Half Breed
By: Hitokiri Musei
Rated: T
Summary: Light, a powerful vampire lord living in the modern world, needs a mate to fight the threat of the Made. But when he finds a boy who refuses to tell him his name, things change, and Light finds out that this boy isn't exactly human...

Pureblood and Made idea borrowed (with tremendous thanks and credit) to the amazing Kanzen ne Tsuki. You haven't been around my friend, and I miss you! While I got the idea for the two races of vampires from her, I made up the story on my own; I didn't even read hers before beginning this one. If there are resemblances, they are coincidence only!

Dedicated to Kanzen ne Tsuki. I miss you, my friend.

I don't own the idea of Pureblood and Made. I don't own Death Note. I cry.

Chapter 1

"Lord Light…"

Red-tinted chestnut eyes snapped open and turned to look at the person who had called his name. The calculating orbs caused the diminutive person to flinch slightly, and then Light's velvet voice rang through the room.

"What is it Mikami?"

The man bowed low, his dark hair falling forward around his face. "My lord, the elders have called for your presence, and have sent me to bring you to them. Forgive me for disturbing you."

Light sighed, tapping his long fingers against the arm of his chair in his room. "Very well, I will go. Thank you for informing me Mikami, your services are always appreciated."

The man smiled widely at that, his eyes gleaming faintly. "Thank you, my lord! I live to serve you!" With that he bowed himself out of the room.

The brunette shook his head slightly as he stood, running a hand through his bangs. Mikami was… odd, to say the least, he had come to Light so long ago that he barely cared to remember. He was obsessed with Light, would do anything for him in any given situation. Light appreciated his devotion, but sometimes it could get a little… unnerving.

Light moved through his room, his gait more of a float rather than a walk, going to the small refrigerator in the corner and pulling out a wine bottle. One of his slightly sharpened fingernails dug into the cork, pulling it out with ease as he pulled a wine glass from the cabinet. The liquid he poured into the glass was thick and a deep crimson, and he licked his lips as he put it to his mouth.

Blood. Thick, slightly cool blood. Light had never really enjoyed it that way, it was always best when warm from the body, but he took what he had to. The vampire lord licked his lips and fangs clean as he set the glass down, straightening his black dress shirt and grabbing his black jacket from the back of the chair in the corner.

He moved out into the main room of the house where he lived with his small vampire family, going into the living room. Most vampires in this day and age, 2007 to be exact, lived alone, but there were many that bands together to form small 'families' even though their own were long gone. Light himself was not the only survivor from his family, nearing his third century of life. His younger sister Sayu had also survived the attack that had killed their parents about 250 years ago.

He didn't live alone with Sayu though, there were two others in his family. Mikami was one of them, and tall black haired vampire that had found Light wandering with his sister not long after the initial attack. After learning that the young vampires' family had been killed by a group of Made, the much older vampire had taken them in. In time, as Light grew more powerful and his lineage as one of the vampire Lords came out, Mikami's attitude had changed to one of devotion. He was not a Lord; he was a lower class of Pureblood. Light placed him somewhere around Noble, but it was possible that he was merely an Aristocrat. While he was a Lord, Sayu was a Royal, though she was startlingly close to Lord. Light was proud of her, he had trained her himself.

The other one in his family was a young woman named Misa. While she seemed petty and shallow on the outside, in reality Misa was a sharp-witted and manipulative individual. Her powers of persuasion and seduction worked together along with her rather powerful dark magic. 

While she wasn't the class of Light, her magic was strong. She was certainly a Royal, even though she wasn't a Lord.

Light flexed his fingers slightly at the thought of magic, his own sparking at his fingertips as he traveled through the city towards the home of the elder vampires. Purebloods had strong dark magic, unlike the Made, whose magic was weak at best. The level of magic and the length of time a vampire could hold out gave them their rank in the Pureblood hierarchy, Lord being the highest, followed by Royal, Noble, and then Aristocrat. The elders were a group of Lords that had been around for thousands of years, and they made most of the decisions for the Pureblood community, unlike the Made, who had no real governing body, only the powerful.

Light's skin crawled at the mere thought of the Made. There were two types of vampires in the world, Purebloods and Made. As implied by their names, Purebloods were just that, vampires born that way. Made, however, were humans that had been turned by another vampire. How the first Made came around was never known, but about a century into Light's life their population had exploded into the hundreds rather than the small numbers it had been, and now, 200 years later, they were nearing 6,000.

