Forgetting the Past, Accepting the Future

Forgetting the Past, Accepting the Future

Summary: Bella, Alice and Jasper live in an orphanage. They have lived there as long as they can remember. Someone new was a rare happening. What will everyone think when there are suddenly 3 new people who come and live there. How will the arrival of the new kids affect their lives?

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Chapter One: New meetings


I couldn't believe it! They make me change rooms because I don't behave. What was wrong with these people here? I was just making a little fun with my roommate what's so wrong with that? Okay maybe we did the fun part after curfew but that doesn't mean they have to make me change rooms now. Okay maybe I'm overreacting. I trudged back to my room to pack my things. Once I entered I was met by an awful sight. I groaned and quickly closed my eyes.

'Alice, please do that to my brother when you are sure that I can't come in, or at least lock the door for god sakes!'

I heard her giggle and then hand prying my hands away from my face. My brother smiled at me. Jasper and I where really close as siblings although we didn't look alike at all. He was tall, had blonde hair that wasn't tameable and had blue eyes. While I was short, although not as short as Alice, and had plain brown hair and plain brown eyes. I guess my brother got my mothers beautiful looks. He and Alice fit perfectly together.
Whereas he was tall she was short, with spiky black hear and vibrant blue eyes that seem to pierce you when she was looking at you, she was overly exited about everything while Jasper could calm her in an instant.

Me and my brother came here when Jasper was 5 and I was 4 years old. Until today I always tried not to think about what happened the day we lost our parents and I was successful. Alice on the other hand couldn't remember a single thing as to why she became orphaned. She was here when we got here. And when Jasper asked how she got here she told us she didn't know and that the caretakers told her that she was found on the doorstep when she was only a baby.
In the time we had lived here we became our own little family. Jasper and Alice where together since the second year that we came here. Which means they are now officially 12 years together. They applied for a shared room, but to their disappointment they could only share a room if they where both 18. Alice and me where both the same age. So that would make her a year younger than Jasper.
I had been so happy to share a room with Alice she could always make me happy in an instant, and now all that was gone. My mood changed and Jasper immediately became worried.

'Bells? What's wrong?' he asked his voice a little frantic. I mustered a little smile and looked at Alice. She clapped her hands in front of her face and her eyes became sad.

'No! they can't take you away from me!' She whined. Jasper looked even more confused then he was before. I nodded my head a little and took my suitcase from under the bed.

'I have to pack my things and move to another room. They said we have to much fun after curfew and this is our punishment.' Understanding flooded Jaspers expression and came over to hug me a little. Then his face became smug.

'It's your own fault! Who in gods name, starts screaming for the entire building that they are in love with a tree?' Alice cracked a smile and in a second we were both rolling around on the ground laughing! The fact is when Alice or I can't sleep we play a game and that night had to be Truth or dare. She dared me to go into the hallway and scream that I loved a tree. This woke up all the girls and some of the boys and off course our supervisor. She scolded us for the rest of the night and then made me go up to the principals office. He gave me another room as far away as possible from Alice. And of course the only available rooms that are far enough away from Alice where the shared rooms. Luckily I didn't have someone to share my room with.
After we were done laughing Alice and Jasper helped me pack everything that belonged to me and helped me getting it to my new room. We spend the rest of the day in my room decorating.

At half past six the diner bell rung. Alice and I ran as fast as we could to the dining hall and waited in line for our meal. Jasper who left after bringing everything to my room, sat at our usual table waiting for us. We were just talking casual when the principal came up to the front of the dining hall and stood on the raised platform. Oh great another announcement I sighed.

He cleared his throat 3 times before actually speaking.

'I have an announcement to make,'

'Oh what a surprise' Jasper scoffed, which I found funny and began laughing which set off Alice. One of the supervisors gave us a glare and we shut up.

'In a week time there will be 3 new people joining us. I would ask of you to help them get to know their way around here and help them in their classes at school. As each one of you they have trouble with what happened. So please respect that. For now that is all I have to say!'

As soon as he stopped talking the whole dining hall erupted into buzzing and gossiping about the new kids. It was unusual to have 1 new kid now there were suddenly 3!

'I wonder what happened. Maybe they are all related to each other.' Jasper said.

Alice shook her head like she knew more about the new kids, when we haven't even seen them.

'I don't think they're all related, but I wouldn't know. Hey bells maybe you'll get a roomie' She squealed.

'I certainly hope not, because that would mean it would be a boy. I don't go well with boys I don't know!' I said horrified at the thought.

Alice swatted my arm playfully. While Jasper rolled his eyes at me. But my luck had to bite me in the but. When I came up to my, empty, room the supervisor was waiting for me. She took me to her office. I was happy that I got Esme as my supervisor now and not that old grumpy ms. Cope.

'Bella, how are you?' She asked, Esme was always so motherly it surprised me she was working at an orphanage.

'Good Esme, how are you?' She would never allow anyone to call her by her last name and always by her first name.

'Good, although I have some new for you. I'm sure you have heard about the new kids that are arriving in a week. There are 2 boys and a girl. One of the boys and the girl are a couple and requested a shared room. As for the other boy, there wasn't an opening in the boys dormitory. So we asked if it would be a problem if he shared a room with you. For him it wasn't a problem but I hope you don't have a problem with it. I'm really sorry if you're against it but there is no other way.' I sighed and closed my eyes. I knew I couldn't decline but how am I going to deal with a boy in my room with me? I opened my eyes and smiled at Esme. 'I'm fine with it really, it's no problem.'

'Just so you know if something is wrong you can always come and talk to me!'

I nodded and then made my way back to my room. I quickly walked to the bathroom and tripped over and imaginary bump in the floor. Once I got showered I quickly went to bed and dreamed off the past that I wished I could forget.

A week went by fast and suddenly the day of the new arrivals came. The stuff of the boy who was going to share my room was brought just a day earlier. I was in my room getting ready for school that started in an hour. From what I heard from Esme the new kids had to go to school. So I would have to meet the boy before he went to school. Just as I finished that thought a knock sounded on my door. I heard Esme's voice outside of it.

'Don't worry, she's a nice girl and she sure won't bite.' I quickly opened the door. I was met by a stunning site. The boy who was going to be my roommate was gorgeous. He had deep green eyes and bronze dishevelled hair. From his features I could see that he was hurting probably from what happened to his parents.

'hello, my name is Bella swan and I'm going to be your new roommate!' I said enthusiastically. He managed a little smile.

'Hi, I'm Edward.' I opened the door more to let him in and smiled to Esme who was just leaving.

'Oh Bella before I forget. Edwards schedule is the same as yours, so would you mind giving him a tour?' I shook my head.

'Not at all Esme!' She smiled once again and then left. I closed the door and turned around I saw him sitting at the desk. I made my way to my closet and pulled out my tie. It was part of our uniforms. I looked at Edward. This was going the be one hell of a year.

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