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May 2008

Secret Garden - Book Two: The Joining of Two Nations.

Chapter 1

Five Months after the engagement of Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion

A graceful, weary hand lifted to silence the words that flowed out of the mouth of one of the subjects Princess Serenity had agreed to listen to as part of her training to be Queen. "Please sir, you have repeated yourself three times now and each time with a different outcome. If you wish for me to make a decision, then this is it. Tell the truth, the real truth, and do not waste my time."

The man who was standing in front of her, at the bottom of the stairs, cowered as she stood in a rustle of lace, silk and pearls. Her blonde hair hung in golden ribbons on either side of her even as her royal gown seemed to be held in suspension around her. She seemed to be a gleaming goddess holding court over her subjects, an infallible, shining goddess.

The effect was ruined, however, when she moved her eyes from the man and to one of the women who sat off to her left, looking for approval.

A woman who looked not much older and almost identical to the princess, stood. Her movements were graceful, her eyes kind as she nodded once to the Princess and turned to the man. "My daughter is correct," she said, her voice soft and controlled but carrying to every corner of the room easily. The note of disapproval in her voice was for the man and, catching it, he winced.

"Majesty, I beg you..."

The Queen raised her hand, silencing him, and turned to look at her daughter. Princess Serenity took the cue and returned to her seat, taking it with a dignified air and continued to watch her mother deal with the noble. Her attention was focused only long enough to see her Mother dismiss the man and return to her seat. The man left the chamber with his head bowed and the doors closed behind him with a loud noise, one that was always accompanied by the marching steps of the royal guards as they approached the dais upon which the Queen and her daughter sat.

Princess Serenity adjusted her skirts, fidgeting with them a bit so they fell in a certain pattern across her lap. She leaned back in her chair, but didn't slouch; ensuring she kept her posture straight and shoulders back so that she wouldn't be scolded in this inner council meeting. Enviously, she watched as her mother practically floated down the stairs to talk with her generals while her own guards, the princess of the planets, were in their positions around the hall.

Queen Serenity smiled at her friends as she stood on the last step and looked at them. "I convene this meeting of the council."

Silence descended throughout the room as Queen Serenity drew everyone's attention. The Queens of the other planets moved closer even as their daughters did, each unwilling to miss this particular council session.

"The time has come for us to discuss a matter of great importance." Queen Serenity turned slightly as she looked back at her daughter, a faint smile playing about her lips. "As you all know, the Moon and the Earth will be entering into an alliance; my daughter will be marrying Prince Endymion. All of you had the chance to meet this remarkable young man three months ago and now we must discuss the preparations the whole kingdom must continue to undertake for combating the coming darkness..."

Above on the dais, a slender hand rose gracefully to cover peach colored lips as they parted in a bored yawn. Crystal blue eyes resisted the urge to roll as the court continued to discuss matters that had been gone over a thousand times, and grievances that had been aired just as many. Princess Serenity lowered her hand, smiling absently as the light of the audience chamber caused the rings resting on her left ring finger to flash and sparkle. Running her fingers tips over top of them, her thoughts quickly turned from the planning in her mother's court to her fiancée.

Sadness swept through her as their last good bye replayed in her mind...

Three months previous

The hall was glowing it's radiant, soft glow, inherent in the stones that formed it, casting soft shadows behind the pillars and thrones, the open room awash with starlight. Two solitary figures stood near one of the columns, barely a foot separating them.

One appeared to be made of shadows, the starlight seeming to shy away from the dark presence, only glinting off the occasional silver decoration adorning the figure. He was tall, his raven hair falling into deep midnight colored eyes, and seemed to be fidgeting with the sword strapped at his side.

The figure next to him was obviously female. Slim, tiny and fragile looking, her golden hair shimmered and glittered in the soft light. She had pale skin and clear blue eyes that were rimmed with unshed tears. One of her hands lifted to gently caress his cheek, her soft words traveling no further than their private moment. "Must you leave so soon?"

"You know I must. I do not wish to leave you, but my duties call me away."

" Endymion... I will miss you so."

He took her hand in his and ran his thumb over her knuckles gently, smiling at her. "And I will not miss you?" His query was soft as he pulled gently on her hand until she was standing flush against him. Their arms came around one another in a fierce hug. "My Angel," he said suddenly, gently next to her ear - he felt her shiver in response. "Until we meet again, I beg, think of me."

