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Summary: Progressive Silver Millennium Fic - Endymion/Serenity - which turns into a modern day fic (Mamoru/Usagi) later - snap shots of their relationship. Follows the original Manga story line (as much as I know of it) rather than the animated version with creative license of course - lyrics in italics and bold at the beginning of each chapter - this is what's called a "long" song fic.


May 2008


By JadeMax

Chapter 1
You took a piece of my heart

I never thought that this could fall apart

You said you fell in love

He was waiting for her.

Always waiting for her.

White satin swirled about her ankles as she darted from pillar to pillar, avoiding both his guards and hers. They knew where she was going; they knew that she would come here. They would try and stop her - they always did - but evading them only added to her excitement. To her determination. His pull was irresistible, calling to her from across space - drawing her like the moth to a flame.

And her reward was always worth the risk.

She stopped, pausing and then vanished, teleporting across the open hallway before her to the other side, an inherent ability she'd honed over the last year. An ability that allowed her to not only break the trail she knew the guards would follow, but one that allowed her to muddle it. It was an ability she normally used to enter his presence quickly - but something stopped her this time. Something warned her an impromtu appearance might be unwelcome.

Not her presence, just the way she arrived.

Silent steps sent her racing down another hallway, her bare feet landing easily on stones she'd come to know more intimately than she'd ever believed possible. These hallways and grounds were her playground, an area where she'd become a woman and grown to learn how they communicated. They vibrated with energy, directing her movements, allowing her to follow his trail - the trail he'd left just for her.

Stopping again, she paused at the entrance way to a courtyard, the sound of splashing reaching her ears. Peering inside, she found her objective. His back was to her, but that didn't stop her from examining his posture. He stood next to the fountain, one foot planted on the top of the basin wall, and braced forward across the raised knee. His whole posture seemed pensive. Thoughtful. As if...

He looks as if he is thinking about something important and disturbing.

A quick look over her shoulder showed that the guards had not yet traced her whereabouts, and she slipped into the court yard quietly, keeping her back to the wall before her. Her fingers itched to touch the black hair on the top of his head, admiring the way it fell back over the collar of his uniform. Advancing, she wondered if he would catch her this time or if she'd reach him before he sensed her presence. He normally did - but then he was normally expecting her; waiting for her.

Today had been an impulsive trip on her part. He wasn't expecting her like normal. No, she'd come because she'd sensed his need for her. His heart had called to her, demanding her presence in a call she couldn't resist. A call she'd never heard and had never expected to hear.

Stopping behind him, surprised he hadn't yet turned to face her, she reached out one hand to hesitantly touch him. Her fingers brushed the fabric of his shirt - and his reaction was instant.

The sound of his sword being unsheathed didn't register as he turned, his hand closing about her wrist and pulling it to the side and out. Spun, she was captured against his chest - but it was the cold steel that pressed against her throat that made her gasp.



The weight fell away, his sword hitting the cobblestones with a clang as his grip immediately shifted. Serenity turned in his embrace tilting her face as his head came down, their lips meeting in a frantic, charged kiss that made her blood sing.

"I could have killed you!"

Shaking her head, she smiled at him, the feeling of coming home that always settled over her when she was in his arms flooding her system. "You did not."

He held her close and she was surprised to find him shaking, his hands splayed possessively across her back. Shifting, his hands began to roam - almost of their own accord - as if to confirm that she was unharmed.

"I am alright. You did not hurt me."

"I would never forgive myself if I had." He ducked his head to hers, intent midnight orbs searching her face. "I was not expecting you today."

"Liar," she teased softly, stroking his cheek with her finger tips. "You called me."

Pulling back a fraction, he stared at her. "I did not."

"You did." Slipping her hands down, she played with the lapels of his uniform. "I had not expected to see you today either, Endy-chan, but I could not abandon you when you are hurting."


Nodding, she smoothed the fabric down and traced one seam across his chest where it covered his heart. "You called to me, saying you needed me. Was I wrong?"

Shifting his hands, he pulled her impossibly closer so they were flush against one another. It was a blatantly sexual display, one that never failed to stir her blood. "I always need you."

"But more so today. What is the matter?"

His gaze was intense as their eyes met again. "I have come to a conclusion, Serenity."

The cryptic comment made her arch her eyebrows. "Regarding?"


"A good conclusion?"

"One that will only complicate things."

"That does not sound good."

Cupping her face with one hand, he stroked his thumb over her cheek. "I was reminded of my obligations today - to my people and my world."

Serenity remained silent. She knew this discussion - they'd had it before. Except the last time she had been speaking to him of her own obligations. Obligations she would soon be forced to honor and - in doing so - surrender him.

Endymion had his own obligations, ones that were similar to hers, yet despite it - or perhaps because of it - they'd been drawn to one another. Not just drawn, but... compelled. To the point where they met in secret, away from prying eyes, to avoid the scandal and the gossip - to avoid the repercussions their illicit relationship.

Few would accept a union between the Earth's High Prince and the Princess of the Moon.

"I was reminded that I will soon need to surrender you to another."

"Never." The word slipped out before she could stop it, but she didn't regret it. "I want no other, Endy-chan; only you."

"We do not have that luxury, Serenity. Our stations dictate-"

Silencing him with a kiss, she cut off the oft heard argument. This was not the time for words, especially not those words. Her fingers roamed from his chest, back up his face and into his hair. One hand tangled in the silken strands as the other slid back to his chest and under the fastenings of his jacket.

Endymion responded to her kiss - he always did - the explosive passion between them taking hold. Sweeping her into his arms as he sat on the edge of the fountain's basin, her skirt bunched between them as her legs shifted, straddling him so she could brace her weight on her knees. He adjusted the fall of the fabric, folding it back and up, moving it out of the way before settling his hand high on one thigh.

Serenity's head fell back as his lips left hers, tracing a line of hunger over her jaw and down her neck. "Endy-chan."

"Serenity," His breath feathered across her skin, hot against cold - a fervent promise. "None but you."

"None but you."

It was as close to professions of love and devotion as they ever came, aware that they couldn't fall in love - that it would be a disaster. No matter what was between them, they didn't speak of love - they weren't allowed that luxury. Love had no place between them and their relationship held no future.

Perhaps that is why their couplings were so volatile, so driven. Passion sparked almost immediately when they touched, driving them to lengths they wouldn't have otherwise considered. It wiped away thought, leaving only emotion and the need to be a part of someone who understood them like no other.

Despite it all, they knew even as their bodies joined once again, it was already too late. Couldn't and shouldn't hadn't mattered. Their bodies could be separated, but their souls and hearts were already fused. It was then, in those frantic moments of their joining, that the words slipped out unguarded... and the implications - the repercussions - terrified her even as they thrilled her.

"I love you, Serenity."