Rating: M - for adult situations/Hentai – do not read if you are uncomfortable with these kinds of situations


Endymion scooped Serenity up in his arms as they crossed over the threshold of their honeymoon cottage.

Far away, the Earth hung above the molten yellow atmosphere, looking like a tiny marble lost in a void and the Moon, on the far side of the earth, wasn't visible. The atmosphere of the paradise around them was perfect. No birds trilled, no insects buzzed, the weather was cool, just enough so to encourage everyone to stay indoors and curl up by a fire.

Serenity giggled as Endymion carried her inside, goose bumps rising on her arms and sending a chill through her body from the unusual weather. Weather on the Moon was moderated and they knew neither cold, cold winters nor hot, hot summers.

Endymion kicked the door closed behind him with the heel of his boot, lowering his head to kiss his new bride. Her arms, already around his neck, tightened as she returned his kiss with unrestrained passion, one of her hands slipping into the nest of black hair that covered his head.

Serenity sighed against his mouth, jerking slightly in surprise when her feet touched the ground as she hadn't even notice he'd let go of her legs. The second thought to register was that his hands were the only thing holding her up, one wrapped around her shoulders, the other about her waist. He finally pulled away to bury his face in the side of her neck, his breathing hot and irregular on her sensitive skin.

"Endymion." Her breathing was just as hard and irregular as his. "Please..."

He held her tightly against him. "Later my love, for now just let me hold you."

Nodding once, she closed her eyes to focus on her breathing as she felt the hot flow of her blood slowly back down to the simmering of a banked fire. Finally her knees regained their starch and she was capable of standing on her own so she relaxed her grip on Endymion slightly. He let her go, but didn't release her hand as he looked around the cottage which was to be their retreat for the next month - a boon of being Royalty.

It was small - much smaller than either of them was used to; two floors with six rooms. Intimate.

The living room was beautifully decorated in muted oranges and browns. A loveseat sat in front of the fireplace, two chairs, a coffee table and a large part of the wall was occupied by a woodpile. The main window had thick curtains that would give the room the feel of being completely isolated. A small kitchen was off the living room, along with a large bathroom. In the bathroom was a chute for their dirty linens and laundry leading to an underground wash facility. Upstairs consisted of another sitting room, this one holding only a couch and coffee table and ankle deep carpets covered everything but the tiny kitchen and bathroom which were covered instead in tile.

Another bathroom was connected to the bedroom and held a large tub, sunken into the floor, with enough space for four or five people. The whole bathroom was done in black and orange-gold. The bedroom held a dresser, armoire, and a four-poster kind sized bed which took up one whole corner of the room. Another fireplace with a large cushion before it decorated part of the room. Mirrors covered that corner and a balcony led off the main room, overlooking a river of molten lava.

Barren treks of land offered a spectacular view of the crevices and chasms that dotted the landscape. Volcanoes sprouted fire and ash into the heavens but did little to help heat or cool the temperature. The surface of the planet Venus wasn't as pretty as Earth or the moon, but it held its own certain charm about it. In the distance the royal palace lay, surrounded by orange, brown and gold plants that seemed to cover large areas of the planet but remain distant from the places where the volcanoes reigned.

Endymion took Serenity on a tour of the small house, bringing their luggage up when she insisted she wanted to look around the bedroom. He picked up both of their cases, all four, and carried them upstairs, unsure of what he would find when he arrived. What he wasn't expecting to see her standing, shivering, on the balcony her golden hair being pushed and pulled by the Venus winds. Placing their cases at the foot of the bed, he walked over and wrapped his arms about her from behind.

"What do you see?"

Leaning back into him was unconscious as she answered. "A planet that needs healing - but has a unique beauty all its own."

He smiled, kissing her above one ear. "Know what I see?" he whispered.

She shivered and this time he knew it wasn't from the cold as she stuttered. "W-what do y-you see?"

"The most gorgeous creature I have ever laid eyes on. One that wants to help but knows this world does not want nor need it."

Blushing prettily, she turned in his arms and looked up at him through her lashes. "I am nervous," she admitted shyly. "We have been alone before, but this... feels different."

"It is different." He gently lifted her chin so he could look down into her eyes. "I am just as nervous as you, Angel. I have waited for you, dreamed of having you for so long I am terrified of waking up at any moment to find out this is just another dream."


Nodding, he dropped a light kiss on her nose. "Truly. But we will not take this any faster than you wish."

Pausing as she moved to slide her arms about his waist, she pulled back, tilting her head at him. "Could you remove your armor, Endymion? We are all alone and it does pinch sometimes."

His smile was rakish before he tugged her inside, latching the balcony doors behind them. "Help me?"

"Surely you do not need my help."

"There are too many buckles and snaps for me to be able to get them all off in a decent amount of time."

"My penance?" she teased with a grin and a giggle. "For asking you to remove it?"

"Perhaps; here, start with this one." He stood before her and showed her quickly how to undo the straps that held his forearm protectors on. Mimicking his movement on the other one had both of his forearms clear of the metal in seconds.

"This is easy," she told him impishly, crouching to get at the buckles holding on his thigh plates.

Endymion swallowed hard, his mouth going dry and was suddenly questioning his rash impulse to let her help. She quickly undid the straps as he worked on his shoulder plates, trying to distract himself from her crouched position. Looking up at him, he could feel her warm fingers curled around the back of one of his thighs. "Can I just removed the straps completely or do you wish to slide them off as you did on your arm bracers?"

