Summary: The White Witch has been freed. Now Peter, Caspian, Susan, Edmund and Lucy have to fight her as well as the Telmarines. Caspian/Susan (a what-if, AU "Prince Caspian" story based on the movie, no slash or incest)

Disclaimer: It all belongs to Mr. Lewis.

Author's Note: This story is based on the movies and my own ideas, not the books (although yes, I've read them).

The Blood Witch and the High King


Chapter One:

Blood and Fire

Peter Pevensie kept his sword leveled with Jadis' chest, but the longer he looked into her eyes the heavier the weapon felt. His grip slackened, his elbows sank, his shoulders drooped, and all the while he could only stare, unblinking, into the White Witch's icy eyes. Suddenly her fingertips sliced through the ice like knives.

"Peter," she cooed in her voice of spiked honey. "Just take my hand. One drop of blood and your enemies will be at the mercy of my magic."

Peter could feel the heat of her spell even with the ice between them. Her eyes reached into that secret hopelessness hidden deep in his heart, and the temptation was nearly irresistible.

"Release me," she hissed. "It's the only way to save Narnia and your family! Release me!"

A sword wasn't the only weapon Peter had in his arsenal. His strength of character was ten times stronger than his steel, and a hundred times stronger than her spell. Peter gathered himself, raised his sword higher and spat, "Never!"

Jadis screeched, and her outstretched hand clenched into a fist. Behind Peter, Susan had entered the chamber, Trumpkin was helping Lucy to her feet and Edmund was battling the Hag. Prince Caspian had finally shaken the spell off and was watching Peter.

But then Susan's cry was the only warning Peter had, and it wasn't in time. The Wer-wolf suddenly bowled into Peter from behind. The High King stumbled forward, his sword scraping the stone floor before dropping with a clang. Peter put his hands up to brace himself against the ice, but a hand caught his throat. White fingers tightened around his neck and, instinctively, Peter brought up both of his hands.

"Peter, no!" Caspian shouted.

Too late. Peter's hands were covered with his own blood, and the moment his blood touched a finger, a brilliant flash of light engulfed the room, knocking Caspian, Susan, Edmund, Lucy and Trumpkin off their feet. The light melted the ice around Jadis into water. The water turned to blood, and the blood re-solidified into a strong gauzy fabric that wrapped Jadis up in a gown. And there, at her side, was her wand.

"No!" Peter gasped.

Jadis opened her eyes, and they were black as coal. Her newly blood-red hair tumbled down her back and seemed to sway in some odd wind that could only be coming from her. She tightened her grip on Peter and lifted him off his feet, bringing his eyes level with hers. And then she took three steps forward, backing Peter into the Stone Table in the middle of the chamber. Peter cried out when she smacked the back of his head against the stone.

"Foolish child," Jadis hissed happily. Her voice had changed like her eyes. There seemed to be an echo or two behind it. "What to do, what to do with you… Shall I kill you now?"

"Peter!" Edmund shouted from his left. Out of the corner of his darkening vision Peter saw his brother running towards him, only to be intercepted by the Hag.

"Or shall I turn you to stone, little prince?" Jadis raised her wand and held it an inch from Peter's pale cheek.

"No! Peter!" cried Lucy. Peter couldn't see her…couldn't see much of anything…

"Actually, it's High King," Peter managed to whisper.

Jadis smiled with a terrible calmness. She leaned in, red lips brushing Peter's ear. "Or maybe I'll let you live for a few hours longer…so that the guilt of setting me free and damning all of Narnia can properly sink in. By the way…" Peter winced as her voice was layered with another echo. He seemed to be hearing her with more than his ears, and she was using more than her voice to speak. "If you see Aslan, give him my regards. If he hadn't sent me to Hell, I wouldn't have learned some new tricks… Like this!"

With a terrible shriek, Jadis released a ribbon of fire from her wand. The fire snaked around Peter's body, instantly burning not only his clothes but also his bones. And then she flung him across the chamber where he collided with the rock wall. Peter crumpled to the ground where he lay silent, and still.

The Hag and the Wer-wolf moved up to the left and right side of their queen, bowing and muttering praise as they went. Jadis raised her arms, stretching them as if she'd only just been asleep. She straightened her dress, and patted down her hair. And then she strolled out of the chamber with a delicious smile on her face, her gown of Peter's blood swishing in her wake.

To Be Continued