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Chapter 5


I woke up in a daze, not knowing where I was at all. I was lying down; the walls around me were a soft blue. It smelt like hospital. Then my eyes widened. The past events ran through my head, and I remembered everything. I remembered the meadow, I remembered Edward….and I remembered talking to my mom and dad. That better have not been a dream. I thought to myself. But, I knew it wasn't. It was too real. Then I remembered something else.

You promised him…you promised Edward that you would wake up. He trusted you with his heart. He spent hours going through the woods, carrying you out. And this is how you're going to repay him?


I felt my heart jump at his name. Where was he? Was he okay? I frantically tried to get up, but was fastened down from some wires. I looked around helplessly. He's not here… I lost him. Edward Cullen; the most beautiful man in the world told me he loved me, and now was gone. I HAD to say no…why couldn't I just have said yes, and we would have been happy.

"Edward…" I whimpered. "Edward….I love you." I said to myself, crying.

"I love you too." I heard from behind me. I jumped up in surprise. I couldn't turn around because of the wires, but I heard his voice. I smiled at his voice; it always made me calm down.

"Edward….I can't see you." I said, whining to him. He chuckled slightly and came around to my side of the bed. I saw his stomach from where I was. His breathing was a little heavy. He continued to move, bending down so we can come face to face. When he finally reached me, I gasped. His face was covered in stitches. Along with his arm that was bandaged up. "Edward, what happened to you?! Are you alright?"

"I'm perfectly fine; the real question is, are YOU alright? You scared me half to death!" He said, looking me right in the eye. I turned away to hide my blush from him, but that didn't work out to much. He put one finger under my chin and lifted my face up to him without effort. Stupid strong sexy boy. "Bella…are you alright?"

"I'm fine." I said, not meeting his glance. We sat there in an awkward silence, before Edward cleared his throat and sighed.

"You've been all fixed up and everything. There's nothing really wrong with you except for a couple of bruises and cuts. We can call the nurse to disconnect you and then we can leave." He said, trying to break the silence.

"That would be nice." Edward called the nurse and told her we were ready. He was honestly the sweetest person I have ever met. He held my hand when they were taking the needle out, and sat with me while the nurse told me everything I could and couldn't do. We finally got out of the hospital, and drove to Edward's.

I still didn't feel good enough to call it my home yet. Not until Karen is out of my life forever. We entered the house only to be bombarded by several people. Esme pulled me into a hug first, thanking God that I was alright. Alice marched up to me and handed me something in a box. I opened it to find a cell phone. "If you are EVER lost like that again, call us." She said, looking awfully mad. I told her I really didn't need it, but she said I had to keep it if I ever wanted to talk to her again. After all the commotion slowed down, I saw someone I never saw before. He was lean with blond stray hair. He was stunning. Even almost as beautiful as Edward. Alice dragged him up to me, and introduced him to me. "Bella, this is Jasper….my fiancé!" Jasper walked up to me and gave me a pat on the shoulder, causing me to calm immediately. Weird. I thought. After everyone questioning me, Edward led me upstairs to his room.

This was the first time I really saw his room, it fit him quite well. He had a bed in the middle of his room, along with a black leather sofa on the left side. One whole side of his room was covered. Half of it covered in a shelf filled with music; while the other half was colored in books. He had a large window next to the couch, overlooking his front yard which was filled with flowers. After I took in the room, Edward led me to the bed and sat me down. "We need to talk Bella." He said, putting his arm around me. I sighed.

"I know." I can't hide this from him anymore. He has to know.

"Is there any reason why you said I can't love you? Why I'm going to hate you?" I nodded and leaned against him. "What is it?" He asked.

"Karen did other things…besides beat me." I said, almost whispering. Edward looked at me, encouraging me to go on. I took a deep breath and started my story.


"After Charlie died, Karen brought over a lot of other people. A lot of them were men." Oh God, Bella please tell me they didn't do anything to you. It was so unfair, Bella was the sweetest girl on the entire planet and she was treated horribly. Every time she told me something about the past, I yearned to take it away from her. I wanted her to forget everything that happened. "She made them come over for a while; they talked and had a lot of alcohol. After they got drunk….they handed her money. She smiled at them and sent them up to my room. I always locked the door….but Karen said she would kill me if I kept it locked. She said she would kill me Edward, she said it so many times." She said gripping me tightly. When she started crying my heart broke. I didn't know what to do, so I just held her and hummed a special song. After she calmed down she looked at me; he eyes filled with tears. "You…do you not want me anymore? They took it away Edward, they took away my innocence. It can't be my first time with you." She said, looking everywhere but at me.