"Just pull the straps out." He told her, his voice strained. Nodding, she did as he asked, quickly stripping him of his leg armor. Straightening as he was undoing the last of the straps holding on his breastplate, Serenity arched her eyebrows as he cursed under his breath - it was stuck.

"Problems, Endy?"

"Serenity, love, could you make sure I got this strap?" He bent so she could reach.

Probing gently with her fingers, she clucked her tongue as she found the problem. "You managed to get it stuck. Hold on for a moment and I will free it for you."

Her fingers worked between the plates and managed to ease the twisted strap free. He finally groaned from the strain and pulled the heavy metal piece off. Smiling delightedly, she swept his form with eager eyes, pleased to have him out of his tin plating. "I like you much better like this," she told him softly as she stepped up to him and circled his waist with her arms.

Endymion pulled her closer, as relieved as she to have his armor gone, but on some level he felt like he'd been stripping away his layers of self control at the same time. He slid one hand up her back, over her bare skin to cradle the back of her head as he gently brought it forward to rest on his chest. A sigh escaped her lips, sweetly painful to him as he felt her every movement and his other hand stole around her waist.

"Thank you for your help," he said after a while, feeling a bit foolish for saying it.

She raised her head, her eyes half closed, "It was in my best interest," she said with a soft smile, "This way I can touch you without having to worry about encountering your tough shell."

He wondered if she was talking about his physical armor but let the comment pass. "Come, let us go downstairs and build a fire. The air in here is chilly."

Nodding, she didn't object when he drew her to him and walked downstairs with her tucked against his side. Her smile was contented as she laid her head on his shoulder and thought about the night ahead. Whatever should happen, she was sure she was going to be making a few discoveries before the night was through.


Serenity watched Endymion from her place on the couch where she was curled up, her light blue leisure gown spread out about her like a cloud, her feet tucked beneath her, as she played with a lock of her hair. She had yet to remove the pins holding her hair up and her neck was beginning to ache. Tilting her head sideways as Endymion knelt and leaned forward, his slacks tightening across his backside and she couldn't help but admire the shape. Her cheeks burned with sudden color as he sat back and she turned her gaze away.

"It is alright to look, even to touch," he told her mildly without turning to look at her as he coaxed the small fire to ignite bigger pieces of wood.

Her face burned brighter and she bit her lip, darting a look back at him. The rustle of his clothing translated him movements as he rose from his crouch, the wood snapping in the fireplace as it caught and began to burn. Moving to sit beside her, he gathered her in his arms.

She went willingly, resting her head on his shoulder, and giving her neck a bit of a break.

"Does this not hurt your neck?" He asked suddenly, lifting one hand to gently massage the back of her scalp.

"It does. I just do not wish to face the problem it will be to take it down," His hand move gently into her hair and began picking at the pins holding it in place. "You do not have to..."

He bent his head and cut her off with a gentle kiss. "I want too. I love taking your hair down and watching it pool around you like a golden halo. Fitting - for an Angel."

Blushing, she smiled. "I am not an Angel." She lifted her hands to his chest and traced his muscles as his hands continued to free her hair from the constricting coiffure. "If I was, I would not be thinking about you in the way I am."

His chuckle was low and rumbled through his chest. "I am glad I am not the only one."

Relief was almost immediate as the mass tumbled down around her shoulders, carrying a gentle honeysuckle scent that had Endymion closing his eyes to inhale. "You, my dear, smell good enough to eat."

Despite his gentle half-tease, his fingers continued to work their magic as they massage her neck and scalp. A smile crossed her lips and she almost purred under the soothing motion of his hand. Her neck went boneless and a small sound of pleasure escaped from the back of her throat. "That feels just lovely having it down," she said quietly, her voice low and muted by the fabric of his shirt.

Endymion smiled and reached into the cushions at his side, pulling her hairbrush from between the cushions to begin brushing her hair.

Her eyes popped open as the tines of the brush connected with her head and she looked at his smiling face. "Where did you get that?"

"I snagged it when you were not looking. Relax and let me pamper you."

Sliding off the couch, she moved to sit on the floor, her extraordinarily long hair lying out behind her as she was careful not to sit on the ends. Endymion pulled most of the mass and the back of her head onto his lap as he began to work his way through the golden mess. Her eyes closed and he could feel the way having someone else brush her hair relaxed her.

"Serenity?" he asked after awhile, gently running his fingers over her cheek. She looked as if she'd fallen asleep and - as much as he was loathe to wake her - the fire was starting to die and needed tending.


The sleepy sound to her voice confirmed his suspicions and he laughed softly, sliding off the couch and wrapping one arm gently under her knees, the other around her shoulders, and lifted her into his arms. He dropped a tender kiss on her nose as she curled into his body and snuggled his shoulder with her head. He deposited her on the couch, careful not to get her hair caught on anything and then went to tend to the fire.

He felt her eyes on him before he turned and caught her sleepy blues watching him with an almost dreamy look. Smiling at her, he turning back to poke the fire and, instead of coaxing it back into bigger flames, he separated it. Serenity was in no shape for a long night in front of the fire. Straightening, he brushed his hands on his pants before turning and walking back to the couch. She looked up at him sleepily, one hand curled under her head, the other resting beside her face as she watched him and he felt his heart melt.

"You look adorable," he told her, crouching to brush her bangs out of her eyes.

Yawning, she covered one her mouth with one hand. "I am tired," she admitted reluctantly. This night was something dreams were made of and she had no wish for it to end. "It has been a busy day."

"Stressful, but wonderful, too." He agreed. Collecting her in his arms again, he lifted her easily from the couch. She snuggled closer to him, one arm going around his back, the other curling in the fabric of his shirt right over his heart as he carried her upstairs.

