Book of Revolution
by: Karasu Kyra

Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep…

The steady C-flat beeping intruded on her unconscious state, forcing her awake.

Pink hair fluttered into her vision and she brushed it away. Where was she?

Sakura sat up and blinked. She…

Ino! Ino, Ino, Ino. I have to find her.

Sakura leapt from the bed, throwing the sheet to the floor a flew out the door. She could feel it! Her life bond. It was there! Did that mean Ino was alive? Was she at the hospital?

Follow the link, something inside her whispered.

She ran to the other end of the hall, then practically flew around a corner. She sprinted down that hallway and darted into a room.

There in the bed, was Ino. She was frozen for a moment at how pale her lover looked and failed to notice the four other people in the room.

On the blonde's right, sat Itachi hooked to Ino by an I.V. On her other side sat Shisui, also hooked to her by an I.V. Then, standing at the foot of the bed was Hinata watching carefully with her Byakugan the fluctuation of magic in the alpha's body, fluctuations the pink-haired girl could clearly feel. And last, against the wall was the refugee woman that Itachi had first put to sleep.

"She's alright," Sakura breathed, collapsing to the floor in sobs. "She's alright."


Sakura woke up to find herself in a bed next to Ino. Ino was asleep and Itachi was sitting in a chair next to Ino's bed. Sakura sat bolt upright and asked, "Is she alright? What happened?"

Itachi just smiled at her. "She's fine. She…" His smile dropped. "She tried to kill herself."

Sakura tried to process that statement but couldn't so she just nodded dumbly.

"She was found by one of the refugee women that was in the room right next door. She won't tell me why she was in here in the first place."


"She inserted the morphine into the artery in her thigh. Her bloodstream couldn't break it down fast enough to keep from harming her. Shisui fed her blood as I took her own into my body in increments so that my body could break it down. Hinata fed her energy directly from her own energy source, she is currently unconscious."

"In other words, we don't know when Ino will wake. She is in a coma from now on. We have no active alpha or HighHealer and you, our current strongest fighter, will be leaving soon."

"That is…correct."

"Who is acting-alpha?"

"There are three people, Sasuke, Naruto, and Gaara, acting as tri-alpha."

"I don't know what that is."

Itachi paused looking down at Ino. "Do you remember when you were human, there were three branches of government? The Legislative, which makes laws, the Judicial, which punishes the people who break the laws made by the Legislative, and the Executive, the one with the ideas. When one of the three does something unacceptable, the other two overrule it together. That is what tri-alpha leadership is.

"Sasuke is currently the 'Executive', the one that speaks for all of them. He makes split-second decisions that don't affect the whole pack. Naruto is in charge of deciding how problems are dealt with. Such as if ANBU should be dispatched, or if High-level, Mid-level are needed. Gaara is dealing with the Terror and Interrogation Unit. He's trying to get information from captured people of the WhiteFalcons and has still been unsuccessful."

"Mm…Itachi, my mind cannot process this."

Itachi smiled again. "I figured this would be the situation. I cannot do anything, though. I am only a clone. My physical body is in the middle of a fight."

"You're personally fighting? Where? Who? Do you need my help?"

"We're just lacking people. Don't worry. I have it under control. It was no problem. Middle-class."

"Are you aware, Itachi, that you are the best fighter to grace this world yet?"


"Just wonderin'." Sakura smiled. "I can't…seem to keep my focus. I need…to sleep."

"So sleep, sweetheart."

Sakura slid downward in the bed and stared sleepily at the Uchiha. "Will you…lay with me?"

"If that's what you want," the man said.

He crossed the room in swift strides, watching as Sakura slid over on the small double bed. Itachi crawled into the bed and wrapped his arms around the pinkette's stomach and pulling her back to his chest.

"Sleep, dear," he said, placing a kiss on her head.


Sasuke Uchiha walked briskly down the sidewalk. Behind him, he could hear his squad following him. It was then that he could feel the rapid building of magic. He activated his Sharingan and quickly pinpointed it's location.

"Squad, mesh!" he cried.

Without question the members of his squad weaved their energies together and with his. Sasuke threw it out and wrapped it around the gathering energy, containing it before it was taken by the bolt that was being established.

Before he knew what was happening, Shisui was beside him and had control of the bolt. He sent it off in another direction and both watched as it dissipated.

"Thank you, Shisui."

"Of course, Sasuke."

Sasuke offered a half-smile, to which Shisui smiled back. It was then that Danzo--one of the elders, a man that none of the young much liked--spoke clearly to the entire pack. His voice was old, gravely as he said, "An emergency meeting is being called. Meet in the clearing. The entire pack must be present."

The young Uchiha looked to his brother's lover. "Well, I suppose that's our next order of business."

It took awhile of silent running to reach the clearing. Sasuke entered it, Naruto quickly finding his side. He wrapped an arm around the blond's waist and kissed his temple, whispering under his breath, "Do you know what this is about?"

"Danzo is challenging us, saying we don't have right as acting-Alpha. In fact, he believes a new Alpha should be chosen."

Sasuke pressed his lips tightly together. What did the old fool think he was doing? He joined the rest of his age-members. Naruto stood just behind him, a hand pressed to his shoulder-blade. They watched the dais.

