Chapter 20: OAV

Ben couldn't believe that already three whole years have passed since that whole incident: all of the adventures he has had, all of the friends and teammates he has made, enemies as well, and all of the planets he has been to.

But today, Ben knew this was going to be the start of his most dangerous, most sacrificing, but yet most rewarding mission he has ever or will ever have in his entire life with Ren. Unable to stop that nervous smile in his face as he stood before everyone's eyes wearing that black tuxedo his grandfather gave him.

He couldn't believe this time has finally come, it almost felt like yesterday was six months ago they went to his favorite spot at the end of their summer trips, where he got down on one knee, and proposed to her. That night he could have sworn he swallowed a basketball from how hard he tried to swallow and form those words to her. How beautiful she was as that orange sunset shined behind her, planning for weeks to ask her but when the time came he still felt so nervous. How he loved the smile she made when she accepted his grandmother's ring and said yes, he swore his heart was going to leap right out of his chest.

But what made him even more nervous was the sight of how many people came to this grand event, it looked that a matrimony between two world recognized heroes could never be a small one. Not only his family, but some of the leaders of this world and all of the people and aliens he met throughout their missions: staff and classmates from Galactic Enforcers Academy, the members of the Noble House of Tempus, the Taskforce, including Fredi to his surprise, not to mention even the Sins came with that frenime of his, that nutcase in white that still goes by Pharaoh. Well it would be weird if he didn't, as after all he personally paid for this event to happen, along with making sure no news media came in. Though the wedding itself was set up in the flower field of the Tempus Estate, he could swear that this backyard was bigger than one of those Highbreed warships.

Habitably looking at his Omnitrix, which now nearly covers most of his forearm, where he kept forgetting it wasn't a watch. Feeling those goose bumps covering his entire body to the point he believed his knees were going to give out on him. He knew there was nothing to be worried about, but that didn't stop his body from reacting the way it was.

"Calm down dude," another person one wouldn't believe was standing by his side, the once infamous Kevin E. Leven (yes I know I named him Kevin Elf (German for 11) in the first book but that was before they revealed his last name) he was friends with back at GEA before he went insane was now his Best Man. The Null Void seemed to fix him up, and made him a whole lot buffer, as they became friends once again during that incident with the Highbreeds, "if you screw this up you won't find a girl even near as good as Ren in a million, no billion years."

However, he seemed to pick up an unusual sense of humor while there as well. Yet what surprised him the most was the fact that he and his cousin dated for about a year. Although through it Ben could easily see that if anything he was more of a rebound guy, as they were way too opposite for each other. Since then it seems as she started to date 'that guy' again, wondering what she could see in him.

Standing there, along with his Groomsmen Alan, Cooper and Pierce, who are Plummer kids as well they met during the Highbreed attack, Alan being the son of a Pyronite, how that is possible Ben will never know. The time finally came as he started to hear the grand piano playing by none other than Lady Karen, playing so soft and warmly the tension almost seemed to be completely lifted from the area.

From that, the flower girl was Lucy, a blonde hair woman who was a step cousin of Ben and Gwendolyn. Ben couldn't help but rub his forehead remembering how much she wanted to be that, watching as she would spin around so joyfully while she spread those white rose petals along that walkway, where the Bridesmaids Julie, Helen, another Plummer kid during the Highbreed incident who resembles his XLR8, and Kai Green, another Plummer kid they met during the summer, walked down that isle all wearing their dark blue dresses. Along with Ren's Maid of Honor, none other than his cousin Gwen, or should he say Gwendolyn; since she and Ren went to college one year earlier she now uses her full name and cut her hair back to the same length it was back on their first summer trip. Her hair seemed to retain its bright orange color once again as well.

However, though she is able to manipulate mana, the supposed life energy, without any effort, they discovered for her to use any other kind of spells: creating fire, lightning, and those other elements she needs to recite spells. She is still cracking down on those spell books, he was just glad she doesn't test them out on him anymore.