The finger that rested on his back played unconsciously with the soft fabric of his shirt as she sighed softly, content to be in his arms. Her head turned and she placed a gentle kiss on his chest, looking up at him through heavy lashes. He looked down at her as he nudged the door to their room open and then kicked it closed with his foot. She slid the hand on his chest upwards and gently curled it around his neck, applying a bit of pressure to tug him down as she raised her head for his kiss. He obliged and, glancing in the general direction he wanted to go, ducked his head and captured her lips in a kiss that was full of promise.

Serenity moaned softly, her fingers digging into the wealth of black silk at the nape of his neck and strained her neck to increase the pressure. He was taking his time about it and kissed her lips gently, nibbling at her bottom lip. She made a sound of protest when he nipped at each corner of her lips and then kissed her eyelids and the tip of her nose. He chuckled, teasing her by hovering his lips just over hers and flicking his tongue across hers but moving away when she made a move to increase the pressure of the teasing caress.

"Not fair," she gasped as the hand under her knees played with the sensitive skin of her inner thighs through her dress. His other hand - the one resting gently on her ribcage - was a few aching centimeters below where she wanted it and moved across her ribs as if counting them even as they stroked in a circular motion that neither moved down nor up.

"What is not fair?" he asked, his breath feathering across her lips as his knees hit the edge of the bed.

"That." She moved to kiss him but he shifted away playfully.

"This?" He asked her, his voice carrying a note of amusement as he moved to kiss her but planted only the tiniest of kisses on the corner of her mouth.

Nodding, she affected an injured look when he didn't kiss her but the look quickly changed to a sigh when he nibbled his way down her chin and up to one of her ears, tugging gently on the earlobe with his teeth and sucking on it to sooth it. She didn't realize he had moved her until she felt the feather mattress give way and Endymion's weight follow her down. He lay next to her, teasing responses out of her patiently as he nibbled on her earlobe.

Serenity turned her face and caught his lips in a fierce kiss that was both demanding and passionate, telling him she loved his teasing but it was taking its toll on her senses and driving her wild. He matched her kiss, returning it with a fire all his own and pressed her into the soft mattress. She moved beneath him as his upper body covered hers and her hands raked over his chest, her nails digging into his skin slightly and he shivered as a couple of them trailed over his nipples. He pulled away and she whimpered, her hands tugging him back by twisting in his shirt.

Catching her lips again, this time he coaxed them open with his tongue as he ran it over the seam of her lips. Her mouth welcomed his with a moan and he angled his head across hers, fitting their lips perfectly together as he deepened the kiss. Her tongue stroked against his as he explored the reaches of her mouth, tasting her sweetness and drinking from her, feeling his whole body shudder as her hands slid across his chest again, one up to entwine her delicate fingers in his hair, the other around his waist as if to tell him not to move. He pulled back by fractions, and planted a gentle kiss on her lips as he left them entirely.

He propped his elbows on either side of her, looking down at her kiss-bruised mouth with a smile as she stroked the hair at his nape with cool fingers. Her whole body was fairly thrumming with energy as she sucked in fast breaths, trying to refill her lungs and calm her racing heart. A gentle finger traced down the side of her face, drinking in the sight of her. "You are... so beautiful," he murmured, almost to himself.

Looking into his eyes she could read his sincerity, and it made her smile, her fingers tracing the firm line of his jaw, "You are very sweet, my Prince."

"Do you want to go through with this?" His tone was serious, contemplating. "I do not want to frighten you, Angel, but I can sleep on the couch if you would like me too."

She shook her head as much as she could and raised both arms to encircle his neck, her hair spread out beneath her like a shining blanket of silk, answering him honestly. "I do not wish to sleep alone, this night."

He chuckled and dipped his head to kiss her briefly, needing to warn her. "We will not be doing much sleeping should we share the same bed."

Stroking his face, she tugged it gently towards hers, a smile playing about her lips even though her cheeks were tinged with color. "I did not intend to sleep much this night all of the promises you have made to me."

"And what promises are those?"

Her lashes fluttered over her eyes shyly. "The ones your eyes make when you look at me. They are midnight and bottomless and promise pleasure and adventure beyond anything I have ever seen."

"Oh."He stared at her, wondering when she'd learned to read him so well for half a second before dipping his head. "You mean these promises?"

Gently biting her neck, he nipped at the velvet soft skin and causing a tremor to run through her body. Her head fell to one side, exposing unblemished alabaster skin and he took the unspoken invite, kissing and sucking softly on her neck as he nibbled his way over the pounding pulse point. He flicked his tongue over the rapid beat of her heart and then bit her gently, one hand grasping the sheets to the side of her head in a death grip as he fought to keep it light and easy so not to scare her. Her pulse accelerated under his tongue as he gently sucked on her neck.

His desire warred with his self control but he fought with everything in his heart and soul, reminding himself over and over than this was to be her first time - and that simple reminder gave him more control than he'd ever thought possible. Slowly working his way down to her collarbone, he slipped his tongue into the delicate indent at the base of her throat and elicited a moan from her. He nibbled his way to her shoulder and bit down, careful not to bite too hard.

She shivered, and he soothed her skin with his tongue before moving back to her neck and up to her earlobe. A choked moan barely escaped as he nibbled and teased, his tongue gently flicking over the outside of her ear and tracing the shell before he sucked the lobe into his mouth and bit it gently.

"Endy," she gasped, one of her hands grasping the front of his shirt in reflex as a sharp stab of pleasure short through her body to coil in the pit of her stomach, stealing her breath.