Serenity closed her eyes on a sob. He sounded so unsure, almost as if he was afraid she'd forget him. "Everyday my Prince - every hour of every day... I beg you think of me, too."

He looked deep into her eyes, falling into her soul and looking into her heart, "Every minute of every hour. Never are you far from my thoughts." His words were fierce as he moved to kiss her.

Pressing closer to him on instinct, she stepped up on the toes of his boots as her hands slid up his breastplate until they were around his neck and her fingers entrenched in his hair. A tear slid down her cheek and she could taste salt on her lips, opening her eyes and making a sound of protest when he pulled his lips away from hers. She looked up at him, her eyes cloudy with moisture.

Endymion removed one hand from her waist and gently brushed her tears away. "Do not cry." He told her, and she could see wetness rimming his eyes, "Angels should not cry; they should smile."

She laughed a little. "This Angel's heart belongs to you, Endymion. She will not be smiling until she can see you again. I will miss you terribly."

"And I you. Do not fret, my love, I promise we will be together soon enough. For now we must prepare for our wedding, and I look forward to that day with all of my being. I belong to you in heart and soul, but we shall be joined in the eyes of man as well."

Serenity leaned up and kissed him quickly before letting him go and stepping away. He made to take her in his arms again, his intention and need to hold her clear in his eyes, and she held up one hand, resting it gently on his armor.

"Do not." Another tear escaped from her eyes, "If you hold me again, I do not know if I can let you go."

Endymion sighed and let his arms drop, understanding all too well. "Alright."

He took her hand and placed a slow, gentle kiss on the back of it, never letting his gaze leave hers. "Then until next time we meet my fair maiden, I shall keep your taste on my lips."

Unable to bear his sweetness, Serenity launched herself at him, wrapping her arms around his neck and hugging him tightly. Her grip was strong enough he lifted his arms to loosen the death grip around his neck.

"You cannot leave." She told him suddenly, sternly, even as she loosened her hold so he could breathe. "I forbid it. You are in my kingdom now, and I will not allow you to leave when doing so would leave the princess inconsolable. I simply cannot allow it."

His chuckle was low as he hugged her back. "I have to leave, my sweet, my world is ill prepared for the troubles to come. Our wedding will happen before the end of the year and I will see you before then. Now, however, I must be going."


"Serenity…"He tried to remove her hold but found it surprisingly strong. "You are only making this harder, my love."

Their gazes locked and Serenity pulled his head down to kiss him again. No matter how many times they were forced to part, it never became easier - she never wanted it to become easier. His lips settled onto hers in a hard, searing melding of souls. This was no chaste kiss; it was a fierce, tongue melding, heart bonding, heaven-...

Serenity barely managed to suppress the scream that rose in her throat as a cool fingers landed on her arm. She jerked, almost unseating herself as she turned wide eyes to the hand on her skin, her expression one of confusion.

"Are you ill?" The concerned violet eyes of the Martian Princess looked into hers.

It was difficult to shake off the memories clouding her mind; she missed her love dearly and it was harder than it should have been to pull her focus back into the present. Blinking once, her brain frantically searched for the name of her guard. She felt her cheeks begin to burn as she shook her head in belated response to the question. "I am not ill but I am feeling somewhat tired."

"You're certain?"

Serenity raised her voice so that her mother could hear her. "I find myself fatigued - may have the blessing of the court to retire?"

Their attention focused on her and her mother nodded, seeing that her daughter's attention was elsewhere - as it had been most of the last few months. Keeping the Princess focused was a monumental task - just like finding tasks for her that didn't remind her of her fiancé. "Sleep well, darling."

Princess Serenity curtsied before descending from the dais and swept from the room. Her tiny, satin slippers with the velvet soles made no noise as she exited and she breathed a sigh of relief as the doors shut loudly behind her. Looking around, she nodded to the guards before turning in the direction of her chambers, taking next to no notice of the silvery glowing halls she traversed, the tapestries she passed or the people she swept past quickly.

She had built up to an undignified run as she entered the last hall that lead to her rooms, her hair flying out behind her, snapping at the sudden turn. Her slippers her slippers - finding no purchase - slid across the floor and bit her lip as she slammed into the wall next to her door, collapsing to the floor in a graceful pile of satin and lace. Sitting unmoving for a moment, she used the seconds to catch her breath before pushing herself to her feet and walking carefully to her door. A shove opened it for her and she stepped into the sitting room. Quick steps took her into her bedroom where she locked the door behind her. Leaning against it, she looking around her newly redone room and a faint smile touched her lips.

