Summary: just alittle drabble about Severus helping Lily with her homework

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot.

Lily Evans's only weakness

Severus Snape, watched his friend, Lily Evans tackle her recent Defence Against The Dark Arts Essay.

"I'll never get this annoying essay done." she muttered to herself.

He rolled his eyes and moved next to her, taking her by surprise. She looked at him, frustration showing darkly in her emerald eyes.

"Come here." he took the parchment for her before she could object. He took the book and highlighted the paragraphs she needed with a highlighting charm, and handed it back to her, smirking.

She glared at him for a moment, clearly defiant on not wanting help, and her expression softened, she was smiling and she went back to her work.

When she had finished, she turned to him, asking, "What's the title of the essay?"

Dear, sweet Lily, so unable to manage a little bit of fourth year Defence. Severus thought. He took the highlighting charm off before the aged Librarian Madame Pince cut at them for vandalising a precious book. "Effects of a werewolf bite, and how to be wary of a werewolf." Severus smirked, watching her write the title, put the lid on her ink pot, she dropped her things into her bag and stood up.

He led her out of the library for dinner in the Great Hall, wondering, out of everything she is good at, why Lily's only weakness was Defence Against The Dark Arts.