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Gwen Cooper got out of the car and absentmindedly kissed Rhys on the cheek.

"Thanks, Rhys. Sorry but…"

Used to Gwen being called up at random times due to aliens Rhys merely nodded.

"That's okay, love. Hope your friend is all right…"

"Yeah…" she nodded although she was a bit confused. Last time she had seen Ianto he had been dead…had Owen been right after all?

She hurried into the Hub to be met with Jack and Ianto sitting down and talking to each other whilst Owen and Tosh were playing a game at Tosh's station-they were sitting very close. Gwen grinned at that-it seemed that Ianto's death had pushed them together. But there were more pressing issues-like Ianto.

She ran up to the young man and hugged him hard.

"Ow…" he complained. Jack laughed, and then looked grim.

"Okay boys and girls; let's get this over and done with, shall we?"

"What? Tosh wasn't very clear…" Gwen asked.

"Well, Owen was right but Ianto's going to tell us the basic stuff…like where he was. Best to get it over and done with." Jack explained. Gwen nodded.

Ianto cleared his throat. "I'm just going to ask-once I've said it all…don't feel sorry for me, okay? And don't forget about it but…remember everything else I've done, right?"

They all nodded, slowly, each wondering exactly how bad this was going to be. Jack hugged Ianto protectively, reassuring him.

"Okay, then-here goes…" Ianto took a deep breath and closed his eyes. I don't want to be able to see their reactions. "Where was I? Well, actually, I was at my dads. Mum never let me see him…but I always stood up for him. I woke up that day and, when I was washing, I…I looked down and I saw my arm…and it was like, I'd made myself forget, right? Or at least not think about it? And I remembered it all and I couldn't face coming here so…well, I just thought of my dad. It was stupid but I just…turned up there." He stopped, and swallowed. "He didn't know who I was…he was married, he had three kids and he was happy…he just never thought about me at all…" Jack stared at him. He couldn't imagine what that had felt like.

"Well, I started talking and he realised who I was. He…he kept apologising…saying he should have stopped her…I couldn't take it. I turned around and left. He ran up to me, he said he understood and when I recovered I should come and have a proper talk with him, about it all. Turns out he's a psychologist, can you believe it? Anyway…it brought it all back. I rented a hotel room and I stayed there until I decided the best thing to do would be to quit. To run away…so you were safe."

He looked up and smiled at Jack, though there was no happiness in it. "I couldn't have friends, ever. It was too dangerous for them, with my mum…if she hurt them, to spite me …" he trailed off. "So, after a week, I came back here. But I couldn't do it. I just…didn't talk…well, you know. I knew that if I talked, if I tried to tell you…I would break down…I didn't think you'd understand."

"Yan…" Jack rocked him, trying to keep himself from crying. I never realised.

"Then, when I ran away, I tried to kill myself but I had… a flashback…well, you know…you had it too, right? It was of…the first time she made me cut myself. Then I woke up and…I did kill myself…but the flashbacks continued. That second one, that was…the worst time…I thought I was in hell-I thought I deserved hell, for putting you in danger. But…I could hear you…but I couldn't respond…and you said you loved me…but I thought you were a ghost…"

He stopped and the room was deadly quiet, no-one wanted to speak.

"Then I listened, and it was Owen and then…it was you…and I realised that…that I loved you…"

"I love you too." Jack said. "And a good thing, 'coz you're going to stay with me for a long time."

He looked up at the others. Jack glanced down at Ianto; the younger man was falling asleep in his arms. He smiled at them-"Go upstairs. I'll leave him to rest; I'll just be a sec."

They nodded and left. Jack laid Ianto down and kissed the top of his head. Then he left him to sleep, thinking He needs all the rest he can get…Ianto, oh Yan…

When he went upstairs, everyone was standing there awkwardly; none of them could really believe what Ianto had just told them.

"He hid it well…" Owen said quietly. "I never suspected…he was just so…y'know…I wouldn't have been so mean but…"

"Yeah." Tosh agreed. She looked at Jack. "So, is he okay?"

"I'm not sure." Jack admitted. "That was really hard for him, after covering it up for all this time."

"Does he still think his mum was right? That he was the bad one?"

Jack sighed heavily. "It's hard for him to accept that she was wrong, that he was a good person. But…I think…he's accepting it…"

Gwen broke the awkward silence with a question she really wanted to know the answer too.

"Jack? Can you and Ianto talk mind to mind now? Like, you think something to him and you can, like, have a conversation? Can you read each others minds?"

"If we can, I'm not going to. It's 51st century etiquette, you can talk by minds but not read them." Jack told her.

"That could be useful…" Owen muttered.

"Yeah." Jack agreed. He was smiling, for what seemed like the first time in days. "Hey, guys, do you think you could manage the Hub tomorrow for a day? I think Ianto needs a day off, and we need to talk etc. If you need help-I know, why don't I get Martha to come in? We all need a rest? Gwen, you need to spend time with Rhys and Tosh, Owen-I'm sure you need a day off. Let's make it a weekend off! I'll call Martha now…"

He wandered off, happily. It had just sunk in-because of love, Ianto was going to be with him forever.

Martha was all too happy to help when she learnt exactly what had happened over the past week. She offered to make the Doctor come and help her look after the Hub, or should she bring some friends from UNIT? Jack told her 'whatever…' and wandered back down to Ianto. He was still sleeping and looked peaceful. Jack suddenly felt very much in love and covered the sleeping man up with a blanket, giving him a quick kiss on the head. Then he went to let Martha in.

"You came quickly!"

"How is he?"

"Sleeping, leave him; he's been through too much."

"Yeah. Where are you going tomorrow? And where are the others?"

"Gone already. Their all so tired…and tomorrow, I have an idea but it's up to Yan…"

"I know where I want to go." Ianto said, behind them. He grinned at Martha who hugged him.

"Well, do you have anyone with you?" asked Jack.

"Nah, I'm going to call the Doctor."

"Well, say hi." Jack hugged her hard and warned her not to touch the coffee machine before he and Ianto departed.

"Well, where are we going?" Jack asked.

"My Dad's house. I want to catch up with him but I need you there…" Ianto said. Jack leaned over to kiss him.

"Of course I'll come. And then…back to my flat?"

"Actually…have you ever been to mine?"

"No…well, I did yesterday but, you know, finding you dead was a bit more important then admiring the décor." Jack said dryly.

"Great, then…" Ianto said, getting in the SUV. He looked a bit sick, Jack noticed.

"He'll understand. He's your dad…" Jack said.

"Yeah. Anyway-you're with me." Ianto said. Jack kissed him but Ianto pulled away. "I'm driving, remember?"

"Yan? Your Dad won't care you're gay, will he?" Jack asked.

"I don't know. I was only young when he left. But I don't care-you're more important…"

Jack smiled as they drove off into the sunset.

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