I decided that I could accept Hitsu/Ruki. So heck, I think it has the same appeal as Ichi/Ruki, but the two seemed more in line with their ice zanpakutos so I thought—How Cute!! This is strictly Humor/Romance though, and maybe some angst/dram at the end.

Summary: The girl of his dreams was just in reach. They were childhood friends, classmates, confidants— but what the hell was she doing kissing their English lit. professor?? And who would've thought that he's annoying chem. lab partner offered to help him get over his heartbreak. HitsuRuki


Hitsugaya Toushiro was a calm and collected young man. He was a genius in his fruitful age of seventeen and attending as a second year college student in Seiretei University on a scholarship that paid everything, down to his tuition-and dorm expenses. His life was planned out before him. To become the most successful lawyer in Japan promised a bright future.

Most importantly, Hitsugaya Toushiro was lucky to spend the time with the girl of his dreams from childhood and to now.

Hinamori Momo was a god-sent to him.

She was everything a man like him ever looked for in a woman.

Dainty, cute, soft and utterly beautiful inside and out.

She was his confidant, and she had been friends with him ever since they were children. He even went to the same school as her just to be with the dark haired woman longer.

In short, Hitsugaya Toushiro was love struck. Completely smitten and devoted, not bordering on stalker mode, mind you, but rather the pure heart of a man in love, and pursuing the love of his life.

It sounds corny, we know. But hey! The definition of love comes in different packages. And the white haired young man got the whole Hershey and Kisses for the girl.

That was until that asshole came and took all the limelight away.

Well, technically, it was more or less that they had no choice. He was, after all, their English Literature professor, Aizen Sosuke. And damn it! Why the hell did the man had to look so much like Superman!? It was unfair! And here he thought Hinamori wouldn't fall for the looks of some (handsome) jackass with a greater IQ, calmer disposition and had an aura of sexy maturity.

Okay…maybe some—no, most girls would probably turn into a puddle of goo while flashing that irresistibly 'Come Hither' smile—which only pissed off the younger male even more.

And unfortunately, Hinamori was not immune to such a smile.

What the hell was wrong with this girl??

Didn't he grow enough inches to pass beyond elementary? He was a freaking genius! He had stunningly white hair for god's sake! And he had a fan club all throughout high school and even now!

Hell, he sacrificed his whole social life to get into this university in the same year as her, and even specified the dorm building that would be nearest to hers. Again, he was not in stalker mode or anything—but the pure intentions of love.

Then why the hell was he unfortunate enough to walk in on the "girl of his dreams" and his jerkface of a teacher? Why? Why fucking why??

While the obvious admiration, incessant glorification and declarations of "Sosuke-sensei's'" greatness/hotness pointed out her blind love for him whenever Hinamori goes off topic with their Shakespeare monologues (because frankly he seemed the only one interested in it) and talk about Aizen's scarf, or Aizen's new glasses, or Aizen's shoes highlighting his long legs…

Does it look like he cared?!

He can join the conversation if in involved him murdering said man and throwing him over Tokyo Bay, but unfortunately he was stuck through Momo's more than graphic description of his sexiness. Unintentionally deflating the younger man's self-esteem.

For anyone who had complete acquirement of the five senses, or less would freaking know that he was head over heels in love with Hinamori Momo.

And by some manga cliché, the love of his life was the only one not seeing, feeling, tasting, smelling and hearing any of it.

What's worse, after successfully asking her out and her accepting it (ecstatic feeling accumulating over the week, knowing that he would be a step to further his relationship with the "girl of his dreams") was cruelly crushed. Meaning his heart was ripped out, stomped on and ran over after someone spat on it as he stumbled on the English Lit. class and find Hinamori (dream girl) and Sosuke-sensei (asshole) physically engaging heatedly on the—


Currently, our white haired heroine had his head slumped heavily on the desk…He knew it was a bad idea to "share his burdens." Damned bitch.

It was bad enough that this whole week had been complete hell for him after "stumbling" accidentally on them, and now he was pressed for a confession by the most annoying girl he ever met (and the most opposite of the love of his life). Added to his miseries, he can't very well refuse her demands because she held the higher up of being the Kuchiki.

The one sponsoring his scholarship.

Things had been increasingly turning out for the worse for him, and the white-haired male was in the verge of strangling said girl in front of him.

"O-oh—" strangled wheeze, "g-od—ha-ch ahahahaha!! Are you—" pants, inhales deeply but to no avail, "F-f-f-ucking—ahaha-serious?!"

"No, actually it's all a joke."

"Bahahahhhaa!!" apparently, the sarcasm was lost on his oxygen-deprived audience.

"I never expect this out of a Kuchiki." He intoned dully.

Hitsugaya Toushiro was actually surprise that the most prominent businessman and richest company in Japan raised the most immature and uncouth woman he have ever met. The complete contradiction of the woman he love(d). While there were times that she acted like a born noble…it seriously outweighs the times she acted absolutely childish and out of line.

By the sound of her last name, the raven haired girl shot up, her face automatically turning neutral…but not before facing a rather peeved Toushiro.

"Pft—ahahaha! Of course!!" and then she proceeded to bang her fists on the table, clearly basking in his state of depression.

He was convinced.

Women were all heartless beasts.

And this petite, may-look-sweet-but-with-a-killer-kick, waist length raven head, violet eyed "maiden" was no exception. In fact, she completely takes the whole cake of said definition.

It was bad enough that the girl was older than him by two years, but also taking the same class as him for the whole semester. She also took (great) advantage of her Kuchiki name by flashing the 'bow-down-because-I-give-you-money' card on him. Which can be promptly translated, in Hitsugaya's terms, 'the-evil-bitch-card.'

