Gene stood in the bedroom doorway, watching Alex as she moved around the room, turning down the bedspread, fluffing the pillows and straightening the duvet. Nude as she was she still moved with the haughty elegance that entranced and enflamed him in equal measure. Finally she slid onto the bed and patted the mattress beside her.

"Care to join me Detective Chief Inspector Hunt?" She asked, humour sparkling in her brown eyes.

"Delighted to Inspector Drake." He answered, pulling off his few remaining clothes and prowling across the floor towards her. His piercing blue eyes raked up and down her body and a tide of possessiveness washed over him as he headed for his prey.

Alex watched him approach with a twist of excitement in her stomach. Her desire for him had not been slaked by her orgasm, only tempered, banked down but still smouldering, ready to burst into flames at his first touch. He'd been well named "The Manc Lion" she thought as the blonde, leonine head bent over her, his full lips capturing her mouth as he allowed his weight to sink down, forcing her onto her back.. Alex gave an involuntary whimper as she felt his naked body slide against hers, re-igniting her hunger for him. His tongue flicked at her lips, cajoling, demanding, and, unable to resist, she gave him what he wanted – what, she suddenly realised, was now his – her complete and unconditional surrender.

Gene growled in approval as her lips parted and his tongue darted in to plunder her mouth, savouring the taste of her, the sweetness of her breath making his head spin. The silky touch of her tongue skimming across his sent shivers down his spine, reawakening his need for her, the desire to possess her utterly.

Pushing himself upright, Gene sat across Alex's thighs, careful not to crush her with his weight. Alex's eyes were closed, her breathing coming fast and shallow. His hands trailed down the sides of her face, following the line of her neck and shoulders before swooping in to circle her breasts. She whimpered as he drew lazy spirals around the soft flesh, her nipples crinkling to hard peaks as he got steadily closer to them. Finally, his fingers reached the rigid points of flesh and he pinched hard. Alex's head slammed back into the pillows as her chest thrust up towards him, following the pull of his fingers. Her eyes half opened, the pupils dilated in pain/pleasure as he rolled her nipples between his fingertips before bending forwards to soothe them with his lips and tongue. He dipped from one to the other as Alex squirmed and panted beneath him, his by now almost painful erection rubbing against the soft skin of her stomach as she moved under him.

Alex clutched at his legs, desperate to touch him but unable to reach. He laughed throatily and moved further down her body, his hands running over her flesh leaving trails of fire in their wake.

Finally reaching his goal, he settled himself between her legs, his fingers swirled around her wet core, one calloused fingertip dragged across the delicate bundle of nerves causing a fresh surge of moisture to spill from her body. Alex murmured fretfully as he teased her, his fingers setting a slow, repetitive rhythm that was enough to drive her insane but not quite enough to push her over the edge. Her hips lifted towards him but he only slowed his movements, stoking the coals within her and taunting her with the promise of extasy.

"Gene, please . . .please. Oh God! You bastard! Make me come."

"My turn to play, Alex. Now, be a good girl, or do I have to get the cuffs out again?"

Alex's laugh was more than half sob, turning to a mewling whimper as she watched him bring his hand to his lips, licking them clean of her essence as if she were made of ambrosia

"Soon, baby." He crooned. "Trust me - it'll be good for you. For both of us."

Alex could only nod in response as he crawled back up her body, spreading his knees to kneel over her, his erection inches from her face. Hands holding her head up, he rolled his hips towards her in a silent plea. Licking her lips she took the head of his shaft in her mouth. He hummed his pleasure as he rocked gently towards her, luxuriating in the feel of her soft lips wrapped around his aching cock slowly taking more of him in as her tongue swirled around the head in a sinuous dance.

"Do it again, baby, that thing you did before." Gene found himself babbling. "Please, honey, do it again."

Alex obliged, running her teeth gently up his cock and he was lost.

"Fuck . . .Alex." Gene struggled to hold himself back, not to hurt her, choke her, but Alex's hands grabbed at his buttocks, encouraging him to thrust harder, go deeper. One delicate hand insinuated itself between his legs, running up the cleft of his arse from his balls and over the puckered entrance that no-one had ever touched before. Gene choked and his hips snapped forward uncontrollably. He felt his balls tightening up into his body and, determined this would end only one way, he pulled away from Alex's mouth, ignoring her huffs of displeasure.

"No." He was amazed he could still speak. "Need to be inside you."

"God, yes."

Fighting for control, he pulled and pushed at her until she was lying on her stomach, hips high in the air, offering him a perfect view of her pert bottom and her pussy, adorned with jewel-like drops of moisture that clung to her skin and trailed glistening down her thighs. Gritting his teeth and fighting for self-control he rocked her back against him until, at last, oh at last, he slid into her welcoming heat.

Sobbing with need, Alex pushed back against him, taking him deep inside her in one smooth movement. His hands latched onto her hips, fingers digging cruelly into her skin as he backed away and then thrust deeply once again. Alex reached underneath and held his balls in her hand, squeezing gently, and Gene lost control, slamming into her as she whimpered and mewled, her body shaking with the force of his thrusts. Her inner walls began to flutter, clamping down on him as she spiralled into orgasm, his name torn screaming from her lips.

Gene felt himself drawn helplessly along with her, the drawing feeling beginning in his fingers and toes, his entire being turned inside out and poured into Alex;s welcoming body as he gave himself up to blissful oblivion.

Holding Alex close, Gene rolled them until she was lying in his arms, snuggling down in his embrace and yawning hugely. Placing gentle kisses against her hair, he whispered, "Alex?"

"Mmmmf! What?"

"You still need to go on that course you know."