He chuckled softly, releasing her ear and moving down again, this time going so far as to nibble the skin right where her dress started, just above the soft curve of her breast. "Yes, love?" he murmured, nudging the top of her dress and nipping playfully at the fabric with his teeth.

Her back arched instinctively, offering him more of herself but not consciously knowing what it was she was asking for. "Endy, please," she begged, her head tossing to one side as the fingers of her other hand tugged his head downwards.

Endymion released the covers and gently traced her face, ignoring the pressure of her hand as he rose above her on one elbow and then watched her expression as he moved his hand downwards. He saw her bite her lip, her eyes closed, as he traced gently fingers over her neck and down one side of her upper body. His hand curled around the bottom of her ribs, sliding right into the indent beneath her breast, as if made to fit, and then rubbed his thumb gently over the bottom rib.

She gasped as his thumb climbed higher to trace the bottom portion of her breast, arching towards his hand and silently pleading for him to touch her. He obliged this time, bending to capture her lips in a fiercely possessive kiss as he slid his hand up to cup her softness through the fabric. He heard her moan as his fingers gently slid over her hardened nipple, her whole body surging into his palm and her kiss gaining an edge of desperation.

"Easy, little one," he told her as he pulled away from her lips. "We have all night to learn."

"I want..." she gasped out. "I..."

"I know, Serenity, I know," he told her, kissing her again.

His hand slid off her breast as his head lowered from her head, this time he gently nipped at her through the fabric of her gown. She cried out, almost sobbing as her fingers clenched in his hair and he obliged her this time by sucking at the sensitive tip through the material. His hand slid around her back as she arched and he caught her to him, keeping her lifted off the bed as his hand found the tie on the back of her gown and pulled on it, releasing the fabric.

Pulling away, he eased the now loose fabric down to her waist, looking up at her as his hair fell in black waves across his forehead and into his eyes. "Do you mind me doing this?" he asked as he gently laid her back down.

As she shook her head, wonder and amazement at the torrent of feeling pulsing through her system momentarily stole her powers of speech. Tears of frustration pooled in her eyes as he lowered his head to take the now bare nipple in his mouth and suck and nip at it gently. His other hand came down to play with her other breast, caressing the small mound and teasing the already swollen nipple by pinching it gently and rubbing it with the flat of his hand.

She urged his head impossibly closer, moving restlessly against him and wondering in a far corner of her mind where all of these new feelings and sensations were coming from. "Endy-mi-on..."

One of her knees slid up the outside of his leg unconsciously as she hooked her foot around the back of his calf. She felt him freeze; going rigid as one of his hands slid quickly downwards and pushed her leg back down with a firm push. For a moment his arousal had been cradled perfectly against her lower body, and he'd felt the heat of her through both layers of fabric.

"Serenity," he told her, his voice rough. "Please do not do that love."

"Endymion, please..." Her legs slid against the sheets in a vain attempt to alleviate the heat that settling into an impossibly tighter knot in the pit of her stomach. She felt like she was going to explode if something else didn't happen soon.

He took a deep breath and rose off her, removing all of his touch and she sobbed in frustration, reaching out to him with one hand as he crawled backwards off the bed. "Shhh, Serenity... soon, love, soon."

Clenching his fist, he drew in a ragged breath as he controlled the surge of his desire, but with difficulty. She was bare to the waist, her swollen nipples tiny peaks to top the small snowy white mounds. Her waist was small, and he knew he could span it by the width of his hands, her stomach trim - a flat plane that disappeared beneath the bunched blue fabric that concealed her secrets still. The dip of her belly button was inviting, the only deviation from the continuation of alabaster skin. He raised one hand and gently traced his fingers over the skin of her stomach, feeling the muscles jump at the contact.

She grabbed his hand in an almost painful grip. "Endymion," she begged - her voice was half a sob, half a plea. "Touch me... I need you to touch me."

Groaning, he took her mouth in a fierce kiss that was far from gentle, opening her to him as he plundered with his lips and tongue. His hand swept downwards in a possessive caress, sweeping her gown over her hips and taking her under things with it as she arched into his hands. He released her lips, nipping and biting at her skin hungrily as he worked his way downwards, over her neck, to capture one of her aching nipples in his mouth again to suckle hungrily and causing her to arch and cry out, one hand grasping his hair almost painfully.

Serenity felt like she was going to explode into a million pieces from the pleasure, the teasing but firm tug on her nipples shooting straight through her body and making her blood sing. The world beyond the bedchamber - beyond the man who pleasured her so - had ceased to exist. Her hands clenched and unclenched spasmodically

Endymion moved his hands downward, continuing on with his mouth to kiss her stomach, dipping his tongue into her belly button. He swept her gown off her legs, tossing it to the side and she sighed, as if being freed of some kind of restraint, only to have that sigh catch on her lips when Endymion's mouth moved slightly lower, pausing above the pale mound of hair protecting her most secret part. He could smell the musky, sweet scent of her and it was all he could do to hold himself still, his eyes closing briefly as he felt the edges of his control fray further.

Serenity's whole body went taught as she waited for him to continue - but he lay motionless for long seconds. A sound of frustration passed through her lips, the still unfamiliar heat and wetness of her desire pulsed between her legs where she was aching for his touch. Her hands clenched in the blankets at her waist as the pounding, driving heat coiled tighter, demanding release. She closed her eyes, her breath stopping in her throat only to hiss out as he rose above her again and slid his hand down over her stomach, his palms and fingers sliding into the nest of hair and she tossed her head to the side.