It had taken nearly three months to convince her mother but she had finally agreed.

The calming blues, greens and reds that now held prominence over the silvers and gold in her room. Her furniture remained the same, but her walls now held a picture of several gardens of flowers - roses - of all shades. Pushing away from the door, she flung herself onto her bed and crawled - very unladylike - to the window and folded her arms on the sill. A twinge in her elbow was ignored as her eyes focused on the green and blue orb hanging in the silent space above the moon. She put her head on her arms and sighed. Are you thinking of me, my love?

His image formed in her mind and she closed her eyes, blocking out the sight of the earth to fall back into the memories...

Flashback: three months ago

Serenity was sitting in her chambers, a bouquet of deep red roses sitting in front of her. She'd just received them and, with hands that weren't quite steady, moved to remove the card from its stand. Plucking it from the bunch, she wasn't careful enough and pricked one of her fingers on a thorn. "Aie!"

Tears flooded her eyes as she dropped the card and popped her injured finger into her mouth. Blinking repeatedly to clear her vision she could taste the metallic content of her blood on her sensitive tongue. She reached down to grasp the card, knowing who the roses had to be from and unwilling to leave the message on the ground.

A tanned male hand beat her to it, closing about the small card and seeming to stop.

Staring at the hand in disbelief - knowing those fingers, hoping she was right - her gaze followed the digits upwards to the strong wrist that was covered in a black shirt and fore arm black armor with silver trim. Her eyes continued upwards, past powerful arm muscles and well defined shoulders to a taught neck and finally over devastatingly handsome features; his well defined chin and cheekbones, straight nose, firm light lips that were made for kissing.

Her heart skipped a beat as crystal blue eyes met deep, ocean blue and her breath caught in her throat as his head tilted to the side, his midnight bangs falling into his eyes. Without a word he reached out, taking her hand in his and pulled, gently, to remove her finger from her mouth. It came out with a little 'pop' and she saw his eyes darken a shade. He lifted her finger, which formed a little drop of blood on it as it went, to his lips and gently kissed the tip, his lips tainted crimson in the process.

Serenity sucked in a sharp breath as his lips hit the tip of her finger, sending an electric shock all the way through her to the tip of her toes. She bit her lip, feeling this sudden urge to squirm and gently pulled her hand away. The card appeared in front of her eyes again as he offered it to her. Collecting her wits, she launched herself into his arms.


"Hello, Angel," he said softly, pulling her close as she buried her face in his neck as he wrapped his arms around her waist. "Are you well?"

Tears of happiness welled in her eyes as she smiled and pulled away to look him in the eye. "I am now."

You do not mind I did not send you warning of my arrival?"

Shaking her head, she threaded her fingers through his long hair at the base of his neck that brushed the top of his breast plate. "Not in the least. This is the best kind of surprise."

"I am glad."

"I am not objecting, but what are you doing here?"

He leaned in close until he was a breath away from her lips. "I missed you," he told her quietly, his eyes vulnerable.

An answering smile blossomed on her face with his admission. "How long will you be staying?"

He sighed, pulling back. "Only a few days - there is much happening on Earth and I should be there, but my heart has taken control of me and I could not go another day without seeing you."

"Oh Endy..." she sighed, looking up at him, her eyes glowing.

His head came down and her eyes fluttered closed as his lips gently brushed across hers in a feather soft kiss. Tugging on his head slightly when he pulled away, he smiled against her lips as he applied a bit more pressure, allowing her to taste him for the first time in months.

Dark chocolate, the muskiness of roses and a breath of air after a snowfall... his kisses were all she remembered and more.

Sighing, she opened her mouth beneath his allowing him to kiss her more thoroughly. He tasted of life after the winter, and drank her kiss like a man drowning of thirst. His embrace tightened and increased the pressure of his kiss, groaning as she responded to him.

Finally he pulled away and buried his face in her neck, holding her so tightly he was scared he would break her. The only thing reassuring him he wouldn't was the tightness of her grip and how close she was holding him. He felt her tiny, strawberry colored lips on his neck as she drew in one ragged breath after another.

