Snake was trapped and forced to listen to the drone of Malloy listening to himself talk. It was horrible. Couldn't they just shoot him so he didn't have to listen?

"And especially no women, unless you're married." Malloy reiterated as he stood in front of Plissken.

Snake couldn't help but smirk. His good sense said one thing but the desire to taunt the police said quite another. He lifted his hand slowly between the two of them and wiggled his ring finger in front of Malloy's face. "Think you need to clear my record."

The shock in the cop's expression was too much and Snake almost laughed despite the forced cool he was presenting.

"How long have you been married?"

"Long enough." Snake answered with a shrug as he pulled out a cigarette.

"Who is she?" Malloy moved closer as Plissken lit his cigarette with a match.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Snake answered quietly around the cigarette.

"Who is she?"

"A woman." Snake pulled the cigarette away and grinned and he puffed out a trail of smoke into the night air.

"I know that." Malloy seemed to finally focus on the smoking. "The United States is a no smoking nation."

Plissken shrugged. "Way I see it I'm already busted so why not smoke?"

Malloy reached out to take the cigarette away as Plissken moved to take another drag. Snake slapped his hand away like a bad child who was pestering a parent.

"Show him why he needs to comply."

Rifles came up from a relaxed position but just as quickly Plissken drew and shoved his revolver into Malloy's throat.

"Dogs got guns on me." Snake blew smoke into Malloy's face watching him choke. "Did you forget who I am?"

Snake growled the words out.

"Shoot him." Malloy's words gargled.

"Go ahead. I'll pull this trigger before I die." Snake stared right into Malloy's eyes drawn by the hint of terror he saw there.

Malloy waved his hands for the others to lower their rifles. Reluctantly his squad lowered their weapons. Snake took a step back leaning on a lamp post as he retracted the gun from Malloy. Slowly he holstered it watching the rest but his left hand hovered there like any gunfighter expecting the need to draw.

Snake had a plan. They were backing right into it. He was back to lazily puffing on his smoke while Malloy collected himself again.

"We know who she is."

"Who, who is?" Snake cocked his brow knowing for sure they were talking bullshit.

"You wife." Malloy's voice was finally returning to normal.

"Why'd you ask?" Snake purred as he tossed the but aside. They were talking shit.

"To confirm the information."

"Bullshit." Snake took another step back to the curb. His back to the street as he watched the blackbellies approach.

"Are you ready to test that SNAKE?" Malloy always pleasured himself with the sarcastic tone he used on Plissken's name. Snake had never cared.

"Yeah, I am." The Hummer glided up behind him, door open. Plissken disappeared inside before Malloy could blink. The first shot came just as he sped away.

Grinning Plissken glanced over at his passenger. "Cutting it to the wire?"

Taylor laughed. "Man, when don't you?"

Snake laughed as he pulled out onto the highway. "What fun would it be if I didn't?"

"You should have seen his expression when you got in." Taylor went on.

"Should've took a picture." Snake replied merging into traffic.

"Damn! I knew I forgot something."

Both the men dissolved into boyish laughter. One more notch for a good escape.