"Do you think we'll make history out here?"

Snake shrugged as he looked out across the base. "Does it matter?"

"Nah man. Suppose it don't" Taylor went silent as he stretched out in the grass. They were famous now. By the time Taylor looked over to see a grin on his buddy's face that was something between mischievous and dirty.

"Alright Snake what you thinking about."

"Your sister." The grin got wider.

"Come on. I'm serious." Taylor assumed he was tormenting him. Nothing new from Plissken.

"So am I." Snake answered only seeming half there.

"My sister?" Taylor was confused.

"Hell Yeah!" Snake laid back in the grass with the devil's grin still in his expression.

"Why?" Taylor sat up looking down at Plissken. Something was going on that Taylor knew he probably didn't want to know.

"She's getting hot." Snake lifted his brow and sighed.

Taylor's expression faded. Given a lifetime he would have never thought that was what he was thinking.

"What?" Snake looked over at Taylor's expression unsure of what to make of it.

"She's only 16." It was the first thing that came to Taylor's mind as he tried to wrap his thoughts around what Snake was saying.

"I know."

"AND! She's my sister." Taylor wanted to slap some sense into Snake.

"You got a hot sister."

"I…." Taylor gave Snake a kick in the side to which Plissken just laughed.

"I wrote to her." Plissken declared. "I'm taking her out when we get leave next month."

"Like hell you are." Taylor felt flustered. How could Plissken think like this about his sister?

"Why not?" Snake sat up to look at Taylor.

"Because… You'll take her off and screw her somewhere." Taylor felt ill even saying it.

"Is that a problem?" Snake couldn't see what the big deal was. There was only a little over three years between them.


"Why?" Snake cocked his head. "What is she still a virgin or something?"

Taylor's eyes bugged at the comment. "You are not fucking my sister Snake."

Snake just laughed as he got up. "That's her choice now isn't it?"

Taylor just sat there stunned to silence. Snake was a loose canon with the girls but never, not in a million years had Taylor ever considered his sister becoming a target. It was absurd and apparently true.