Danzo stood at the head of a small group. There were two others behind him--elders, ones Sasuke hadn't caught the name of. He surveyed everyone before calling the pack to silence. "Ino Yamanaka has been compromised as our Alpha. We are calling to vote. Do we have any nominations?"

The two elders nominated Danzo. Danzo smiled, a slow, predatory smile. The elders behind him looked pleased. There was a silence.

After a moment, Danzo raised his voice again, "Is there no one else?"

"Sasuke," Itachi's voice clearly rang out of the crowd.

"Does anyone second that motion? There must be two nominators." Danzo frowned.

Itachi's gaze found Shisui's, and the brunette nodded, raising a hand. "I do."

Danzo glared. "Mates cannot be the two nominators."

Itachi smiled. "Then there has been no one nominated. The two that nominated you are mates."

"Besides," a female voice said, "I'll second Itachi's nomination, if it's such a problem. And then we're down to one nomination."

"I'll second Danzo's nomination," another of the elders called out.

Danzo smiled in satisfaction. "Will there be any other nominations?"

When silence continued, Danzo clapped his hands. "Alright. Now, we'll call for a vote."

He walked behind the dias and pulled out a box and said, "Alright. This will be done by magic. You just come up and touch the box, with the person you want to vote for in your thoughts. Push that thought into the box with magic, like mind-speaking, and it will be counted."

"No," Itachi said loudly. "That's easy to rig. We're doing this the old-fashioned way. Shisui, will you kindly grab paper and a single pen?"

The brunette nodded, and disappeared from sight. When he returned, he had a stack of paper and a pen. Itachi took it from him and held it up. "Would anyone like to check it for cheating?"

When no one made to grab it, Itachi nodded. He stepped through the crowd to the dias. "We will do this one by one. The person upon the stage will write their vote and show it to me, and I will keep tally in the air, where everyone can see. Is that alright with everyone?"

No one disagreed.

"There are four possible choices," Itachi continued. "You can vote for Sasuke, Danzo, to keep Ino Alpha, or nominate someone else. If someone has been nominated that a previous voter wishes to vote for instead, he or she can come up and change their vote. I will set up the magic so that every magic signature will have one tally. The tally will correspond with the energy signature of the voter. Be that as it is, no one but myself and the voter may be onstage. It will be written to keep a record of the voting. Clear?"

Again, there was no dissent.

Itachi nodded. "Pack, attention! Get into full pack formation."

Everyone had trained under Itachi at one time or another. They also started having pack fighting practices. If it came down to it, every single member in that pack could fight and coordinate, plan and strategize to Itachi's satisfaction. It wasn't long before they were in formation. Roughly, seven groups of twenty-five people. One hundred and seventy five people left in the pack.

Itachi pointed to the first group. Which included Sasuke and Sakura. TenTen Temura was up first. She climbed onto the stage and signed the piece of paper, and held it up. "I vote for Sasuke."

It took three hours to get through everyone until they were satisfied. Itachi stood before the tally's. "Shall I count, or would someone else like to?"

"I would like to, actually," a woman's voice said, loud and familiar.

The pack burst into whispers, some shouts, much astonishment. The woman walked onto the dais and smiled at the pack. "Hello. I'm going to be going away for awhile after this. I no longer have a place here. I will be traveling and using my medical skills along the way. I will then set up a medical clinic to the south."

Tsunade Sannin stood proudly on the stage. No one questioned her. She called a silence. She began counting aloud. First to be counted was Ino's. "Five, ten, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen. Eighteen votes for Ino."

The former Alpha raised a hand and traced the number's in the air, her blazing green healer's magic, contrasting Itachi's Uchiha red.

"Now, Danzo. Five, ten, fifteen twenty, twenty-five, thirty, thirty-five, forty, forty-five, fifty, fifty-one, fifty-two, fifty-three. Fifty-three votes for Danzo." Her magic made the numbers in the air.

"Now, Sasuke's. He must have at least fifty-four to beat Danzo. Five, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, thirty, thirty-five, forty, forty-five, fifty, fifty-one...fifty-two. Fifty-two votes for Sasuke. I would like you to meet your next Alpha, D-"

Tsunade was cut off as two figures appeared on stage. Hinata and Kurenai, both supporting the other greatly. But, both conscious and with something to say.

"Are we too late to vote?" Kurenai asked.

Tsunade shook her head. "I have not spoken the words. It is not set into the magic, yet."

"I v-vote for Sa-Sasuke," Hinata said, her face looking determined.

Tsunade nodded and she manually added a tally. There were too many people on the stage for Itachi's magic to do it. "Fifty-three votes for Sasuke. Fifty-three votes for Danzo. Kurenai, you are the tie-breaker."

Kurenai paused for the longest time. She seemed to be lost in her head, her eyes not quite focused. Then, suddenly they came into focus. "My vote is for Sasuke."

Tsunade smiled. "Alright, Sasuke Uchiha and his mate Naruto Uzumaki are now Alphas of the Konoha pack!"

Tsunade's voice reverberated around the clearing and everyone felt the collective magic write it into itself that Sasuke and Naruto were now Alphas.

AN: Um.... I didn't even expect this.... I was just writing and then I went back and read it and the implications of what I'd done set in. What a turn.... Ino and Sakura are no longer alphas....

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