"Bella, even if those VILE creatures took away your innocence…that's not the point. It's going to be our first time, and it's going to be wonderful." I said taking her face in my hands. "You Bella…..your the most important thing to me. Your smile, your laugh, your small hands, your soft hair." I said touching her lips, hands and hair. I saw her smile grow with every touch, and I felt my smile growing too. I laid her on the bed with me and kissed her hand. I saw her turn the most wonderful shade of red, while she hid her face against my chest. "Don't hide; your blush is lovely." I said, caressing her cheek. She smiled at me and we just laid there. We touched each others faces, hands, and hair to get used to each other. Finally, we went down stairs to find everyone watching a movie. I sat on the couch and motioned Bella to come sit with me. She leaned against my chest and sighed. After the movie was over we went back up the stairs again…it was getting late. I laid Bella back on the bed as I slipped next to her. I wrapped my arms around her while she did the same. We laid there in silence for a while until I started humming my special song again.

"Edward….how do you know that song?"


I knew if sounded familiar…I sang that song every night before I went to bed. It was my one motivation that woke me up in the morning, the one motivation that kept me alive.

"Edward….how do you know that song?" I asked confused.

"It's a little bit of a long story."

"I have time."

"It's kind of embarrassing too."

"I don't mind." I said rather bluntly.

"Okay." He said smiling. "When I was younger maybe about 4 or 5 years old…my father and I used to go fishing together. One day we saw another man out. He had a boat just like us…and he had a little girl. I still remember her today. Her hair was brown, and she had brown eyes just like you." He said, staring into my eyes. "We never really saw anyone on the lake before…so we decided to invite them on our boat with us. Carlisle and the man were talking a lot, so the little girl and I decided to go on our own. We ran around the boat, and we played together…and I remember I had so much fun. Then by the end of the day we were both so tired. So while we were on the boat, the man laid us both down and sang a song to us. I loved it so much, that I sing it all the time. It reminds me of the little girl that I had so much fun with…I remember liking her so much. Carlisle looked everywhere for the man and the little girl, but we couldn't find them. So I always hum that song in their memory."

"Oh." That's when it hit me.

"Bella, it's time for bed." Charlie said, carrying a small five year old girl into her room. The father and daughter were both laughing and spinning around, waiting for Bella's mother to come in. After Renee came they tucked a still laughing Bella into bed. Both parents started humming a song. It was a lullaby written for Bella, a song which Charlie would sing to Renee's stomach during her long 9 months of pregnancy. It was the family's special song, showing all the love they had for each other.

Then, every event in the last 3 days hit me at once.

'He started to hum something loving…almost familiar…and then, I drifted off to sleep…in his pale long arms.'

'I know it's going to be hard, my daughter, I know it is…but, I also know if you stay with Edward…you will truly be happy. You two are soul mates, made for each other.'

Charlie knew. That's why he said we were soul mates. We played together. We've met each other before.

"Edward….do you know the mans name."

"Of course I do…Charlie…Charlie Swan. I don't remember the little girls name though…it's rather blurry."

"Edward….do you know what my full name is?"

"Of course I do. It's Isabella. Isabella Marie…….Swan?" He said, making the end of his sentence sound like a question. "Bella…Swan. That was your father?" He said, sounding completely dumbfounded. I couldn't help but smile at his face, it was so adorable. "So that means…you were the girl….."

"And you were the boy." I said as the memories started to flow again. I remember us playing tag on the boat, running around. I remember tripping once, and Edward running towards me and kissing my knee, making me blush. The whole day came back in one easy flow, and all my thoughts began to change. "Edward." I said, with tears of happiness flowing through me. "You're my soul mate; you knew Charlie….and he told me…and it was all so I could find you." I said all in gasping breaths. Edward just crushed me against him, tears flowing along his face too. We cried together, because we both finally knew that this was no mistake; this was faith. And even though hardships are on there way, we both knew one thing.

We would always face them together.

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