Cinderella Bella

Cinderella Bella

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My name is Isabella Marie Swan. My mom and my dad are Charlie and Renee Swan. They were very much in love. But, one day…my mother passed away. She had gotten into a car accident. My dad and I were devastated. As the years passed by my dad fell in love with someone else. Her name was Karen. He proposed to them and was married. One day when I was 13 years old, I walked in the house….to only find my father…dead. Karen cried and cried and said someone came in and did it. I didn't believe it. In fact, I never will. My father was a rich man. Rich enough for someone to fall in love with him…marry him…and kill him. We went to the funeral, where I saw my father being lowered to the ground, the last time I would ever see his face again. The last time I would ever be happy. After the funeral, Karen was mad. She said it was my fault. If I wasn't born…my father wouldn't be dead. That is when I was hit…for the first time. My name is Isabella Marie Swan, and I'm an abused child.

I woke up out of bed; it was time to get up. I had a long day ahead…high school. It was probably the highlight of my day, anything was better then being stuck with Karen. I found Karen passed out on the couch, with about five bottles of beer spilled around her. I sighed. I carefully got the beer bottles and put them in a bag for later…I could recycle them and get some spare change from it. Karen doesn't give me money, and I have no relatives left that I know of, so I work at a local flower shop in town, that's how I can afford to live.

I headed of to school; walking of course…Karen would never let me drive. It was a long horrible walk…it took about an hour to get to the school. Finally when I arrived, I headed to English. I usually kept to myself, afraid that anyone near me would have to face Karen, so I sat alone in most classes. When the bell rang, the teacher settled down the class.

"I have an announcement to make everyone, we have a new student today, please treat him kindly. His name is Edward Cullen." Edward walked in and I froze. He was beautiful. He had pale green eyes, and soft brown…maybe bronze hair. His skin was so pale, which made him even more attractive. "Hm, Edward…there's an empty seat by over there." He said pointing towards Jessica Stanley's table. I despise her so much. She always makes fun of me…because I keep to myself. . I saw Edward look up and stare at the seat next to Jessica, and then he looked at the seat near me.

"Um…is it okay if I sit over there." He said, not taking his eyes off me. I saw the teacher nod his head in agreement and waved Edward to join me. I saw Edward walk over to me smiling. I looked back at Jessica, who gave me the middle finger and mouthed 'Your going to wish you were never born' to me. I sighed, what else was new. I heard the chair pulling out, and then I heard it pull back in. I was afraid to look at him. He was so beautiful. I tried my best to focus at the board, when I felt a tap from him. He smiled at me, and there was a note in his hand. I smiled back and took it from him. Then I opened it, and saw the most elegant script in the world.

Hello, I'm Edward Cullen. It's nice to meet you; can I have your name please?

I couldn't breath. I looked at the next spot where I can write, I tried to make it come out extra perfect, which didn't work so well.

Hello, I'm Isabella Swan, but you can call me Bella…how are you?

I passed it back to him, smiling. He read it, and then was writing something back. I didn't understand how he wrote so fast, but so perfect.

It's nice to meet you Bella; I am fine, thank you for asking. May I know what your schedule is?

I wrote my schedule as quick as possible.










I saw him smile, and started putting down his schedule too.







Medical care



Hm, we had 3 classes together. That was nice. As I was reading through his schedule, the bell rang. We both got up, and smiled at each other

"Would you like to sit next to me at lunch?" He asked sounding jokingly polite.

"Why thank you, I would be delighted to!" I said back as polite as I could, which caused us both to start hysterically laughing.

The next three periods were torture, and then Spanish was over FINALLY! I went to walk out of the room, when I saw Edward there leaning against my Spanish door…was I dreaming? Well, I hope not.

"I thought it would be easier if we walked there together…so we didn't have to meet up…" He said. I saw a fait blush along his cheeks.

"Yea…sure." I said back…betting my face was bright red. We headed into the cafeteria and sat at a table.

"So, where are all your other friends?" He asked. Great, this is when he finds out I'm a loser, with no friends, because I'm afraid that my abusive mother will beat them…of course…minus the last part, no one knows about my mother.

"Um…well…I sort of-" That's all I could say before Jessica Stanley walked to our table.

"Hey Eddie, how are you." She said, taking a seat right next to Edward while playing with his hair. "Why don't you ditch the loser and come talk to me." She said flirtatiously.

"Loser…?" He started to ask, with confusion in his eyes.

"Yes, Bella…-" Jessica said snarling, like my name was a term of disgust. "She doesn't talk to anyone." Then she leaned in closer to whisper to him, but still loud enough so I can hear "…She apparently killed a dog when she was younger, with her bare hands, you don't want her doing anything like that to you do you? If not, you better come with me…it'll be a lot more fun." She said, and gave him a wink. I felt the tears swelling up in my eyes. Killing a dog? I never even had a dog before. I got up from the table and started to walk away with tears in my eyes.

"Bella…" I heard Edward call, but it was to late...I was already running. I ran all the way home, not worrying about missing classes, hopefully Karen would be out…'conversing' with some of her 'guy friends'. I walked in the door and ran up to my room to cry. About 15 minutes later…I very drunk Karen ran into my room.

"What are you doing home GIRL?" she shouted at me. I cringed, expecting the worst. She carried me to the shower and turned the water on, and put it in my face. It was burning hot, and I couldn't breathe. "WHY AREN'T YOU IN SCHOOL?" She screamed as she hit me in the head. "YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A WORTHLESS FOOL!" She said, taking me out from the shower, she then gave me a hard punch in the face. I felt her nails scratch my cheeks, forming a large gash on my face. She pushed me on the floor, and then started kicking me. She wouldn't stop. Kick after kick until I couldn't move. I finally saw her walk out, and I was on the floor crying…hurt…dying.

"Bella….Bella?" I heard. The voice soothed me. I felt relief in my body, as it talked. I knew I wasn't dead…Karen wouldn't kill me; I had to work for her, scrub dishes, clean floors. "Bella, please wake up…please." The voice started to cry. I felt it shaking as its hands were on my body. I felt my eyes open, and then I saw him. My prince charming, my Edward Cullen was standing right there next to me. The first one…who ever stood next to me as a person, not as an object. "Oh Bella, thank God." He said, crying over me. He cried and hugged me tight, which kind of hurt, but I didn't care.

"Edward….what are you doing here?" I asked, confused…I felt my head pounding as much as my heart.

"That's not important, let's get you to the hospital, we have to go. You're bleeding horribly."

"No Edward…no, you can't…Karen….she'll kill-" I said, starting to cry.

"She'll kill…Bella…did Karen…do this to you?" I started to break down even more.

"Don't tell, please don't tell, I'm scared Edward, I'm scared!" I said crying more and more.

"Bella, its okay…I have you, nothings going to happen to you when I'm here, now let me get you to the hospital." He said lovingly. I nodded. He grabbed me and carried me bridal style. "Am I hurting you?" He asked quietly. I shook my head no. "Bella…you can go to sleep, you'll always be safe in my arms…I promise." I guess I took his words for it, because he started to hum something loving…almost familiar…and then, I drifted off to sleep…in his pale long arms.

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