a pair of slip-on shoes and quickly checked my reflection. I was wearing a pair of hipster jeans that were a bit too baggy on me but I didn't care. I had a light purple singlet top on underneath an off shoulder low cut shirt. I rushed out of my room, completely forgetting my jacket and only just remembered to shove my phone into my pocket.

The car was silent as we drove to the bonfire, the sound of the loud motor giving no chance of any conversation. I was sure that the sound of my wild heart could be heard over roar of the car as we drove further and further towards our destination. It went into overdrive when mum finally parked it, and they both began to get out chatting happily with each other. I followed them down a sandy path, trying to walk carefully so I wouldn't twist my ankle in the soft sand. I looked up and paled immediately at the sight of all the people in front of me; it looked like half a town could be there. I shrank into myself and followed up to them, immediately being introduced to people that I was sure I would never see again unless it was at another one of these bonfires. Finally we headed over to some younger people.

"Arwene, this is Emily and Sam. Sam's a good friend of Jacob's." Mum introduced, indicating to the two people before me.

I smiled shyly at the two; Emily was beautiful, even with the long scars on her face and Sam was tall; he scared the shit out of me. He smiled though it seemed forced and it looked as though he was trying to conclude to whether I was anything worth of interest to talk to or not. I felt somewhat insulted as he simply looked away, excusing himself to head over to a group of tall men. When I say tall, I mean really tall, like six foot nine tall. Mum began to head over towards them, oblivious to my panic. I was terrible amongst people generally but around tall, intimidating guys I was terrible and she knew this well.

"Jacob, come and meet Arwene." Mum called.

One of the tall guys, one of the tallest there, turned and his eyes zeroed in on me in a glare. I gulped, feeling the blood run out of my face; this guy clearly was not happy to have me here. He crossed his muscled arms and continued to glare down at me, nodding slightly. Mum didn't seem to acknowledge this and began pointing at the boys behind him.

"Arwene, this is Embry, Quil, you already met Sam, Jared, Seth and Paul." My eyes followed to each guy as she pointed to them.

When they stopped on Paul he looked as though he had been punched in the stomach. He began shaking and all at once the guys snapped their heads towards him, looking at him incredulously. I turned to mum questioningly but to my dismay I noticed too late that she had left me alone with a group of strange men. I turned back to them, stepping away when Paul began to move closer.

"Paul." Sam growled warningly, placing a restraining hand on his shoulder.

He shrugged it off, never taking his eyes of me and continued walking straight to me. I'll admit it; the guy was hot. His hair, his eyes and his muscles; there was nothing unattractive about him but the way he was looking at him was as though he couldn't decide whether or not to pick me up and kidnap me or just pull me against him.

And I was scared shitless.

I tripped back a step, looking almost desperately at the other guys for help but none of them seemed sure of what to do, looking to Sam as though waiting for an order. He was watching Paul closely, but didn't make a move to restrain him further. Jacob was studying me, like whatever I did during this moment would make him re-think his already noticeable hatred of me. I had no idea what I was doing and panicked further when he stopped less than a foot away, not having a clue as to what I should do. This was not a situation that anyone, especially a girl, would want to be in; surrounded by complete strangers that just happen to be incredibly tall and half naked men.

Did I mention they were half naked?

Well yeah, none of them are wearing shirts and whatever it is they feed these guys around here is good. They seriously had great bodies.

But that isn't the problem at the moment. The problem was that I realized almost a moment too late that the other guys had formed a circle around us and I was now trapped. I stumbled back anyway, hoping to break through and make a quick escape and luckily for me I was quick, and small enough to duck under their arms and walk back up to the bonfire before they could stop me.

I could feel their eyes on me the entire night, watching as I never strayed far from the big group of people. No one else talked to me and I was fine with that, able to stay close to the warmth of the fire without worrying about having to make small conversation with anyone. I began to feel drowsy, the warmth reminding me of my jet lag and my eyes were just about closed when I felt a small hand on my shoulder. I turned behind me, knowing it was mum and gave her an annoyed look that I hoped she took for 'can we please get out of here?' Unfortunately she missed it and chatted away, chirpy as ever.

"Sam and the rest of the boys are just dying to show us something so we're going to go down the beach a little. Do you want to come?" She asked happily.

I shook my head and watched as she headed of with the remainder of the people left. I realized that as soon as she left that I was completely alone. I looked up, scanning my surroundings when my eyes settled on Paul, who was heading towards me. Moving fast than ever I jumped to my feet and began to walk as fast as I could in the opposite direction that mum had gone in, but I didn't realize this until I heard the laughs coming from behind me. I hoped desperately that Paul would take the hint and go back.

At least that's what I had hoped would happen. Remember when I mentioned how Paul was trying to decide between kidnapping me and just holding me?

Well he just made up his mind.

Just as I thought I was in the clear two huge and incredibly warm hands shot out at me, grabbing me around my waist and picked me up. My alarm returned and I struggled, about to open my mouth to scream only to have it muffled by a giant hand pinned over my lips. I continued to make some type of noise, struggling uselessly against the strong arm that had managed to easily keep both arms pinned helplessly at my side. Shudders coursed through my body and I stopped, unable to fight but didn't stop trying to scream, hoping that someone could hear the pathetic sounds coming from me. Paul stopped somewhere in the dense woods, keeping me pinned to him. I began struggling again, kicking my air-bound feet backwards in a poor attempt to hurt him.

