Chapter 1

Edward left me; he told me he didn't love me, how could I be so naïve to believe that he ever could be interest in me, a human none the less.

"Bells honey, why don't you go out with your friends?"

"I don't feel like it dad"

"You've been here almost all vacations, go out enjoy them"

"Please leave me alone dad"

I could sense that Charlie wasn't going to give up without a fight, he wanted me to forget about Edward and so did I but it seemed I never could. Deep down I knew I didn't want to forget some one as wonderful as Edward Cullen.

"Bells he isn't worth it, please get over it"

"How can you know he's not worth it dad!?"

I nearly yelled at him but managed to stop myself, I knew that Charlie wasn't at fault here, no one was. Maybe time would make me forget Edward and yet I hoped not. What I had with Edward is something that only happens once and only once.

"I am tired of seeing you like this, go out"

"I just damn don't feel like it dad!"

I screamed at him, I regretted it but he didn't understand, could never understand how I felt. Charlie stood up and faced me, anger was radiating out of him. The front door slammed open and we turned to see who opened it without knocking.

"Shit did I come in a bad time?"

"I thought you where coming next week?"

"I was but I got in more trouble and dad said; why not just ship you out now there's no difference, so here I am Uncle Charlie"

"Luna is that you?" I asked surprised

"Man Bella, do you look like crap"

Luna came over and hugged me, I hugged her back, it was years since I saw my cousin. I had decided to visit her before I left Forks to live with my mom to Florida but then I met Edward and everything went out of plan.

"I herd you had an accident in Arizona"

"Yeah, it was nothing"

"Luna is going to be staying with us until she finishes high school"

I took Luna to my bedroom and we got her things in the closet, but I knew that Luna and I would not be able to fit in my bed, it was too small.

"I'm gonna need a damn bed, let's go to Seattle Bella"

"I don't think I'm in the mood Luna"

"What's wrong Bella? Beside the fact that you look like crap, it seems you feel like crap"

"My boyfriend left me; he moved away and said he never loved me"

I broke down and cried on my bed, I heard Luna sit down next to me, sat me up and hugged me. Luna rubbed my back trying to sooth me and it was working, she was the sister I always wanted.

"Bella do wish to forget him?"

"I'm not sure"

"The only way you will know is if you go out see, explore and know. Don't close yourself to the world, what good will that do?"

I looked at Luna and she smirked, drying my tears I went to change into some jeans with a lilac shirt and my black jacket. Luna had on black cargo pants with a dark red turtle neck.

"Uncle Charlie we are going to Seattle to buy me a bed and some other things"

"Need any money girls?" asked Charlie smiling

"Nah, dad gave enough to last me a while" answered Luna

I drove us to Seattle; Luna told me on the way that she had her silver Volkswagen but crashed it when she went out with friends during the night. Luna told me of all the things she did that got her to this point.

"You did drugs? Ho…how did…it feel?" I asked surprised

"Yeah, I was bored and a friend was getting high and I took a smoke, it just feels like your floating or like you're dreaming."

"Didn't you get addicted to it?" I asked worried

"Nah, I tried other drugs but I didn't get how others could just keep going after it, it didn't make any sense"

"What other things have you done?"

"I got drunk and crashed dad's car but I ran off and he still thinks its some random person that tried to steal his car"

"Why are you exactly here Luna?"

"Charlie thinks it's because I wanted to visit and stay in reality I stole a car with some friends we drove it while being drunk. I was going to go to jail but my dad convinced the judge that I could go live with your dad who is a cop and lives in a small town."

"What happened to your other friends?"

"My guy friends went to jail and my girlfriends went free since their parents are loaded"

"Didn't you have a boyfriend Luna?" I asked as I cringed

"Yeah but I dumped him, a waste of time"

"What do you mean?" I asked not understanding her

"Well guys are just good for carrying, holding or moving things. A girl can do almost everything, why have a male there if it's not necessary?"

Luna's answer got me thinking; yeah it is true we can do about everything without needing help but what about love? It seemed that Luna could live without it and be okay but could I? I won't know unless I give it a try.

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