And how he hated her for it.

"So, so!" she finally calmed down, but the irreplaceable grin was still plastered irritatingly on her pale face, taking off her square-rimmed glasses (only used in class) to wipe vestiges of her happy-tears-hour-in-which-we-make-fun-of-whitey-chan as she sobered enough to form a coherent sentence. "What will you do now, huh?"



Her brows raise up at him, a vein twitched in his head somewhere.


"Why not?" he ground out his teeth in restraint.

"I see, you're not very serious about your education—"

"Because I don't see the point in it!" he almost screamed, frustrated with the incessant flashing of her 'evil-bitch-card.'

"You don't see the point in it?" her brows were shot up again.

"Do you have hearing problems?" he hissed in irritation, turning away dismissively, obviously pissed at the sore topic at hand.

"You love her don't you?" her violet eyes bordered on a teasing light.

"Liked." He gave her a fierce look, quickly denying her statement.

"Same difference, but not the point—" he glared at her. "But the fact that you love her for a long time—you can't really erase it, even after you've seen her with-ahem--er, another man. Right?"

He pouted, reclining further in his seat, and refusing to meet the accusing violet eyes of one vexing woman. It was better to answer now before she flashed her bribe card again.

"What's it to you?" he finally sighed, but the edge in his voice warned her not to prod any further.

Too bad, because Kuchiki Rukia was already way ahead of her plans. Her eyes lighted in mischief as she leaned forward in a conspiratorial manner, whispering in the unsuspecting young male's ears.

"Then take her back."

Emerald eyes widened, he clenched his fist and quickly whirled around, "What?"

"You heard me," Rukia nodded thoughtfully, leaning back in her seat and crossing her arms, as if presenting the most genius idea in which he couldn't help but think her insane. "As far as I heard, you haven't even properly confessed."

"So? It's better that I don't complicate manners by confessing my feelings with her already superior love for that ass—"

A hardbound, eight hundred page chemistry book squarely hit the Toushiro right on the nose. "Idiot!"

"What the hell was that for!?"

"Are you that stupid?!"

"Are you that homicidal?!"

"That's to get your ass out of your head!"

"How does that help me!?"

Kuchiki Rukia sat back down after the initial attack, rubbing her bruised head as if she was the one inflicted by the ten pound book. "For someone so smart, how could you think so stupidly? I guess it comes with the package of having no social life—"

"Shut up! You're the one who's stupid throwing a book at me!" the white haired male popped a couple of veins, smoothing his red nose, mumbling a couple of curses under his breath.

"What I'm trying to say is that: You. Are. An. Idiot."

"Look who's talking, you're the one with a D in this class—"

"Don't pull the 'I'm-greater-than-thou' shit on me—"

Toushiro grinned, at least there were still loopholes in which he too could irritate Kuchiki Rukia. "I'm still smarter than you." He stated smugly, as if her brain couldn't very well comprehend or read the test ranking that he was the country's genius.

"Arghh! See! This is why Momo-chan didn't like you!" Rukia pointed an incredulous finger at him, the tables turning as Toushiro's brows twitched. It was a good thing that they were at their empty chemistry 202 class right now (it was a two hour break time before the night classes), or else they would've been long gone to listen to their dean's monotonous rants.

"And why pray tell, did she not like me?" he glowered, eyes narrowing.

"That! That!" the raven head made a more pointed gesticulation, almost accusing him as she jumped to his feet and slamming her palm on the desk with the other hand.

"What?" he queried, more annoyed than ever.

"That—'I-am-the-great- Hitsugaya-Toushiro-boy-genius-love-me-or-else-die-by-my-huge-brain-cells' attitude." Her eyes were owlish in her declaration, and it would've been cute and amusing only if the younger male wasn't the topic of insult.

"So-" more veins popped up on his head, and maybe even his neck, as he closed his eyes, breathing deeply. "You're saying that I'm an arrogant, boring, asshole—is that it?"

"Exactly." She nodded with a dogmatic air.

"I see…" lines of distressed covered his face, as he shield away to hide his murderous thoughts for the woman before him. One that includes cutting off her tongue and shipping her off to nowhere.

"But wait—"

Of course, now she'd probably insult him on his small stature or worse…what's below down his waist.

"I can help you!"

Oh…well that was worse than he imagined…

Somehow the appeal of her insulting his manhood seemed bearable then her demented plan. Unless she was planning to give him growth pills—which he would seriously commit murder on her, Kuchiki or not.

"I can help you get back with Momo-chan!" she beamed proudly, smile brightening the room at her rather Samaritan-like offer—forgetting the fact that Momo and Toushiro weren't together in the first place. Proving a harder task.

"Hell no—!"


Hitsugaya had no time to protests as said evil-bitch woman officially declared herself the dictator of his love life. And there was no way out with her pulling off the damned 'evil-bitch-card' on him. Even though his love may surpass his dream as a lawyer…this was only a one-in-a-lifetime chance.

A one in a lifetime chance controlled by an insane and clumsy woman that probably wouldn't think twice of wasting his life away, both academically (his dream job) and emotionally (his dream girl).

And as the bell rang signaling the coming of students for the night classes, Toushiro was left off to wander again how women were truly heartless beasts. And how he planned to seriously kill Aizen Sosuke-sensei…and throw an annoying girl off a bridge.

This year, happily ever after seemed very bleak for Hitsugaya Toushiro.


I hoped everyone liked it! I certainly had fun writing it! Revs are very much loved! Next chappie—another fun moment for Hitsu/Ruki—but the heavier fluff wouldn't come until they're more comfortable with each other. ;) :)