The music suddenly changed, as one by one everyone that was seated turned to look at the back of the isle. Where, wrapped around Ben's father's arm, was Ben's soon to be wife Ren; wearing such a beautiful white dress as her blue hair moved against her back, all the goose bumps on his body instantly vanished. Almost lost in a trance from the sight, he watched as they slowly made their way to the altar.

They stopped just before, where Ben's father let go for her to walk up those last steps by herself, standing next to him he could see her ruby red eyes through that thin white veil. Seeing she was as nervous as he was for some reason did calm him down a little.

They turned to the one who will be joining them together, the leader and Highbreed species, the tall white alien with a green right arm called Reinrassic III, though Ben liked to call Reiny for short. Who would have guessed what Pharaoh told him about those words would have been useful, able to stop their intergalactic inhalation plan with only his words and quick thinking. Where through it, they are now are friends with the species.

Watching as he cracked open the book in front of him, Ben gently grabbed his soon to be wife's hand, where her slender fingers wrapped around his just as Reiny spoke. "Dearly beloved…"

Just as Ben and Ren finished with their vows, Reiny asked. "Now is there anyone out there who would object to the pairing of these potential mates, speak now and prepare to rest in pieces."

The crowd gasped a little to that statement where Reiny reread that last part. "I apologize, I meant to say, speak now or forever hold your peace."

No one said a word, so he continued. "Please, present the metallic symbols that represent your bonds."

The ring bearer was none other than Julie's pet alien dog called Ship from the species his Upgrade was from, though he looked more like a small seal than a dog. The small thing seemed to search for the rings, till it just literally coughed them up into Ben's hand.

Cleaning them off first, Ben put on his ring before Ren presented her left hand to him, where he gently placed hers on her ring finger. "Do you BenBen Tennyson," from that incident they first met Reiny has always mistook his introduction as his name, "take this female of Bucerusian decent in disorder and in proper physical condition, in prosper times and appalling times, for more affluent or of inferior quality, till you cease to breath or dematerialization by space-time discontinuum?"

Still holding onto her thin gloved hand, feeling the warmth of her body through it, only one answer could possibly come to his mind. "I do."

Reiny then turned his attention to female. "Do you Ren, take this male of Earthling decent in disorder and in proper physical condition, in prosper times and appalling times, for more affluent or of inferior quality, till you cease to breath or dematerialization by space-time discontinuum?"

"I do."

"Then by the completion of the Ritual of One Life, let it be known throughout the universe that BenBen and Ren are now Mates. You may now seal this decree with the ceremonial connection of orifices. Or as you humans put it, you may now kiss the bride."

With that, Ben gently lifted the veil to see her radiant snow white face, wondering how she continued to look more beautiful every time he saw her, especially in this white dress. Softly, he placed his hands on her shoulders, and tenderly pulled her into a kiss, hearing the cheers from the guests fill this outdoor ceremony.

The wedding reception for Ben was just completely amazing. Set in the grand hall of the Noble House, the room seemed to be more than big enough to hold this celebration, where as the bride, the groom, and the closest family members sat at the table in front of everyone.

Everyone was eating the delicious food while having a slice of cake, chuckling as he remembered how he and his beautiful wife smothered the first slices into each other's faces. Though he wondered if the reason there wedding was so big was because they were the first 'official' human and alien marriage since the opening the Earth to the universe last year.

Where Ren continued to ponder the reason as to why the sounds of simultaneous clattering meant the caress of lips of the bride and groom. However, as she gently touched her lips with the tips of her fingers, this was one earthling tradition she found to be very pleasant. Secretly wishing they would do it quite often throughout this ceremony.

She felt as her face suddenly felt very warm when she heard that sound once again, although this time it was Alexander who did so only to get the attention of everyone. The blue haired alien was lightly depressed that was the case.

Alexander stood before them as the room suddenly grew quiet, holding his glass up for a toast to the lovely newly married couple. "To Ben and Ren Tennyson, I hope that the rest of your days together are as cherished as today. I do hope you know that this is in no way the end of sorrow and suffering, but this is only merely the first step. Just never forget, no matter what you shall face, you will always have each other by your side to pull each other back up. And when you have grown old together, and all of the memories together, you will be the richest people in the universe."