Seeking to break the tension between them, Endymion kissed her shoulder and offered a suggestion that would keep them otherwise occupied. "Serenity, perhaps you should show me around."

Serenity nodded, but didn't release, or even lessen, her hold on him.

"You will need to let me go, my love," he told her softly, stroking her hair with one hand.

Easing her hold on him fractionally to comply, she didn't let go completely, blushing softly. "I am afraid my legs are being uncooperative."

He chuckled, hugging her close again, "Take your time, Angel; I am not going anywhere..."

End Flashback

Serenity opened her eyes, tears trailing down her cheeks unnoticed. "But you did go somewhere, Endy," she whispered brokenly. "You went back home and left me here all alone again." Burying her face in her arms she cried herself to sleep on her windowsill.



A sudden, sharp pain shot up her arm from her elbow, causing the princess to scream, falling back away from the sill on which she still rested.


Cradling the offending appendage to her chest as she fell back on her feather soft sheets, tears streamed down her cheeks as she tried to move her arm and winced.

The door to her room suddenly bent slightly inwards and then there was a muffled thump as someone hit the floor on the other side. Serenity looked up and almost laughed as muffled cursing in Lunarian could be heard from the other side. Sliding off her bed - careful not to move her arm - she quickly went to the door and unlocked it, pulling it open with one hand. The sight that greeted her had her holding back a smile despite the pain.

Violet hair was flying every-which way, falling slowly in the lunar atmosphere to rest in a dark halo around the warring surprised and angry expression displayed on the face of the Princess of Mars. She looked up through her hair at the gawking Lunar Princess and sighed. "I certainly hope getting dropped on my behind by your door is worth it. Are you alright?"

Serenity shook her head, cradling her arm to her chest. "I think I might have broken something."

A slight smile played about her lips as Mars picked herself off the floor and pushed her hair and fuku back into its proper place. Serenity's lips were tight on the sides as she smiled through the pain at her friend. Now that the amusement of the moment was over, the pain in her arm was a throbbing,

Mars quickly stepped up next to Serenity and ran a critical eye over her, from head to toe. Seeing a small protrusion that shouldn't be there on Serenity's elbow, she sighed. "Come. We will have the Lady Anya look at it. You should have said something last night."

Serenity made a face before following Mars through the corridors to the chambers of the Queen of Mercury. She ignored Mars' chastising, blocking out her voice as she tried to remember exactly what she'd done the previous night that could have resulted in an injury. When Mars's voice ceased its chatter, she stopped and looked up almost guiltily. It was so easy to tune out her friend. In front of her was the door to the domain of the Mercurians. Serenity took a deep breath. "Mars, would you knock for me, please?"

Mars knocked once before opening the door without waiting for an invitation. "Queen Anya, may I present Princess Serenity? She is in need of your expertise."

Anya was seated on a couch, book in hand, and dressed in casual clothes, a light blue dress that accentuated her hair and eyes nicely. Not a gorgeous woman by most standards, she carried herself with a grace and calmness that was reassuring to anyone around her. She looked up as the princess of Mars entered, a smile forming on her face until Mars said what she had to say. Closing her book, she motioned for Mars to allow the daughter of her dearest friend into the room.

Mars opened the door wide and Serenity stepped through, running straight to the woman who was like an aunt to her. Tears formed in her eyes as she knelt in front of the chair where Anya sat, her arm still being held close to her body. "I think I broke something."

Anya moved forward in her seat until she could reach Serenity's chin and gently nudged her face up until she could see her eyes. "Sit on the couch, Serenity, and let me look at it."

Serenity quickly complied and bit her lip as Anya's gently probing fingers touched her elbow. "That hurts," she whispered, biting her lip again.

Anya shook her head. "Little one, what did you do that you managed to dislocate your elbow?"

"I... I hit the wall the other evening... I was run- Aie!!" Her scream reverberated through the room and died suddenly as she fainted, Anya having pulled sharply on her elbow to put it back in place.

The Mercurean Queen looked to the princess of Mars. "She will be fine now providing she does not do anything too strenuous with that arm for a couple of weeks."

Mars moved to sit beside her friend and charge, slipping an arm around her shoulders. "We will make sure of it; you have my word."

"I believe you. Shouldn't she be helping plan her wedding? Whatever was she doing to injure herself?"

