Snake had never felt anything like that before. Burning hot pain was all he remembered from being electrocuted by the service box. He'd been stupid though working in the dark was the only way he could go unnoticed on a busy street. He paid for it when two wires touched that never should have. Plissken had a faint recollection of flying through the air and slamming into the ground from the initial jolt.

Everything was hazy still but he was well aware of the sticky area on the back of his skull. No wonder his head hurt. He'd busted it open. All he wanted to do was groan but something was constricting his mouth. A second passed before he could force his eye open. Blurs danced in front of his vision but nothing was clear enough to identify.

The constriction went away and then came back. Forcing himself through the pounding in his head things cleared. He saw a man over him who was leaning down over him. Then an odd sensation came as he got closer. The first thing to enter his mind was a kiss. Some guy was kissing him while he was unconscious. Plissken lashed out and shoved at the stranger. Panic set in when he saw others around.

He was surrounded and injured. Someone else came in and the world went to the proverbial red. Feeling weak and unable to defend himself properly Snake took the offensive and clobbered the approaching person in the face. It was enough to send everyone reeling back away from him. Sliding up to his knees Snake took in the room, which wasn't truly a room but an awning overhanging the street. It was bare and poorly lit just like a holding cell. Things snapped in Plissken's troubled mind that convinced him these were certainly his captors. They had done this, attacked him for attempting a break in.

With reality twisting up in the past Snake demanded his body to let him stand. Wavering he eyed the crowd. It moved in when his eye turned away and receded under his gaze. They were looking for an opening to put him back on the ground. Snake would have none of it. The pain still clouded his vision but Snake drew anyway. The gun leveling on the closest person as He felt the pressure of being cornered building to the breaking point. All he wanted was away from his captors.

The gun cleared an opening as the gun swayed to-and-fro in his wavering grip. He took the exit stumbling but none tried to catch him when he fell. Hitting the ground fueled the rage to the point that his head started to clear. Those who had been around him fled before his wild look and the blood caked to the left side of his face. It was just as well. Snake holstered his gun before making a rather clumsy run for the nearest alley. He needed to find a place to wall in until the pain cleared enough to make a clear escape from his captors.