Such a touching toast, especially from a man who didn't have a drop of emotion to his name, as they all drank to it. "Now, let us enjoy the evening and watch the lovely newlyweds have their first dance."

The claps throughout the audience agreed to this suggestion, as Ben slowly stood up, and offered his hand to his beautiful bride; which she graciously accepted.

As they walked onto the middle of the floor, everyone settled down and quietly watched with anticipation. Where Ben and Ren stopped right in the center, a few chuckles could be heard when they stuttered to get their hands in the right place. Even though they have been practicing since a week after he proposed to her, both believing it would be a nice talent to have for their wedding, they always would get nervous at the time they were to hold each other. Something he doubt would ever change.

Once they placed their hands where they need to be and the soft music begun to play, they started to dance the waltz they choreographed to this song. Though he remembered one was not supposed to look at their partner during a dance, he couldn't help himself than to look down at the gentle smiling face of those beautiful ruby red eyes of hers. Even after all of these years he wondered how he could be so lucky to be with such a wonderful woman.

Ren softly pulled herself closer to her poten… her mate; still getting flustered every time that realization came to her thoughts, which only got warmer as he looked into her eyes. In her mind which was able to distort the flow of time, the incident sense as it was merely yesterday she met the man that was now her mate in Galactic Enforcers Academy, making a comedic scene with his cousin in that class. And since then has always been so warm and kind to her, still wondering how she could have encounter such a splendid male.

Feeling as if it went faster than it did, they broke their hold and gave a short bow to the audience. With that, others started too joined on the dance floor as well, along with his father tapping him on the shoulder. "I believe it is my turn to dance with the woman that has stolen my son's heart."

Since her parents wouldn't come and his parents have, in a way, always seen themselves as sort of her step parents. So his father was more than happy to take the place of the father-daughter dance, leaving Ben to walk off the floor and watch his wife dance.

That was until, someone he was shocked to see at his wedding, to wrap her arms around him from behind. He would never forget this odd sensation as that Nekosapien as she rubbed her cheek against his. "It's so good to see you after all of these years Benny."

Able to quickly get out of her hold, he turned to face the pink haired alien Myu. Besides becoming more… mature she looked the same as he last remembered her. "I always knew you and Wonder Girl would get hitched Benny. Took you long enough though, marriage in my species can come as early as fifteen."

"Well, in our culture it is to at least be eighteen," Ben calmly replied, though she was attractive that ability of hers no longer affected him in anyway.

"Now Benny," rewrapping her arm around his neck, pulling him closer in an odd way; feeling a bit strange for this alien hero's taste, "now come on, when are you going to play with me?"

"What are you talking about Myu, I just got married," he couldn't help but be shocked from this suggestion.

"What are you talking about?" She asked, watching as that seductive smile grew on her face. "In my species, a male can have up to three mates."

"Sorry Myu, I'm a one mate kind of guy." trying to push her away the best he could.

"Oh phooey." She childishly winced as she backed away. Gently pushing moving a few strands of her long pink hair out of her face as her little cat-like ears playfully twitched. "Oh well, if you ever change your mind Benny, look me up."

The lovely Myu gave the groom a mischievous wink before walking off, still pondering deep inside how she could have let that cute earthling slip through her hands.

Ben took a deep breath before letting it all out, this being the last thing he expected to happen on his wedding day. He believed that the earth would have been in an intergalactic war just before he said 'I do' before that.

"So how are you doing Luckiest Guy Alive?" Michael Barak of the Taskforce snapped him out of his train of thought with a hard slap on the back. For once this guy came at a good time. "You get to worship your goddess for the rest of your days, what could be a greater happiness?"

Rubbing his now sore back, Ben looked out to see how wonderfully his wife danced. Unable to help it as a warm smile graced his face. "You do have a point there."

"So Luckiest Guy," though he still wished Michael would call him by his name, had to admit this was a better nickname than Lucky Jerk, "where are you two planning to spend your honeymoon?"