"Shh, calm down Arwene." Paul whispered in my ear. "I'm not going to hurt you."

I whimpered but didn't stop trying to escape, feeling tears creep up into my eyes. He kept whispering reassuring things and I finally broke, slumping down in his arms and letting the terrified tears pour down my face silently. He began to lower me but when my feet touched the ground the adrenaline kicked back in and I tried to make a run for it. Instead of picking me back up Paul simply grabbed my arms and pushed me up against a hard tree. Before I could even make a sound his large hand was back across my mouth and I stood there trembling and whimpering, my hands locked in one of his large warm ones over my head, and wondering how this could be happening on my first day. Removing his hand slowly from my mouth he gently wiped away the pouring tears.

"Calm down; I'm not going to hurt you." He whispered.

I looked up at him weakly, trying hard to stop the whimpers and the violent tremors from my body with no luck. He was staring at me intently, his hand continually brushing away the tears from my cheeks. It was the look in his eyes that ultimately calmed me down, finally trusting him enough to believe him when he said he wouldn't hurt me. The grip on my wrists relaxed and he lowered them but pressed up against me to prevent any attempt of escape if the thought passed through my mind again. The tears finally stopped but he didn't move his hand from my face, simply cupped my cheek.

"What do you want?" I asked my voice small as I stared up at him helplessly.

Paul smiled gently, "Just to be around you."

Shaking my head I tried to squirm out of his arms but he just pressed closer, the abnormal heat spreading from his body and into mine. I had no idea what he mean when he said 'just to be around you.' What was it supposed to mean? I pushed weakly at his chest, trying to get him to move away but he wouldn't budge. He simply stared down at me, an unexplainable look in his eyes. I began desperately pushing at him with the tiny strength that was in me and all for nothing; he didn't move one inch.

"Why are you doing this?" I sobbed, "Why won't you let me go?"

He pushed a stray strand of hair back behind my ear, stroking a finger from my ear and down across my jaw line, "First, you don't know the way back. The second I can't explain it just yet but you will know soon." He said a promise in his deep voice.

"Let me go." I said, raising my tiny fists to pound on his chest.

Paul grabbed them and used that to pull me to him, "No." He said simply, wrapping his other arm around my back to keep me up against him.

I was shaking again, scared stiff of what he was going to do to me. "Let me go or I'll scream." I threatened, trying to pull my hands out of his.

Paul looked amused, "Yes, because that worked so well last time. Although I have to admit those sounds were pretty cute." He teased.

The nerve of the guy! I glared up at him but shrank away when his face darkened and strong shivers shuddered through his body. I tried to back away but he held on tight to my wrists. I jumped when I heard a twig break, my heart pounding loudly in my ears as I tried to make sense of the looming shape coming towards us. Paul figured it out quicker than I did.

"Jake, piss off." Paul hissed, tightening his already strong hold on me.

Jacob appeared from the trees, looking concerned and annoyed at Paul. He looked at me, scared and cheeks stained from tears and shivering pathetically. In two quick strides Jake was beside Paul, smiling reassuringly at me and I relaxed, trusting my new step brother to help me. He placed a hand over Paul's restraining grip on my wrist and gently pried it away, speaking softly.

"Paul, really it's great that you've imprinted but you need to let me take her back now." Jacob said calmly like it was normal for Paul to go around kidnapping girls.

I didn't understand nor care what the hell imprinting was, grateful for Jacob's presence. I squirmed nervously and Paul snarled, tightening his hold again. I winced at the pain ebbing up from my wrists, grasping for the first time how much it actually hurt. Jacob noticed this and growled back at Paul, his eyes angry.

"Paul, for god sake you're hurting her." He hissed, ripping Paul's hands off of mine and replaced it with his own.

He dragged me behind him, watching Paul carefully. "Dude, go for a run. I'll talk to you tomorrow." He said softly when Paul's eyes found their way to my bruised wrists. He nodded, never taking his eyes away from me as Jacob pulled me away.

He pushed me through the trees and I let out a sigh of relief when we reached the edge of the forest, shivering at the cold breeze. I looked over to the bonfire but it was out and I looked at Jacob in confusion.

"They all went home; I told dad I'd bring you home." He said gruffly, leading me across the beach.

He didn't say anything else to me as we walked to his car. He got inside first and reached over to unlock my door and I slid in, and winced when I saw my horrible appearance. I wiped a shaking hand across my cheeks, wiping the remaining tears of my face and turned to look outside, watching the trees fly past us. I could feel Jacob's eyes glance over at me now and then but he didn't say anything. As he pulled into the driveway he spoke, his voice low and dark.

"Don't you think about saying a thing about what happened tonight to your mom." He said softly but I could easily detect a threat, "You went for a walk along the beach and you fell down a ditch where I found you."

I stared at him incredulously, "How thick do you think my mum is?" I asked insulted.

"It's not unusual for there to be ditches in the sand here." He said warningly.

I nodded, getting out of the car quickly. Sure enough mum questioned me about what happened and I lied, using my jet lag as an excuse to get out of any further discussions on it. I didn't pay attention to where Jacob went, assuming that he went straight to his bedroom like I went to mine. As soon as I closed the door I placed a hand over my mouth and slid down the wooden door, letting the tears fall freely as I began to regret ever coming.

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