Snake hated facing this job but even with that he knew it had to be done. Selina was still inside that hell and his own trailing dogs were getting to close. His family was all too aware of what was going on but no one said anything about it. The change in his behavior was enough. They knew Snake was going on a job that he was nervous about.

Even with the stress he spent the morning having a big family breakfast. All he wanted to do was spend time with them before he went off for who knew how long. He planned on only a few days but something could go wrong. Usually it did one way or another. The afternoon he spent with Bria, Evie and the four little ones not doing much at all. It was all about time because he didn't know when he'd see them next. Much to his surprise Evie took the little ones out and left him with Bria for awhile. All he could do was hold her and talk about how much he loved her. Snake knew that talk came with going in where death could easily come.

Even in the calm he had to tell her why he was going. The honest part of him didn't stop even for things he wanted to hide. She understood it was for a friend and that he needed to get people off their trail before something happened to the family. He was sure she understood but part of her was unreadable. Though as much as he might have liked to he did not tell her how he planned on accomplishing any of this. She never asked and Plissken returned to snuggling her for a time before the twins and Cassie were with them again. There he stayed not wanting to move while time ticked away.

Sooner or later he had to go. It took time and lots of promises that he would be back as soon as he could. He meant it. He hated leaving them but this was part of his life. For once he was understanding how his father felt when he was a kid. Snake had never imagined it was this difficult. Pulling away from the curb while waving to Cassie on the porch had been hard but the other options were not even choices.

Miles went by before he settled into the drive. Determination leeched back in as he mulled over the plot he'd contrived. It had to be believable but he couldn't go on instinct because that would lead to escape. He needed caught this time. That was why he was driving a stolen car. He left everything at home, his wallet, his guns, everything. This was a mission and they would get in the way. Snake also had no desire to have those things taken from him again.

Slowly he pulled up outside the fence of the Disease research facility. Plissken had figured if he was going to get caught he might as well do a job while he was at it. No sense in wasting time or effort. He wasn't here to steal. For once Plissken was the distraction for someone else to slip in for a job. That was usually his place, the sneaky one. Today that place belonged to someone else. This job would take more biological know how than he had. Snake was fine with that. Distractions were a dime a dozen when he put his mind to it.

Snake started up the stolen truck again slowly heading for the gate. His eye roved over the compound as he crawled to a stop. It was the usual rap from a guard who was underpaid and terrified of the hammer of the gods that would crash down on them if anyone unauthorized got by. Today was an unlucky day to be out on gate duty. Plissken cold-cocked the guard who approached. Only a glimpse of the shocked expression on the other's face caught Plissken's attention before he floored it and smashed through the chain link.

Now it was time for fun and a bit of cat and mouse. Swarms of black clad devils came out of the main building like clock work. They ran for their vehicles and Plissken took a chance for some fun. Revving the engine he drove right toward the pack. Men scattered as he slammed into a smaller jeep, threw it in reverse and sped off to the far end of the compound.

By the time he glanced up into the rearview a whole mess of jeeps were coming up fast. That was just what he wanted. Five minutes of keeping them busy out here and away from the inside. Snake spun his vehicle and headed back into the crowd of oncoming vehicles. He couldn't help but laugh, some scattered and others played his game of chicken. He swerved at the last second taking a side mirror with him. This was way too much fun.

Even so he knew he had to make it look like he was here for something other than a joy ride. Snake rocketed toward the vehicle storage area. All the bases were laid out the same. They hadn't changed the layout since he had served which seemed rather ridiculous. He slid the truck to a stop and dashed inside of the biggest building. He could still hear the others outside as he raced through the vehicles looking for something he might believably try to steal.

The answer came clearly as he rounded a corner. It was like nothing he'd ever seen before. Hummer-like but amphibious, compact comparatively and had a massive turret. Too bad this wasn't a real job where he could make off with it. Still a joy ride was better than nothing. Plissken punched up the security terminal and easily cracked in to open the doors. People figured getting inside was too hard so they never put tough security inside.

He was in the vehicle and had it hotwired just as his door opened. A gun came in and Plissken kicked the owner in the face. It was another chase. People were starting to scream outside. Plissken slammed his door shut only to find the inside was sound proof. That was rather odd for a military vehicle as were some of the controls. That was when it hit him. The damned thing wasn't just amphibious. It was completely submersible. A rolling damn submarine.

The thoughts that went through his mind distracted him so much that he missed the collision. The jolt knocked the wind out of him but worse was the fact he was boxed in. This was it, he was caught. Now he just hoped his companion got in and got out with what they needed. The only other worry was staying alive enough to bust Selina out. With the humming look on the guards surrounding the vehicle he knew they were out for blood, his blood. His asylum stay might turn out longer than he planned.

As he stepped out hands up Plissken really hoped he was wrong.

...To Be Continued...