He kissed her again, and she arched against his hand as his fingers slid against the slick heat of her, eliciting a choked scream as he found the pulsing nub that was aching for his touch.

"Endymion!" she moaned, his name half a scream, half sob. "Endymion!"

Teasing the sensitive nub, he slid one finger inside her carefully as she writhed beneath him, bucking into his hand, her hands twisting in the sheets at her sides as the coil of heat inside her wound tighter and tighter until she screamed his name, her whole body clenching and arching as shudders of pleasure raced through her system, leaving her quivering with pleasure as they receded to a steady hum running through her veins.

She blinked, seeing spots and stars, and realized she was soaked with perspiration. Endymion's hands stroked the curve of her hip and the arch of her neck gently. A boneless feel permeated her body and she sucked in a deep breath of fresh air. "I did not know," she whispered when she felt she could speak again. Her voice was husky, rough, and it slid over Endymion's nerves like a silent caress.

He chuckled, kissing her gently. "There is more."

Turning head to look at him, her body still hummed as she felt his stroking hand on her hip turn the gentle touch into a caress, sliding back up her body and she stretched into it in offering. He kissed her again and she felt the fabric of his shirt rub against her side, the fabric of his pants slide against her tingling legs.


"Much more."

"You, my love, are wearing entirely too many clothes to do much else." She told him, reaching up languidly and caressing his cheek. She didn't know what has caused her to make such a bold statement but it was true.

He smiled at her, and she could see the strain lines around his eyes and mouth. "Do you wish me to remove them?"

"I think I would like to strip them from you myself, but," she stretched and purred in the back of her throat. "I have not the strength. Take them off for me?"

Endymion chuckled and rolled off the bed, watching her curl up on her side, propping her hand on her head as she watched him. She was stretched out, knees slightly bent, one over the other, her hair glistening with her sweat as it hung down in her face and stretched out behind her like a golden blanket. He smiled; she looked like one of the forest nymphs that were talked about in bedtime stories.

Gorgeous and irresistible.

He reached for the buttons on his shirt and quickly worked his way through them. Her eyelids fluttered over the breadth of his chest and he quickly shrugged out of the garment - but he made no move towards his pants. Sticking out her lower lip as he lowered himself back down next to her and propped himself back up on his elbow, mimicking her position, he reached to grasp her free hand. "Touch me," he told her softly, resting it on his chest.

Her eyes widened before her eyelids lowered to shield her eyes shyly, her fingers gently curling on his flat, muscular chest. He was beautifully built; his chest free from hair and was warm and hard, the flat nipples taught. She gently stroked her hands over his muscles; running her fingers over his nipples and felt him shudder beneath her touch.

"Are you nervous?" he asked quietly, his free hand playing with a lock of her hair.

"A little." she admitted honestly. "I do not wish to make a mistake."

"Close your eyes."

Eyelids closed completely, shielding her gaze from his view. Confident she wasn't looking, he used the bare tips of his fingers to caress the sensitive flesh on the underside of her arm as he moved to twine his fingers with hers. They folded together and hers gripped his with surprising force; she was more nervous than he had though.

Taking pity on her, he leaned forward and nuzzled her ear affectionately. It was all he could trust himself to do without making things worse. "You are doing fine, Angel."

"I feel silly."

"Trust me."

"I do."

"Then touch me. Do not look - you only need to sense your way through this. There is no right or wrong way, my love; it is a matter of doing what feel right for us."

Nodding, her grip relaxed as he rolled onto his back next to her, splaying her fingers across one of his pectorals. She curled her fingers again as he let go of her hand, and gently, hesitantly, began exploring his chest, neck and face through touch. The firm muscles, the flat planes and gentle curve of his cheek - the strong features of his face made her smile. His breath feathered over her finger tips from between his lips as he smiled, only to shiver when his tongue snaked out to lick the pads. Inching closer, she cautiously pressing her body against his side and felt him tense as her fingers traced his hairline, the shell of his ear and then down the strong sweep of his jaw and neck. She continued downward, her touch feather light as she explored the hollows and muscles of his chest.

"You are beautifully built, Endymion." Her eyebrows drew together as he chuckled and then choked on it, her nails scraping gently over his nipples.

Endymion braced himself both mentally and physically for the assault of her touch on his body. One hand grasped the blankets behind him, close into his side, with enough force to turn it numb. Serenity's fingers explored with a curiosity he had never encountered before, a hesitancy that invaded a heart already bursting with love and sent his burning libido into overdrive.

He groaned as she lowered her head to follow the path of her fingers with her mouth. She copied his movements by starting at his face, kissing his eyes, the tip of his nose, and then teased his mouth by holding her lips just out of reach and gently tracing the outline of his lips with her tongue.

"Temptress," he moaned hoarsely when she didn't kiss him but continued down the line of his jaw. He felt her smile against his skin and then sucked in a sharp breath as she probed his earlobe first with her tongue and lips then, gently with her teeth. His breath hissed out and his hands clutched the sheets tighter, both turning white under the strain as he fought to hold himself still.

"You do not like it?" she asked, her breath warm on his ear, her voice soft and teasing.

"On the contrary - I do like it," he assured her. "You learn very fast, too fast perhaps."

"I have an excellent teacher," she informed him with a soft laugh, sucking the top part of his ear into her mouth and then, very gently, bit with her teeth and dragged them downwards until she nibbled on his earlobe. His whole body tensed as she continued downwards to the pulse point pounding quickly in his neck. Working her way downwards, she reveled in each caught breath, each sigh and groan he emitted under her ministrations. She continued her trek downwards and mimicked his movements by taking one nipple into her mouth and sucking on it gently, biting the tight tip. His breath caught in his throat and his whole body clenched as his breath hissed through his teeth. His other hand tightened in reflex, catching in her golden tresses on the bed and pulling - and he cried out as she bit him on reflex.