"We're going to the Resort Planet Obstinatus. Lady Karen is letting us use their beach side summer home for the week." With the introduction of the earth to the universe the House of Tempus finally came out of the shadow, and with Lady Karen running it so well it has easily gained the status of Embassy between the earth and the universe. Through it they have been able to bring planets together that have been at war for years. "By the way, how are you and Julie doing?"

Ben never saw such a happy grin on that hopeless flirt extrordinar's face, looking over to see her chatting with some girls by the food tables. "Couldn't be better. Oh how every day I can't believe such a beautiful cutie is my goddess. She came back from her job early just to see you two get hitched."

"Oh, what is she doing now?"

"Professional Public Speaker. Cutie travels all over the word to get people in the workforce more motivated." Michael informed while a joy filled look covered his face. "Ah but I don't know why cutie would even need to say a word, just her presences alone makes me motivated to do anything."

"Oh, but what about the constant traveling?" The groom couldn't help but ask, as he will be in a similar situation very soon. Ren, instead of using her abilities to fight crime like he was, she was planning on using it to become a Tempus Negotiator, which would require her to go all over the universe and be gone for weeks at a time.

Slapping Luckiest Guy on the back, he answered. "No matter what I say I would be lying about being fine with it. Obviously I miss my goddess greatly during the time she is away. But it would be completely wrong of me to do anything to hold her back from what she wants to do."

"All I can do is support my goddess to the best of my abilities, and if she falls I do whatever I can to get her back on her feet and back out into the world."

Ben couldn't help but wonder how in the weirdest way this guy always made sense. Though he know he would miss Ren greatly it would be wrong of him to do anything to hold her back. "Well I do believe the lovely goddess that is your bride needs another dance from her husband while my goddess would like one as well." Watching as that hopeless flirt walk over to Julie and the groom walked over to his wife.

Gwendolyn and Kevin, the Maid of Honor and the Best Man, danced near the left of the room. He looked down while smiling; they haven't danced like this in years since he went with her to that prom. Suddenly feeling a little old after thinking like that.

"So how have you been lately?" Gwendolyn tried to break the ice, feeling how he kept stumbling as they danced. Yet she remembered he was never very good at this anyway.

"Can't complain," he answered with a smirk on his face while he tried to keep his arms up. He could take apart and rebuilt his car engine blindfolded but he could never get his arms to hold her up right, "my family is good, my garage shop is just above the red like as usual, and I'm dancing with a beautiful woman."

Gwendolyn smiled playfully at that last line; though they broke up it never seem to stop him from trying to bring it back up. "Well thank you, but I think your business would do better if you focused more on the 'business part'." Even though she would always change the subject every time he tried. She just didn't like him like she thought she did back then.

"I just like the part about working on the cars, the books weren't the reason I got into that," letting out a chuckle slip through his lips, "but I make enough money to where I can take you to a nice restaurant."

The orange haired Bless shook her head before looking back up at him. "Kevin, I already told you I'm already dating someone."

"Ah yes. That mysterious guy named Alexander Sovereign. Come to think about it all I know is that guy's name."

Where Gwendolyn knew he wouldn't know him, after all since the Basic Program was fixed he has been keeping a very low profile and running Sphinx Corp. Besides their dates she never really saw him. "He likes his privacy."

"Too suspicious for my taste. What if he is involved in some black market or other illegal activities?"

Gwendolyn held back her urge to giggle from these accusations, compared to what he really tried to accomplish only a few years ago those were mere peanuts. "Huh, weren't you doing that back on GEA, not to mention when you were selling illegal Level 5 tech to the Forever Knights when we met you again?"

She bet he was eating his own words as she heard him force a cough to clear his throat while he adjusted his collar. "Hey I changed… eventually."

But before he could bring up the question again, he felt a soft tap on his left shoulder. Turning around, he saw a guy that looked like one of the Tempus Family members with that weird ghost like white skin and hair while dressed in a white tux. He still wondered why this family was so drawn to the color white it to the point of creepy; not to mention those weird blue eyes of theirs. "Good evening sir, would you mind if I cut in?"

"A little yeah," finding it rude for someone he didn't know to just cut in on his dance with Gwendolyn, "who are you?"

