Two fics based on this scene in 4x14 "Living The Dream":

House: You miss me.
Cameron: You miss me. You hired Thirteen to replace...
House: Yeah...all pretty girls are fungible. You're avoiding.
Cameron: I miss the job. I miss running around playing private investigator. I miss the puzzles.
House: Seriously, I'll fire Thirteen. Or Kutner if you think Thirteen is hot.
Cameron: I don't miss you.

Both rated PG-13. They took me a grand total of about 20 minutes to write, so don't expect miracles!
Disclaimer: I don't own House MD, I am merely a fangirl who is desperately trying to avoid revision.

Title: Interesting Conclusion
Characters/Pairings: Cameron/Thirteen, House

"Seriously, I'll fire Thirteen. Or Kutner if you think Thirteen is hot." House offered.

Cameron attempted to hide her smile at the reference to the young doctor as she turned to face him.

"Wait a minute…" His face dawned in apprehension, "I saw that look." He said with interest, suddenly sitting up to study her curiously.

She sighed, feigning annoyance.

"You think Thirteen's hot." He said with shock, pointing an accusing finger at her.

She awkwardly tried to avoid his prying gaze, "I don't…"

"Yes, you do! You slept with her!" He concluded, staring at her open mouthed.

She sighed and raised an eyebrow, "Interesting conclusion."

"No way." He smirked, "You actually slept with her."

"Believe what you want, House." She said, effectively ending the conversation. "Don't fire Thirteen, I'm not coming back." She said before confidently walking out of his office.

Title: Miss You
Characters/Pairings: House/Cameron

"…I don't miss you." Cameron lied, determined for House to drop the subject. She had only just convinced herself that she was happy, and the last thing she needed was him offering her job (and perhaps something else?) back.

One look at his disbelieving face and a sexy raised eyebrow and she knew she was caught. She missed him.

A thoughtful expression passed his features for a moment before he awkwardly stood up from his chair to face her.

"What are you doing?" She asked, unsure at his sudden proximity.

"Proving you wrong." He whispered, stepping impossibly close to her.

Her gasp of surprise was silenced by his lips tentatively pressing against hers. She knew he was testing her. But still she kissed back. Slowly at first, but then with increased fervour as his arms wound their way around her waist, pulling her closer to him. She sighed at the pleasurable flutter in her stomach when his tongue brushed almost timidly against hers. It was wrong - it was so wrong - but this was all that she had wanted for near four years and she knew that he knew that.

He pulled away and she looked at him through half-closed eyes.

"Don't miss me, huh?" He joked, knowing he had proved her wrong.

She smirked back, "Not in the slightest".

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