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Book of Revolution

By: Karasu Kyra

Prologue: Revolution

"My name is Ino Yamanaka. I am a survivor of the Second Great Werewolf war, which occurred only a few years ago. I am alpha of the Leaf Pack. I was announced head just before the war began. I lost many of my close friends to it. One particularly great loss was Jaraiya, who died saving my mate.

"We used to be the largest and most powerful pack. We still hold the title of the strongest, but we are hardly the largest. All the Packs of the world have lost a great many numbers. The Sound Pack was wiped out in the Second Great Werewolf war and the Dragon Pack in the First.

"Though we are at peace, we are still losing our people. After the war a virus emerged. We are naturally immune to all diseases except this. It has come around once in history. No, not human history, our history.

"It was called the BlackRose-Virus, also called BR-V. It wiped out most of our kind. Only a small number of us survived. It was eventually destroyed through genetic evolution. That means that the children's children of those who were infected, built up a natural immunity to it.

"It's been 1,700 years since then. The virus that we are facing now is called the SylverHawk-Virus, SH-V. We have developed an antigen called the SylverHawk-Antibody, or SH-A. Anyone who is alive right now never get the two mixed up.

"The problem with the SH-A is that it can only be administered to certain people. On other's it either accelerates the degenerative process or has no effect at all because the host's white blood cell's destroy it as a harmful bacteria rather than a good one. A great number of individuals are also immune to the SH-A. This all led to Were's just lying on the street dying as it ate away at the infected host's body.

"Those who it can be administered to are made stronger and faster as I am, as the Chosen One. That also means that since I was already Chosen I am even faster and stronger.

"Since many do not understand that the SH-V is picky, a rebel group is challenging us, saying that we wish to rule over the sick, and use them as slaves. They have an unknown power that is healing peopleā€¦ with certain side affects.

"It makes the users rabid, but controllable to those who injected them. They lose themselves in a power they can feel but not attain. It is the power that these people we face hold, and of which I fear. It has made them unbelievably powerful.

"The rebels have called themselves the WhiteFalcons. They wish to bring about an Armageddon, and have the world reborn. They believe that the G.O.D. or Greatest Offerer of Death will save them and make them the supreme rulers of what will be rebuilt.

"Our secret was also disclosed. Humans have either taken sides or fled. The economy and government have crashed, no longer holding any power over the people. It's the SylverHawk War that has taken priority in everyone's lives.

"It is my lifebonded and I's pack who wish to stop the Armageddon. Many packs have allied themselves with us. Just as many, though, have allied themselves with the WhiteFalcons."

Thus begins the Book of Revolution.