"Oh, pardon me for my late introduction," also that creepy polite tone they have, "my name is Alexander, Alexander Sovereign."

So this was the guy Gwendolyn was going out with, starting to wonder if this guy was wooing her with his money. He just couldn't trust this guy. "So you are the mysterious guy who is dating Gwendolyn?"

"I would be that lucky person," that eerie grin on his face wasn't helping Kevin's opinion of this guy, "so may I dance with her."

Kevin looked back at Gwendolyn, who was giving him the look. Oh how he knew it well back when they were dating, she would give it to him every time he would do something stupid. Something he knew he did quite often. "Alright," turning back towards that pale guy in a suit, extending out his hand for a 'friendly' greeting, "take good care of her."

The man in white then gripped his hand. However, Kevin didn't expect him to have such a strong hold; cringing a little from his unusual strength for such a thin guy. "I plan to."

Releasing his grip, Kevin walked away while trying to crack the bones in his hand back into place.

"Are you having a pleasant time, Gwendolyn?" He asked, unable to help a smile grow across her face as she looked into his pure ocean blue eyes.

Through the years, besides growing taller and appearing more mature he looked pretty much the same. Maybe one benefit that came from not having emotions is he can work in that high stressful job of his without it aging him horribly. "Ah yes, I am having a wonderful time. I'm still surprised you were willing to pay for all of this, it must have cost a fortune."

"It's just a small way I could make up for all I had done to your family, but in another way I see it as a promising investment." Alexander declared to the beautiful Gwendolyn, offering his snow white hand for hers so they could start their dance. It had to have been a few months since they have last danced, but with how he has had so many sleepless nights working on that contract for the intergalactic bridge his internal clock might have been off again. "Something I can clearly see that their union will help the universe in so many ways. I also gave them a nice base slash home for a wedding present. I'm having it set up near the old Plumber's Headquarters in front of Mr. Rushmore. It should be set up when they get back from their honeymoon."

"Well I'm glad you see it that way, Alex." It just seemed like she could never dissolve the feelings she had for him, especially when they danced so warmly like this it was so hard to tell he didn't have emotions. It was true he has done some horrendous things, but over the years she realized something, he only did those to protect the people he cared for. The war was to save the human race, he attacked the Noble House to save his sister from his insane mother, he turned them against him to protect them and their family, and he got her to understand her gifts as a Bless. She kept wondering how he didn't have any emotions yet could do so much good. "I too believe they will change this world for the better, and I hope they have a wonderful life together as well."

Letting a giggle slip through her lips as he gently spun her, remembering that once dork of a cousin she used to now all grown up dancing with his wife. "I just can't believe that dweeb is so mature now. When we were younger I thought I was always going to have to save his butt. You were right Alex; he always did seem to be a little brother to me."

"Time changes all things Gwendolyn. I am just thankful toward your family that this time can be a happy one for everyone instead having them be trapped in the death and destruction my war would have caused."

"Well enough talk about that war of yours." She smiled at him again, all the good he has done for this world and yet not a single person outside of this wedding even knew of his existence. "I just hope in this time we still have our date later this week."

He smiled back, no matter how many times she saw that smile she could feel her cheeks warm up. "Of course."

A few days have since pasted since Ben and Ren's wedding, Alexander sat in his office. Now that woman was no longer after him, the teen in white thought it was finally time to get a office with a nice view.

And as he looked out that window at all of those lights on that dark night, he would have to say he did have the office with the best view in the world. As his office, was his new deluxe airplane the Amun-01. The Amun-01 was a vehicle unlike any other in the universe: it self pilot system constantly flew at eighty km above the earth's surface traveling around the earth at a constant speed of four times a day. Nanobots were able to repair any damage, along with two six Ra Battery cylinder engines and an atmosphere converter for energy and water.

The plane itself was two stories tall filled with all the necessities one would need to live: a bedroom, a kitchen filled with supplies, a weight room, a teleportation room, of course his office, and et cetera. Not to mention without the war he had all of his robots reprogrammed and sold off as servants, making a pretty good profit, so some of those were there to keep the place in shape. With how the plane was built he estimated it will only need to land once every five years.