Her eyes flew open as her head came up sharply. "Endymion! I am sorry, I did not mean too-"

"It is not your fault, Angel." A sharp mental command sent to his hands relaxed his grip on her hair - but it took a few moments before she was able to pull the golden silk free. "It is mine. I like what you are doing though."

"Do you really?"

He nodded, grasping her hand and sliding it down his washboard stomach, slowing as he hit the waistband of his pants. Her eyes were wide as he stopped their hands and he pressed hers to the hardness that exhibited his desire. A wave of need assaulted him so quickly he eyes closed as he fought for control and he missed the wide eyed amazement on her face.

"Does it hurt you?"

His eyes popped open at her whispered question. She was looking at him with the wonder and curiosity of someone exploring something new. He removed his hand from hers but her hand stayed where it was, her fingers stroking gently before they stopped and her eyes met his again.

"Does it hurt?" she asked again.

"Not the way you are thinking of. It hurts when you do not touch it."

Blushing, she traced the outline before gently cupping him through his pants and his hand shot down to grasp hers. The more she touched him, the more he burned for flesh on flesh contact - it wasn't helping his libido to do nothing. Catching her gaze, he searched for hesitancy. "Would you like me to finish removing my clothes?"

A faint smile crossed her lips and she shook her head. "Not yet..." Tugging her hand from him, she pushed his hand away and sat up as she continued to explore the new feel of the firm flesh under his clothes. He sucked in a breath, his stomach muscles jumping as her hand slid to his waist band and then beneath, her fingers cool against his fevered skin. His breath hissed out of through his teeth as she cautiously slipped her finger through the nest of hair and then wrapped her hand around him, gently probing with her fingers. She pulled down the waist band of his pants, looking at him and then turned her gaze to his face.

He watched her carefully, knowing she had to see the strain in his face. "What are you thinking?"

Tracing one finger down the length of his shaft, she tested the feel and his hands clenched in the sheets again as he struggled to keep his heavy breathing from catching.

"It is hard... but soft." Musing softly, almost to herself, she turned eyes full of wonder back at him. "You are beautiful, Endy. But..."


"You look too big to fit inside me."

He smiled tightly, striving to keep the shreds of his quickly unraveling control intact. "Trust me."

"I do." She rubbed the flat of her palm gently over the tip of his sex as if to show she wasn't afraid.

Endymion sucked in a sharp breath and rolled away from her, standing to strip off his pants before sliding back down onto the bed and looking at her. Her gaze went back to where it had been, followed closely by her questing fingers. His eyes closed as she sat up, crouching and then sitting on his knees as she continued to make her discoveries. She explored every part of his manhood, from the tip down to the heavy sac beneath; she weighed the sack in her hand and then slid her other hand around him again, gently moving it in a stroking motion.

"Stop." The strangled sound was mangled as it escaped and she stopped, feeling his erection quiver in her hand. "Serenity, if you continue on that course, I will not," he swallowed as she bent to examine him closer, her breath feathering across him, tantalizingly close but achingly far. "I- I will not be able to keep this slow for you; to maintain my control."

Serenity looked at him through her lashes and then pulled back. Swinging herself off him, she lay down beside him, and he felt both grateful but bereft as she removed her touch. As if drawn, her hand returned to touch him gently on the chest, her fingers splayed and gently rubbing. "Endymion..."

He turned his head and rolled slightly so that his lips cut her off as he gently eased his weight onto her. Her body was pressed down into the feather mattress as his hands swept over her, quickly re-igniting the flames searing through her body, and causing the coil of desire to wind tight again. His hand slipped to her hip and pulled her snug against his arousal. A surprised breath escaped her as it settled against her belly, the bold thrust familiar from other times, but feeling much more intimate without the barrier of clothes. Serenity wrapped her arms around his neck as he slipped his leg between hers, nudging her legs gently open.

Endymion's lips slanted across hers as his tongue coaxed hers to play. He teased her mouth open and was pleasantly surprised when she tugged almost viciously on his head and arched against him, boldly thrusting her tongue into his mouth and exploring. His thigh settled between her legs and he felt the heat of her desire as she shivered, her legs dropping open a fraction more to straddle his thigh intimately. He could feel her wetness against him, tantalizing him, and his restraint cracked. Sliding his hand around and then through the nest of hair at the apex of her thighs, his fingers probed gently at her opening as she froze, tensing that the unfamiliar intimate contact.

Sliding his fingers against her opening, he wet them even as he allowed her to become accustom to his touch. Her tension eased, her body responding to his by degrees, and he waited until she'd relaxed before slipping his middle finger inside, wringing a cry from her lips. He kissed her again, this time more passionately, as his finger thrust slowly in and out, his tongue mimicking the movement in her mouth.

She was tight, even around his finger, and he gently stretched her inside, doing his best to prepare her for the pain he knew she would feel. It was unavoidable - she was so tiny - and he heard her hiss as he slid a second finger inside her. Her inner muscles clenched around his fingers and she moved against him, thrusting her hips as the coil of heat exploded and she cried out again, going rigid in his arms.

Endymion waited until the tremors in her body died down, though he kept the in and out motion with his fingers, careful to continue to stretch her and prepare her for him. He nudged her head gently with his, noticing the layer of perspiration that covered both of their bodies as he raised himself on one elbow, his other hand continuing to touch and caress her centre.