There weren't a lot of Purebloods; they were a dying race, and could only survive by mating with other Purebloods. Their numbers were dwindling, and they knew it. But as they grew smaller, the Made grew stronger, and it was to the point that they were now a threat, as they had the idea that they were the true race of vampires because they were growing rather than shrinking like the Purebloods.

Light had an idea that this was the reason the elders had called for him. As one of the powerful vampire Lords, Light had an obligation and responsibility to be one of the front linemen in the no doubt upcoming battle with the Made. There were few Lords left, but Royals and Nobles were called out to the front lines as well. Aristocrats were also fighters, but they were usually used as healers in battles.

The vampire sighed as he reached the home that the elders currently occupied. What was interesting was that they had requested he actually come there; that didn't happen often.

It was certainly going to be an interesting meeting…

Light smirked to himself as he moved through the alleyway. After meeting with the elders he had headed out to find a meal; he hadn't fed in some time, and the thirst was starting to tell on him.

This particular prey had been easy enough to find, now all that remained was the capture. His thirst screamed at him, but, with years of practice under his belt, he was easily able to control it.

He moved swiftly into the alley, quiet and smooth. He found his prey huddling in the far corner, arms wrapped around knees.

Light knew this was a good choice; he'd been tracking this boy for about 3 days. He had no home, and he never really associated himself with anyone. On this particular cold and rainy night, Light had followed him back to what seemed to be 'his' alley.

He would not be missed.

The vampire was always careful; he watched for several days choosing a victim who wouldn't be noticed. He never wanted to rip apart families; those were too sacred. The plus of living in a large city like Tokyo was that there were plenty of loners.

Light put on a concerned face as he moved towards the shivering boy. He knew it was cold out, though he could hardly feel it himself. The poor child had to be freezing.

"Are you alright?"

His deep voice startled the boy, making him jump slightly. Frightened dark eyes came up to meet his chestnut orbs, the boy's gaze steady if not tinted by fear.

Light pulled his coat off, holding it out to the boy. "Here, you look frozen."

The child's dark eyes moved from him to the jacket, and then slowly he took it. Light smiled reassuringly as the boy wrapped the coat around his shoulders, watching the brunette warily.

He was pale, Light noticed, and there was a bit of a blue tinge to his lips and fingers. His face was thin, his hands knobby and spindly.

"How long have you been out here?" Light asked softly, settling beside the boy.

Silence for a moment, and then…

"A-About a month."

Excellent. Light had learned that the homeless, especially the younger ones, were a little more trusting to kind strangers. Loneliness and the hope of a hot meal and a warm bed drove them to it.

"What happened?"

The boy looked at him. "I turned 18 and the orphanage kicked me out. Needed more room."

Light blinked. Maybe not a boy. But he's so small for his age… Neglect? "What's your name?"


The vampire blinked. "L? Peculiar name."

The teen shrugged under Light's coat. "I wanted to be different." His gaze grew a little more suspicious. "What do you want from me?"

Light smiled slightly, his voice dropping into a soothing hypnotic lull. It was a vampire's ultimate skill, but it only worked if you had the victim's name. "Nothing at all, L, I'm only concerned."

L blinked slightly, but Light saw now glaze coming over his large, dark eyes.

What the… An alias! He's smart! Smarter then I gave him credit for…

L was still watching him intently, and Light looked past the dark orbs and saw the intelligence buried there. His magic gently probed into the boy's mind, and he was startled to find an analytical and logical mind. L's thoughts were ordered and precise; he was a genius.

As Light's magic swept through the boy's head Light watched as L frowned, his eyebrows twitching together. His eyes narrowed in Light's direction, and the vampire was shocked as walls were thrown up, tossing him forcibly from L's mind.

Amazing! He not only felt my magic, an impossible feat for a human, he was able to throw me out! Who is this boy?.!

"What are you?" L's voice was sharp and cold, his eyes guarded.

Light grinned. "The question, my boy, is what are you?" He sniffed slightly. "You certainly smell human, and nothing in your mind indicated otherwise."

L stiffened, shrinking away from Light at these words. Light reached out a hand, moving swiftly before L could move away. He tapped on the base of the boy's skull, exerting a bare amount of effort.

L crumpled like a rag doll, falling into Light's arms. The vampire hoisted the boy into his grasp, frowning at how light he was. So small… He'll need some nourishment…

Light didn't intend to let this curious boy get away from him; he wanted to know who and what he was. The fact that he refused to tell him his name was interesting enough, but the genius and seeming abnormal mind fascinated him.

The vampire grinned to himself. I guess I have a new pet…