Ok, I know I shouldn't start another fic but I can't help myself, it pretty much wrote itself. I'm still planning on finishing 'New Sydney' but I've pretty much given up on 'Follow Your Heart' (so ideas are really appreciated, guys) But at least with this fic I've go it all planned out. I know this is probably going to get really confusing later but just kinda go along with the flow of the story...

Some things are similar to Blood Captain in the beginning of the fic but I promice it's alot different. takes place after Tide of Terror. R&R.

Vampirates and all related characters, plots, etc belong to Justin Somper. 'Thanks for the memories' lyrics by fall out boy.

Been looking forward to the future,
But my eyesight is going bad,
And this crystal ball.
It's always cloudy except for,
When you look into the past.

Grace sat on the very edge of Lorcan's four-poster bed. It had been three weeks since she had returned to the Nocturneand they were no closer to finding a cure than they had been when she had first arrived back. Even now Lorcan was lying in bed breathing deeply, his eyes closed. Grace sighed, what wouldn't she give for Lorcan to just get better. But there was nothing she could do, he refused to get better, he refused blood, and now he was getting worse with every passing day. Grace felt tears begin to well up in the comers of her eyes. What wouldn't she give…Grace lay a hand tenderly on Lorcan's ice cold cheek. He sat bolt upright making Grace jump then blush a deep red. She had been so careful to hide her emotions around Lorcan; she didn't need him worrying about more than he needed to.

"Hey, you okay?"

Grace smiled choking back tears. He was always so considerate, why couldn't he just put himself first for once? "I'm fine. I didn't wake you up did I?"

"No, I was already awake."

"You should try and get some sleep then…"

Lorcan smiled at her, and lay back down.

Uncertain, Grace took his hand into hers. Then she started to sing quietly…

I'll tell you a tale of Vampirates

A tale as old as true

Yea, I'll sing you a song of an ancient ship

And it's mighty fearsome crew

Yea, I'll sing you a song of an ancient ship

That sails the ocean blue

That haunts the oceans blue…

Lorcan's smile broadened as he drifted off into the water's of a deep and dreamless sleep, as Grace continued to sing.

Grace stood up as she finished the shanty, letting go of Lorcan's hand. She walked across the room and opened to door, Just as she was about to close it again behind her she heard Lorcan, murmur something softly, "Anna..." Grace paused, Lorcan's voice sounded painful, but he appeared to be sleeping quiet deeply ans she didn't want to wake him. She waited to see if he would say something else, but he stayed quiet. Grace closed the door and quickly made her way up onto the main deck, where the Captain's cabin was. She tapped lightly on the door which swung open as soon as her hand made contact with the wood. 'Come in, my dear...' Grace heard the Captain's whisper echo in her mind. She entered the cabin, 'Come, sit down' Grace sat down on the old wooden rocking chair by the fire, the captain appeared somewhere from the shadows, and joined her. 'How is he?' Grace didn't need to even ask who he was talking about, "He's asleep at the moment, but I think he's getting worse"

The Captain sighed, "I feared this may happen, something is stopping him from healing, something from his past" Grace nodded she had come to a similar conclusion. It seemed to her, that Lorcan was afraid to drink blood, afraid to open his eyes once more. She had tried numerous times in the past few weeks to find out what, but he had never told her about his life, Darcy and Sidorio had been completely willing to tell her their life story, but Lorcan seemed determined to hide his mysterious past from her.

"Isn't there anything we can do?" Grace asked frustrated. 'Yes, but of course' Grace's heart lept, it wouldn't be long before they found the solution they needed; Lorcan could get better and it wouldn't be long before he was back to his normal self again. But then why hadn't anyone said anything? Why had they been wasting time when Lorcan was in so much pain? 'You are so full of questions, you must be patient.' The captain sighed, 'There is a way in which we may be able to help Lorcan, but I'm not whether or not it's the right thing to do.' Grace nodded, but she knew she would try anything to make Lorcan better.

The captain seemed deep in thought, deciding whether or not he was making the right choice. 'There is a way you can help Lorcan, but it's up to you whether or not you want to help, you may learn things you did not wish to know and he may never forgive you for it.'

Grace was puzzled by the Captain's words, but she nodded her head with a determined expression anyway, she had to try, no mater what the costs.