Order In The Court: Part I

Yamamoto had been truly shocked by the death of Aizen Sousuke. So young a Captain, so brutal a murder . . . and so annoying a pile of paperwork.

Fortunately the Chamber of 46 had been quick to issue instructions about how to handle the situation. They were still all locked up together (he suspected, in his more cynical moments, that they were just trying to avoid the paperwork) but had sent out a handwritten page of suggestions.

(Astonishing how much their handwriting looked like that of Aizen Sousuke. His eyes must be getting worse in his old age.)

Apparently the most efficient way of handling this would be . . . a formal trial.

A list of names was appended to serve as prosecuting and defense attorneys and assistants to same. Some of them were already dead, so would be easy to find. Others were still alive, but could be . . . requisitioned.

Yamamoto himself was listed as the presiding judge.

In the privacy of his rooms, he practiced hammering on the table with his staff and shouting, "Order! Order! Order in the court!" in his most accomplished manner.

He had to admit this was more useful than spending his time declaring an invasion and martial law.

There was also some nonsense about ryoka running around the place and being shot in via cannonball and trying to save Kuchiki Rukia, but he was sure that could sort itself out. That sort of thing usually did.

(Maybe if he ignored it, the paperwork would just do itself and go away.)