I own nothing apart from Arwene and the plot

I own nothing apart from Arwene and the plot!!

Chapter Twenty One

The total of six months of my pregnancy was spent working and spending time with the Cullens who I quickly adapted to; they were my new family. Rosalie had been hard with me for the first few weeks before she softened. Now we were practically inseparable unless Alice was dragging one of us shopping.

I was in the last few weeks of my pregnancy now, my stomach was swelling and I had trouble sleeping from the back aches. I expect this was a lot worse because I was pregnant with twins. It was the times like these when I wished that Paul was with me. I had only seen him once since I'd left and that was a few months ago. My eyes filled with tears at the memory.


I was working once again in the book shop and I was just thankful that it was a quiet afternoon in both the store and the shopping centre. I was finally on my break, eating a sandwich from a health store when I saw them.

He hadn't changed much, still extremely tall and extremely hot. Holding his hand, smiling flirtatiously up at him was a pretty girl from school but I couldn't remember her name. They were walking through the food court, trying to pick out something to eat and laughing at things that Paul whispered in her ear.

My throat clenched and I watched heartbroken as they flirted. How could I have so easily believed that he loved me? I didn't doubt now that he had made it up that I was his imprint. If I was, he would still be with me, helping me prepare for our babies.

She noticed me first, seeing my obvious tummy and looking to Paul hesitantly. He noticed her expression, frowning slightly before following her gaze back to where I was sitting. I had looked away by now, eating my sandwich though I could taste nothing. I only ate because I knew about the other two life sources depending on me.

I could hear a small argument coming from where they were and I didn't look up, hoping desperately that they had gone; that was until a shadow fell over me. I looked up, somewhat intimidated when I found her looking down at me. I had always been intimidated by prettier girls and right now I felt like a whale.

"Stay away from Paul." She said abruptly.

I looked at her in shock, "Excuse me?"

"You heard me; stay away from him." She said coolly, "He's been going through so much because of you. You're nothing but a lying cheating slut that shouldn't be allowed to have children."

"Anna, come on." Paul interrupted, gently taking her hand without looking at me, "She's not worth it."

I stood up then, tears falling from my eyes, "You know what? I don't give a shit about what either of you think. If you want him so bad then have him." I snarled, "He was such an abusive arsehole anyway."

Anna looked at me in shock, looking somewhat disbelieving. Paul's face contorted in pain and for the first time since I'd left he looked apologetically at me. He didn't erase that look quick enough to hide it from Anna.

I whirled around to him, glaring at him, "You think I'm the cheating slut? That's coming from you, who cheated on me. And to think I listened to all of your lies you bastard." I whispered venomously, "I'm pregnant, alone with your fucking child and you don't have the balls to admit that you're the father. You have no idea what you're missing out on and I hope it hurts like hell when you finally realize you're wrong."

End of Flashback

Since then I hadn't seen him. It's funny, now that I think about it; I used to be terrified of vampires and now I would prefer to be with them then werewolves. That wasn't going to change any time soon. I was just thankful that I hadn't mentioned the fact that I was having twins or that I was living with the Cullens.

I was interrupted from my depressing thoughts by a startling pain in my stomach. I paled, not liking the wet feeling that was seeping out from my lower regions. Edward seemed to have heard my thoughts, appearing in front of me with a towel. Without a word he helped me up, carrying me out to the car and drove me quickly to the hospital.

I was finally having my babies.

The first few hours were horrible, not allowed to push until I was dilated. I couldn't believe how much pain I was in and because none of the Cullens were technically family they couldn't come in with me; I was alone. I almost didn't continue pushing, when the time came, through the first baby, too lost in the pain to even comprehend what I needed to do. I almost went unconscious the second time, panting heavily when I had finally pushed out the last tiny baby. Tears were streaming down my eyes when I saw them. The eldest was a boy and the younger a girl. They were beautiful; the boy had dark fuzzy hair on the top of his head while the little girl had blond curls.

"What are you going to call them?" One of the nurses asked me, smiling.

I thought for a moment, looking at the little boy, "He'll be called Blaise." I paused, thinking about a girl's name, "And her name is Ophelia Rose." I said finally, pleased with the selection.

The nurse wrote that down on the birth certificate and at last the Cullens were allowed in. Rosalie smiled at me when she heard Ophelia Rose's name, "You didn't have to." She said softly, holding the delicate baby in her arms.

I smiled back, "You've helped me so much. Besides, she needs to have some type of connection with her godmother."

Rosalie looked at me in shock, "Really?" She asked.

I looked to Emmett, "Would you be her godfather?"

He beamed at me and nodded, looking down at the little babe in his wife's arms. I looked to Edward and Bella who were holding Blaise.

I nodded, "And Edward and Bella, would you be Blaise's godparents."

He smiled, "I'd love to."

I looked to Alice and Jasper no even near forgetting them. "There's some crazy thing with my family that when the kids have godparents a boy gets an extra godfather and the girl gets the extra godmother. Jasper would you be Blaise's godfather as well and Alice would you be Ophelia's other godmother?"

Both of them beamed and nodded but it didn't matter if they were godparents or not, they would be their uncles and aunties. I just couldn't bear leaving them two out after all they had helped me with. I looked at the two little babies and smiled.

Now my family was complete.

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