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Dr Owen Harper looked down at Ianto Jones thoughtfully.

"Okay Ianto. Where were you this past week? We know where you weren't, we looked there-so where were you?"

Jack watched him patiently.

"Come on, Yan. Tell the scary man?" he asked.

"I was busy, okay?" Ianto said.

Owen turned to Jack. "It's weird…he's just not telling us anything."

Ianto stood up and headed to the kitchen.

"It's a mystery, Jack. Wherever he was, whatever he did whilst he was missing…it's done something to him, mentally."

"Keep working on it Owen." Jack stood up and strode out, determined not to show any emotion until he was safe in his office. Then he could break down.

Yan, what happened? He asked silently.

Ianto entered with his coffee.

"Thanks. Yan, sit down."

"Okay Sir."

"And…it's Jack."

"Yes Sir."

"Now…what's wrong Yan?"

"Seriously, Jack? Nothing. I just took some time off."

"I know you Ianto. I…I know you well…remember?"


Jack came round, sliding his mouth to Ianto's neck, ready to kiss it. To his surprise, Ianto backed away, shaking.


Bewildered and hurt Jack looked at him. "Yan, what is the matter? Please tell us…or just tell me. Owen needs to know for your health…I need to know because I care about you. Why won't you say?"

"You don't want to know. It's just for me to know, okay?" Ianto rushed out of the door, past Gwen and Tosh and into the street until he was out of sight on all their CCTV cameras.

"I care about you so much…" Jack whispered, letting Ianto go.

Owen came in.

"No luck, then?" he asked, ignoring the fact his boss was rather upset.

"You tell me."

"His scans show he's still Ianto…but he appears t be terrified of something, don't you think?"

Gwen came in, obviously worried about Ianto. They all were. He had just turned up this morning, after a week away, with no explanation.

"Jack? Should we go after him?"

"No…let him have some time alone. I'll go round his flat later, check he's okay. Just carry on working." He told her flatly.

Gwen nodded. "Jack-are you all right?"

"I'm fine."

Owen saw the determined glint in his eye and grimaced.

"What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to find Ianto's inner child. I think I should visit his family and check with them about Ianto's behaviour as a child. Torchwood effects us all in different ways. Maybe this is Ianto's way of dealing with it."

"Not very likely, is it?"

"I need to know."

Owen nodded.

"Jack? Do you love him?"

"I think…yes. Why?"

"Does he know that?"

"He…well…I'm sure he feels it…"

"Have you ever told him?"

"No…Why, could it be connected?"

"Um…well…have you read his files? His family doesn't love him, he lost his girlfriend and he's deeply in love with someone who never says it, giving the impression that he doesn't care. Wouldn't you be upset?"

Jack was. Very upset. Did he really give that impression? That he just viewed Ianto as…a shag?

"I know I shouldn't love him. But I do…" he whispered to Owen. "Why the hell am I telling you this anyway? I should be finding out about Ianto…"

He strode away, giving Owen enough time to glance down at his desk before he came out of the office.

An address was ringed.

Ianto's parents.

Hadn't he read the file? Didn't he know what they were like?

Or was his love really that strong?

Ianto Jones stared at the knife in his hands.

Just one little cut and the pain would end.

Just one little cut…

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