Where as he looked over the country he was passing, the thought of something he expect his good friend Lord would have said. Something to do with the "devil" becoming a "god" or something along those lines with how his office is now in the sky rather under the ground.

He slowly walked over to his desk and turned on the TV to watch the memorial service of his old puppet 'Comrade'. The news reporter stating how there was already a 'new person' that has taken CEO but wishes to keep Comrade's original idea of staying in the shadows. Alexander found it quite interesting how many people showed up for the memorial, even though he was nothing more than a fraud.

"The death of an intergalactic icon always does seem to draw a large crowd," the only being that could get inside the Amun-01 other than himself spoke, turning to see the good Dr. Paradox smiling down at him, "I'm assuming he was able to fulfill his purpose."

"You are correct good doctor, but I do believe you have picked up a bad habit of just letting yourself into to one's home." Alex replied as he sat down in his desk, still so much work needed to be done.

"I do apologize my good lad. But I did believe you would become more social now there is no longer a target on your back. Now that Lord has gone to, where ever that insane man came from, you are completely isolated up here."

Bobby was a good man. He was willing to take that form of the so-called god that called himself Lord and only asked that his sisters would be taken into Sphinx Academy for protection incase that woman was able to figure it out. Along with using any method he could to find out who Nicole's parents were. He has no memory of it for his own good as well as the only way for Lord to appear again is if Bobby was to sleep for a period longer than twenty-four hours. "Well I do not have anything else to do to occupy my time and without emotions I do not require the companionship of others for survival or sanity."

"Then what is that small white box you have in the top center drawer of your desk?" the good doctor asked with a small smirk on his face.

Alex's hand moved faster than he could think as it quickly covered the drawer. But once his mind caught up he knew there was no reason to hide this from him.

So the teen in white slowly opened the drawer and took out the small box he kept in the front. Even though he had no emotions his body kept doing things that could only baffle this teen. Opening the small white box to reveal a small ring made of white gold with three small diamonds that reminded him of Orion's belt; remembering the first project he did with Gwendolyn being the Pyramids of Giza that lined up with those same stars. "Did you check an alternate timeline to where I told you about this ring, Dr. Paradox?"

"Yes, yes I did," still surprising this being that can alter time and space of this boy's level of intelligence, "so when do you plan to present that ring to the lovely Gwendolyn?"

Alex continued to look at that ring in the box, feelings his heart pounding faster once again that caused his body to warm up as he thought of Gwendolyn. Relaxing back into his chair as he replied. "I am not sure Dr. Paradox if I will ever give it to her. The Basic Program reacts so oddly inside my body. The desire to have a mate is clear but without emotions I can never truly love her. It's all so baffling I keep debating the thought of breaking up with her but my body just won't let me. She is a wonderful woman."

"Well in your own way that could be showing your own form of emotions towards Gwendolyn. You have always been able to speak in actions as much as you have in words."

"So are you a psychologist as well as a scientist, Dr. Paradox?"

"I've existed for hundreds of thousands of years. I have a degree in everything. But don't you have a date with the 'wonderful woman' you spoke of?"

Alexander looked at the box once again, closed it and slipped it into his pocket. For once he didn't have anything planned for what he was about to do. "It would go against my rules to be late. But I still assume you will not divulge information of the acts that are about to happen?"

"You are correct again young lad." The Doctor said with a smile on his face as he pulled out that infamous brown bag of his. "Though I believe even you could use a gumball for what you will soon be asking."

His body did feel oddly restless with the thought of what he was about to do came through his mind. His body wouldn't flinch when negotiating for a billion dollar contract but this made his hands twitched. This body of his was so confusing.

Reaching out, he grabbed a few of those ball shaped sugar of synthetic rubber. Not understanding how such a concoction can cause relaxation in the human body but accepting the kind jester none the less. "Well you better get going and I wish you luck."

"Thank you, good friend." Alexander nodded as he walked out of his office to his transport room.

All while Paradox couldn't help a smile that grew on his face, mumbling. "Will be seeing you again soon, future Pharaoh of the Universe." Before vanishing out of his office.

The End

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