"Is there more?" Her voice was still husky, a strangely hopeful yet nervous note to her words.

"Would you like to see what else there is?"

Serenity nodded, her body still feeling boneless after the second, more powerful orgasm.

"This may hurt, Angel," he cautioned her, his body shaking, demanding release as he removed his fingers from her and then positioned himself at her entrance. He nudged forward slowly with his hips and saw her eyes widen as he slowly started to fill her. Her eyes half closed and he forcefully held her hips down as they bucked towards his instinctually. Gritting his teeth, he shallowly penetrated her and she moved one hand down to where he was joining with her, feeling about her entrance, her eyes wide as he nudged forward a little more.

"Are you alright?" he gasped, his whole body shaking and quaking from the control he was exerting over it. His willpower alone stopped him from ravaging her savagely and taking the release his body so desperately demanded.

Nodding, she tried to shift her hips again. "I want..." she didn't finish as he covered her lips with two fingers. Feeling his quaking, she knew what it was costing him to hold back as insides stretched and expanded to accommodate the new, welcome intrusion. He stopped as she felt him hit her maidenhead and paused for a few moments. He looked into her eyes, stroking her damp hair back from her face as he withdrew and then shallowly penetrated her in a few rapid strokes, not breaking the barrier.

"This..." he told her, fighting to get the words out. His control was fast slipping. "This is going to hurt, but it will quickly be gone."

She nodded and then gasped with pure pleasure as he repeated the movements of shallowly penetrating her, coiling the heat again, tighter and tighter until, finally, he thrust forward in one solid movement and her body clenched as he tore through her maiden head. Arching into his body, feeling the sharp stabbing pain, tears pooled in her eyes momentarily but then the pain was gone to be replaced by the solid pulsing of him completely buried inside her. He was locked in position above her, his breathing shallow and ragged, jaw locked, eyes staring down at her as control fought with raging desire.

"A-are you alright?" The question was hoarse, his voice strained and uneven.

Nodding, she elicited a groan as she wrapped her legs around his waist. "Better then alright," she assured him, her gaze steady and shining on his. Her eyes closed as she arched her body into his, begging wantonly for more. Feeling the way they fit together - the rightness of it - something inside her shattered and gave herself completely over to him. The feel was right, and she stretched out through the bond to him.

Control slipped from Endymion's grasp as he barely registered the words, but he felt her through their bonding and knew she truly was alright as he withdrew from her and thrust forward again and again, her hips rising to meet each powerful stroke, her breath catching as she cried out from the pleasure that was streaking through her body. Her fingers wound tightly in his hair, her nails digging into his skin, as he stroked in and out of her rapidly, bringing both of their desires to the boiling point before he yelled her name and thrust solidly into her once more as he poured his soul inside her.

Crying out moments before he went rigid, climax took her again, this one more powerful than the last two and she screamed his name as she fell over the edge of reality into a world of ecstasy.

They came back slowly and Serenity found herself locked in a tight embrace in Endymion's arms. They were on their sides - he must have rolled over to take his weight off her - but they were still joined intimately. She opened her eyes slowly, seeing his soft, midnight blue eyes looking at her with concern.

"Angel?" There was a wealth of question in the hesitant way he said her nickname and thumbed the streaks of tears on her cheeks, brushing the wetness away.

Lifting one hand to brush his sweat soaked bangs out of his eyes, she nodded. "That is what you have been waiting for?" Her whole body felt different, humming with energy, her newly found muscles already beginning to tense up from the vigorous work out. She smiled at his nod and then reached up to kiss him softly. "It was worth the wait."

The warm glow of his love and concern through their bonding enveloped her and she sent her assurances to him through the same channel.

He smiled, hugging her tightly to him. "I am afraid I lost control, Angel. I should have been gentler."

Serenity stroked his face again, smiling tenderly. "No, it would not have been as powerful if you had been. I did not break, Endymion, I am alright."

"I could have hurt you."

"You did not."

With a sigh, he bent his head to rest his forehead against hers. "I wish I had been more careful. The last thing I wished was for this night to end with your tears."

"That is what this is about?" She laughed at him, her voice soft and caressing. "I am crying, my love, because it was so beautiful, not because I am in pain. I did not know that love had such a facet."

Midnight blue irises searched orbs of crystal. "Are you certain?"

"I have never been more certain in all of my life. Thank you for showing me such a marvel, my prince." She placed a kiss on his lips.

"You should sleep now, Angel. It is late."

"I do not wish to sleep - I wish to make love to you again."

Pulling away from her, he broke the intimate contact of their bodies. "If we do, you will not be able to walk in the morning." he told her honestly, using a soft, wistful smile to soften his words as he gently stroked her cheek. "In the morning, Serenity, you may have your way with me." He rolled her over and gathered her to him, her back to his chest and then scooted the blankets down and then back up to cover them. "Sleep, Angel, I will be here when you wake. In the morning there will be time enough to explore."

Serenity made to protest, but Endymion's only response was to drop a light, loving kiss on her bare shoulder. A yawn caught her off guard, her body coming down off the endorphin induced high and starting to throb - but in a good way - in a fashion that made her long for sleep. Her eyes fluttered closed on the delicious ache between her legs and the heaviness in her breast she could now identify. Curling into Endymion, she was gratified when his grip about her waist tightened to keep her close. Cobwebs formed in her mind as she drifted off to sleep.

He was right, in the morning there would be plenty more time for discoveries.


Serenity woke slowly, feeling warm hands caressing her stomach, and a soft kiss on the side of her neck. A lazy smile spread across her features as she snuggled backwards, into her husband's warmth. She shivered as her gently bit down on her earlobe and nuzzled her neck.

