Chapter 13

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They kissed. Passionate…daring…gentle. Sweet caresses eagerly turning hungry. Bodies intertwined, tangled, twisted, and erect in ecstasy. Smooth flesh embraced. fear dwelling in tenderness. Nothing held back in passion. Rough hands grasp smooth uniting in force as two tumble to the sheets. House arched his back in pleasure and pain. Cuddy responded with fervor. Her lips smooth and sweet nibbled his trailing to his neck and below. Soft moans escaped the room as the darkness enfolded.

House opened his blue eyes. Silence greeted him and aroused his senses. He felt the weight of another on his arm as his gaze was torn from the ceiling's weathered cracks to one of nature's most beautiful creatures. Her dark locks glistened with sweat reminiscent of last night's passion. Still naked, he found his hand caressing her breast in pure delight. He watched earnestly as her body reacted and her lisp released a soft moan. Cuddy….He wished he could have lain all day with her in his arms, but that was not reality for anyone. He sighed heavily and got up carefully favoring his bad leg. He knew that he had pushed it last night and would be feeling it today. He couldn't; help grinning like a fool. It was soooo worth it.

House stood up from the bed and stretched. His naked body caught the glimpses of the sun peeking through the shade. He reached over to the nightstand where apparently his worn jeans had managed to make their way. He slid them on over a pair of clean boxers and went off to find a familiar t-shirt. With that done, he headed toward the living room to enter into the world of TV.

House had felt as if he was sitting for hours staring mindlessly at the set before him. Images flashed and colors captivated, but not enough to block the overwhelming pull of sleep. House yawned and stretched his arms over his head. Guess I could get a bit more shut eye. He leaned his head back on the couch and fell asleep.

He opened his eyes when he heard a shuffle. It wasn't a usual sound…caught between half baked fantasies in a dream and the fragments of the reality in which he indulged in on a daily basis. Pulling his arms to his sides he drew straighter in his chair. Staring off before him was Amber. I must be dreaming still…

"Why did you get off the bus?"

House rubbed his eyes. I am really tired of this game…

"I don't know."

Amber repeated herself. "Why did you get off the bus?"

House rolled his eyes, clearly annoyed.

"Because you told me to."

Now it was Amber's turn to roll her eyes. "You never do anything anyone tells you to." She paused perhaps for dramatic effect.

"Why did you get off the bus?"

House did not retort. He stared into her blue eyes as they coaxed him to reveal the truth.

"Because….I didn't want Wilson to hate me…."

Amber smiled slightly. She seemed relatively pleased with the answer, but House got the feeling that that was not the whole truth. "Go to him. Work it out"

House ran his hand over the back of his head nervously. "He …he doesn't want to see me."

Amber smiled. "He does"

House saw truth reflected in her eyes. He nodded.

She left him alone …for the moment anyway.

Cuddy awoke long after the sun had entered the room. She rolled over only to see the bed beside her was empty. She felt the sheets. They were cool to the touch. He must have been up for quite some time…

Cuddy got out of bed and began to search for her lover.

She ran a finger over the walls as she called House's name. A chill went through her body as she wrapped House's oversized shirt around herself. The place was empty. She sighed and headed toward the kitchen. As she went to open the fridge a note caught her eye.


Went to see Wilson.

She read the note several times a small piece of her hoping that there was a secret message hidden with words of love and tenderness for the other night. Nothing. She knew she shouldn't expect it but a piece of her longed for it. She replaced the note back on the fridge caressing the words Familiar images entered her mind from the first time they had been together. Waking up alone with a simple note. She fought back the memories not wanting to relive that again. This time would be different. It has to be. Cuddy held onto that hope. House and Wilson will be fine I hope for his sake. She fingered the words again staring more intently on Wilson's name. Maybe for his sake but I wonder about mine….

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