I have no idea what I was thinking when I wrote this, but I wanted to contribute to my Clow/Yuuko fandom. This happened. I apologize for any out of character moments; I have never written a xxxHOLiC fic. (You know, I personally believe that Watanuki is Clow and Yuuko's child. Watch me be right!)

Disclaimer: CLAMP owns xxxHOLiC.

One day while cleaning, Watanuki finds a picture. It's simple, really – completely innocuous. It's just a picture in a sterling silver frame, nearly devoid of any design. It was placed somewhere Watanuki is surprised he hadn't seen before, but decides not to linger on that thought. Yuuko's shop is far too strange.

The picture is of a man in his mid-thirties, Watanuki observes as he lifts the picture frame from the table, who looks a bit similar to Watanuki himself. He's sitting on what appears to be one of Yuuko's chairs, one hand resting on the arm of the chair while the other was up, wrist bent, fingers lightly brushing against his jaw with what is too similar to one of Yuuko's mysterious, knowing smiles on his lips. His blue eyes are covered by a pair of thin framed glasses, black bangs that escaped a loose ponytail falling across them. He's wearing what appears to be heavy blue, white and black robes.

Mokona jumps onto his shoulder when he sees that Watanuki has stopped. He takes one look at the man in the picture and he smiles, but doesn't say anything. Watanuki takes the initiative and asks, "do you know who this is?"

"That's Clow Reed," Mokona says before stepping off of Watanuki's shoulder, landing on the table where the picture was and jumping off back onto the floor, bouncing away.

Watanuki tilts his head to the side, curious. He had heard Yuuko speak of this "Clow Reed" man, always exasperated when she did, her mouth and eyebrows twitching in annoyance at whatever memories he invoked. She always claimed him to be a creep, but there was always a vague sort of fondness he noticed whenever she mentioned him and he wonders what sort of relationship they had. It was nice to finally have a face to go with the name.

Suddenly, a thin, pale hand appears in his line of vision. The hand took the picture frame from Watanuki. He turns, surprised, to see Yuuko standing beside him, holding the picture of Clow Reed. She takes the cleaning rag from Watanuki and begins swiping both the frame and glass protecting the photo clean of dust and smudged fingerprints – he dimly notes that Yuuko's fingers don't leave behind any prints.

"Yuuko-san?" He questions at the odd situation – her? Cleaning?

Yuuko flashes him one of her trademark smiles, but he notices that vague fondness and underlying sorrow when she turns that smile to the man in the photo. She stares at it for a moment before uttering a soft, "hm," and settles the frame onto the table. She turns to Watanuki again and her cheeriness is back as she says, "Come on, Watanuki! I want snacks and saké!"

Watanuki growls an affirmative, snatching the rag from Yuuko and stalks off to the kitchen, the photo forgotten.