"She's been... distracted of late," Mars' admission was tolerant and accompanied by a half-smile. "She is very enamored with her fiancée and misses him more than we expected she would."

"Ah." Anya's return smile was one of total understanding and tolerance. "Are you and the girls going to be giving her a shower?"

Mars grinned. "Are you kidding? How could we not give her one? Would you give a message to the Queen for us that we need all of the Royal houses to be in the gardens just after the setting of the Earth this evening? We need to make plans for it."

Anya leaned over to help Mars settle Serenity on her couch. "I would be delighted."

"Thank you." Once she was certain Princess Serenity was lying comfortably on Anya's couch, Mars left the chamber.

Anya sat and lifted the sleeping Princess' head to place it gently in her lap before picking her book up again and finding her page. She idly let one hand caress the silken hair and smiled, knowing that the Princess wouldn't have to worry about a cast of any sort to mar her wedding day. The better for the wedding night, she thought to herself with a small smile on her face. A blush crept up her cheeks. Anya, now why did you think that? She berated herself silently, looking down at the peace-filled face on her lap. My poor Serenity, I do hope you know what you've gotten yourself into...


Queen Serenity closed the door to the gardens behind her and locked them, slipping the silver key into a small pocket in her dress. She looked around the entrance and smiled, seeing everyone was assembled. "Well, we are all here, what is this about, Minako?"

The Princess of Venus stood up from her place next to her mother and curtsied to the Queen of the moon, a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. Except for her hairstyle, and the shade of her blue eyes, she was all but identical to the Princess of the moon.

"Aunt Serenity, I know this will sound forward, but I wish to discuss with the court, informally, the plans for the Princess' Bridal shower and," she looked at the four other princesses, grinning from ear to ear, "the possibility of a bachelorette party. Both are customs from earth that are related to a marriage. One, the bridal shower, is a get together to wish the bride well, and to present her with practical gifts. The other is one last night for the bride-to-be to have some fun without worrying about attachments."

Queen Serenity looked at her niece in surprised tolerance. "And where did you get the idea for these... rituals?"

Minako's grin was all encompassing. "When the Prince was here last he brought his guards with him and we had the opportunity to speak. Men are not normally interested in Weddings, but these four are very interested in the Prince's happiness and while speaking of the Wedding, they mentioned strange male rituals the groom must go through. The bachelor party is one of them."

The other guards nodded. They remembered that particular discussion well - and the ideas that had come out of it. Minako continued. "We had the rituals explained and we liked the idea so much we asked if there was something like that for the bride. They said a bachelorette party was the equivalent of a bachelor party so we decided that if you gave us your blessing, as Serenity's guardians and friends, we would throw her a party with just the five of us, to let her have something of a good time. Nothing too radical - but something to give her a farewell to being single and an introduction into married life."

Queen Serenity looked skeptical. "And just what exactly are you planning to do for this... this party?"

Minako smiled her expression innocent. "A lot of talking, nothing too big mostly because Serenity couldn't handle it. This is a party for her and us, the wedding party, no one else. The Bridal shower could be turned into a ball for the Princess for everyone to wish her well, if that is more to your liking. Of course, it also means she will be getting presents from everyone before the wedding because part of the bridal shower is getting the bride a gift to aid her in her upcoming marriage."

Serenity looked around the garden. "I like the idea of this bridal shower, but the other one... Are you sure you won't frighten her?"

The Venusian Princess giggled. "Aunt Serenity, I promise that we would never do anything outside of the Terran customs for such a party!"

There was a catch, Serenity knew, but she was caught at Mina's words. She didn't know enough about Terran customs to deny the request. "Very well; you have my blessing. The bridal shower will take place in a week, this other party of yours you may plan at your leisure and implement when you wish."


The stark white fabric of the bandage around her elbow reminded Serenity of her stupidity. How could she have been so distracted not to notice the injury?

A sigh escaped her lips as she resumed her previous place at her window, looking at the earth. She knew how - he was with her every moment of every day and embodied in the blue-green marble that shone outside her window. Tears pooled in her eyes and slowly seeped down her cheeks as she stared at the planet, wishing with all her might it was Endymion and not just a ball in the blackness.

"Endy..." she murmured sadly."I miss you... Where are you, my love? Are you dealing with the delegates you said would be there? Are you being bored by their antics and stories? Or are they already gone and you are as lonely as I? Can you hear my heart crying out for you?"