"Good morning, Angel." he said softly as she turned in his arms and smiled at him.

"Good morning, Endy."

"Did you sleep well?"

She nodded, leaning forward to kiss him, her eyes sparkling from the night's activities. "Very well."

Laughing softly, he returned her kiss as his hands stroked downwards across her body, quickly igniting the embers of desire from the night before. Leaning into his caresses, she could feel his arousal already strong against her inner thigh as she slid her legs against his.

"Is it time for discoveries?"

The question caught in her throat as he pulled her hips forward into his and snaked his tongue out to curls around her ear before he sucked the lobe into his mouth and gently nibbled on it. Serenity arched as his hands slid upwards to caress and mould her breasts, teasing her nipples into tight peaks as he continued to kiss his way down the side of her neck.

They made love slowly, Endymion taking his time to pull every moan, every sigh and every cry possible from Serenity until she begged for release, for him to complete her. He slipped into her with a soft groan and brought her to climax again and again before finally seeking his own release. In the aftermath he stroked her gently, his hands rubbing her hair on reflex, as her hands lay clenched in the covers, her body quaking along with his. He kissed her forehead softly and held her, his eyes closed.

"Is this what married people do with their time?" Her curious question filled the long silence.

He laughed, kissing the top of her head. "From what I understand, a lot of the time married people spend alone is like this, yes."

"You mean when the married couples have as much trouble keeping their hands off each other as we do?"

He flipped her onto her back with a kiss. "Of course. It is, however, past time we rose."

She pouted and stroked his skin with her hands, petting him like some giant feline. "Must we?"

His groan was semi-pained. "You would tempt a saint, my love."

Her smile was mischievous. "It is good that you are not a saint then..."

Under her unskilled but eager caresses, the flames between them ignited once more and they made love a second time before Endymion finally managed to pull her out of their marriage bed.

Sweeping her into his arms, he carried her into the bathroom and deposited her into the sunken tub. Turning on the water he grinned at her gasp as the warm liquid contacted her cool skin. He slid into the Jacuzzi with her and pulled her onto his lap while the tub filled with hot water, stealing a kiss as they waited for it to fill.

They soaked for a while; taking turns at bathing each other. Serenity was shy about washing with him at first, but her shyness quickly vanished when she saw nothing but love and admiration in Endymion's dark eyes. They frolicked a bit in the Jacuzzi, luxuriating in the hot water and basking in each other's company as they washed.

Eventually, they spoke of the night before, Serenity still a little shy.

"Was that truly, me?" Her question was soft - her blush a touch embarrassed as she pulled her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms about them. Golden hair lay about her like a spider web across the surface of the water.

"Does that both you?"

"A little," her confession made him smile. "I did not know I could act that way."

"I like it." Endymion's look was appreciative as he reached for her. "You are as uninhibited in your lovemaking as you are in your sweetness, Angel."


"Truly; and I want no other." He pulled her towards him until she was sitting on his lap and could feel the rekindled flames of his desire. Bending to nibble on her neck, he spoke against her skin. "It was you, still is you and always will be you."

Her eyes closed as he tortured her senses slowly, taking his time. "But, I do not make those s-s-sounds." She gasped as he slid his hands across her belly and then to the under curve of her breasts.

He gently caressed her, drawing a gasp. "Do you still not believe it?"

"I believe." Her fingers clenched on his skin, willing him to continue.

He kissed her briefly and smiled. "Good. Come, we have been in here too long and you will have to dry your hair at the fire."

"Must we?" Her words were filled with wanting, unfulfilled desire and disappointment.

He nibbled on her ear gently before rising to his feet in the tub and helping her to hers. "Later, Angel. I promise." At her pout, and he lamented. "But not too much later."

The smile she shot him told him he'd give her the answer she wished to hear as she accepted his hand out of the Jacuzzi. She would hold him to that, she promised him with her eyes as he helped her towel dry and then wrapped her hair carefully in a towel.

Oh, she would definitely hold him to that promise, tonight and for many nights to come...


Serenity packed the last of her gowns and then closed the bag, taking one last look about the room.

The giant bed, where Endymion had made her a woman - his woman - for the first time; the mirrored corner where they had experimented and watched as they were joined as one; the fireplace and balcony where they had spent many an hour talking and just holding each other when they were too spent to do much else; the Jacuzzi where he had shown her the wonders of his body - and hers - both by sight and by touch. Sighing, she turned as she felt his eyes on her.

"Melancholy?" He inquired, striding to her side to take her in his arms.

She nodded, laying her head on his breastplate as she wrapped her arms around his waist. "I do not wish to leave." Her admission was soft, pulled from the bottom of her heart. "We have so many good memories here and it does not feel as if there are any problems. As if... as if they could not enter."

"But for how long? We have been here a month, Angel. A month, in which we have not been helping plan the defense of the Earth and the Moon. A month in which I discovered the most enchanting creature of passions I have ever met." He ducked his head to kiss her lingeringly. "A month where no troubles could enter but I feel it, as do you, that the time we have to spend alone is rapidly slipping away. War is coming to the galaxy and we cannot avoid it. Yet, I do not fear it knowing you love me and are waiting for me."

He released her reluctantly, scooping up all of their cases in one hand and then offering her the other. "It is time, Angel. We should be going."

Serenity sighed and accepted his hand. He was right. It was time to go home... and prepare for war.


Author's Note: End of book 2! Look for Book 3: Final Battle in my profile. Thanks for reading!