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He didn't exactly know why Peyton Sawyer had decided to kiss him, and if her were honest, he didn't really mind not knowing. After all he was kissing Peyton Sawyer and she had been the girl of his dreams for as far as he could remember.

He brought his hand up to cradle her face when she groaned and pulled away. His eyes widened in response.

"Peyton…" He whispered, as he watched her bring both of her hands up to her head, "Hey, are you okay?"

She shook her head, then winced at the movement, "Oh I shouldn't have done that."

"Peyton…" He spoke again, his voice slightly higher.

"Lower Lucas…" Her eyes were squeezed tight and she reached forward and pulled one of her hands away from her head and gave it a slight squeeze, pleading with her silently to tell him what was wrong, "My head…is killing me all of a sudden." She kept her voice low, "It hurts so much."

"Ok, I'm going to call the doctor, okay?" He took in her condition, her face consorted in pain and he wished he could take it away for her.

"Yeah…" She closed her eyes and started to rub small circles at the edges of her temples.

He quickly made to get up and rushed to the phone. Not wanting to increase the noise levels for her, he decided to go outside to use the phone, only to run into his mother.

"Lucas!" she exclaimed, "Are you alright?"

"Ssh…" He motioned over to Peyton, and closed the door behind him, "I think she's getting a migraine." He looked at her, "Is that normal? To get a migraine after concussion? I was going to call the doctor."

His mother quickly took the phone out of his hand, "I'll ring him Lucas, you go and keep an eye on Peyton."

He nodded, relieved. He didn't like talking to doctors at the moment. The made him remember what had happened to him and those memories were much too raw. He moved to remove the sling on his arm as soon as he went back into the kitchen. He wouldn't be much help one handed and his arm didn't hurt too much. He had taken his pain medication.

Peyton's condition had not improved when he went to kneel beside her. He sat down on the couch and placed a pillow on his lap before he gently grabbed her shoulders and eased her down so she was lying with her head on the pillow on his lap. She muttered a thank you.

"Peyton." His voice was a low whisper but was still audible enough for her to hear, "My mom's calling the doctor now. I think you have a migraine."

"I think so too." She said, raising the corner of her lip into a smile.

He gently ran a hand through her hair, trying to comfort her in her pain induced state whilst his other hand reached out and lightly held on to her own hand.

Karen couldn't help but frown when she noticed that Lucas had once again taken off the sling on his arm. She picked it up from the kitchen table and held it in her hands for a moment. It was a reminder to her of how close he was to death…she hadn't been there to protect him.

He moved towards the blondes and her frown turned into a smile at the pair, with Lucas comforting Peyton as she was in pain. Her mothering instinct took over and she went into action.

Lucas' head jerked to the side at the sight of his mother approaching. She leaned down towards them and said, "The doctor said that we should bring Peyton to the hospital." His face grew concerned, "It's only for 24 hour observation. They would've done it anyway before but the motor accident–" Lucas flinched, "-in the next town over ended up with a lot of admissions." She looked down at Peyton and she felt a surge of sympathy for the poor girl, "Peyton?"

"Yeah…" she managed to mumble.

"We're going to take you to the hospital now." Peyton's eyes opened and she couldn't help but see the moment of reluctance. Karen understood; her mom had died in hospital, it was only natural to gain an aversion to visiting hospitals.

"Okay…" she whispered in agreement after Lucas gave her hand a squeeze of encouragement.

The ride to the hospital was difficult because any sort of movement made Peyton feel nauseous. The most difficult part was getting her to the car though, and she had needed to stop at one point because she had genuinely believed that she was about to empty her stomach contents. It was not a pleasant thought to add to her pain addled brain.

When they arrived at the hospital, they placed her on a gurney and whisked her away for an MRI. Lucas had watched on until she disappeared around a corner and watched as his mom went to try and get a hold of Mr Sawyer again.

He was left with the task to call Brooke. No one had told him to do so, but with this being the second time with Peyton at a hospital, he felt the growing need to inform her. As much as Brooke might be angry, he knew that she would still be too concerned about Peyton to simply throw away all those years of friendship when she was in hospital. He would take the brunt of her anger if it meant she and Peyton could be friends again.

He went to a payphone and dialled her number. It felt oddly reminiscent of his earlier phonecall to her.


Lucas took a moment to breathe before he replied, "Hey Brooke it's Lucas."

Her tone went harsh, "What do you want Lucas?"

"I thought you'd like to know that Peyton's in the hospital again." The line went silent and Lucas thought for a moment that she had hung up, but the lack of a dial tone reminded him that it couldn't be the case, "Brooke?"

"Why? I thought she was fine…She was fine when…I talked to her…earlier. What happened?"

He sighed, "Her concussion got worse. She's got a migraine now and the doctors want to keep her in the hospital for observation."

"Is she going to be alright?" Brooke hesitated to ask for a moment.


They lapsed into silence and he placed another quarter in the payphone. Brooke was the first one to speak, "I'll be right there." She said, and Lucas smiled. Maybe her friendship with Peyton was salvageable.

His mom returned soon after and she joined him in waiting in the hard uncomfortable hospital seats, "I called Brooke." He admitted as she sat down.

"Oh," She looked surprised for a moment, and then she smiled, "That's good."

"I messed up their friendship so much." He admitted, "I was an idiot."

"Lucas…" She began.

"It's true." He insisted. He had messed up and it was all his fault that their friendship was broken in the first place. He knew who he wanted but he was so sick of getting hurt. Things weren't meant to be difficult; things were not meant to be messed up but that's exactly what things had become and it was all his fault.

"Lucas, you messed up, I'm not going to lie to you." His mother smiled at him, "We all mess up, Lucas. All of us. Peyton messed up. Lucas, you messed up, but if you can fix the mess then it'll be okay. If you are truly sorry for messing up then you're trying to fix what went wrong." He nodded, as she placed an hand on his arm. He winced at the sharp jab of pain that shot through him, "And you should be wearing-" She reached into her bag and pulled out his arm sling, "-this so you can have a fully functioning arm."

"Thanks mom." He said, putting the sling back on.

"You're a good boy Lucas. You know what's right. You'll fix this, I know you will."

He simply nodded and gave her a shy smile as they went back to waiting.

To be continued...

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