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Chapter 1

"Mama, may I please go outside? I finished cleaning my room and Edward is waiting for me."

"Isabella, can't you just play dolls with Laura and Sarah next door?" My mother Renee responded.

"I don't want to play dolls. I want to go play with Edward, he's more fun and doesn't tell me what to do."

"Renee, why don't you just let her play with whomever she wants to? You know that she has no desire to play indoors," My father Charlie said.

"But Charles, she is a seven-year-old girl who should be learning how to sew, playing with dolls, and cooking, not running around outside getting dirty!"

"Renee," Papa said in a warning tone as he rose from his chair and walked over to Mama,

"She is a very spirited young girl that shouldn't be kept inside. I say that if she wants to play outside, then we should let her." He placed a loving kiss on her cheek.

"Alright, but please be home by sundown."

"Yes, ma'am. Thank you Mama, and Papa!" I said with a grin as I ran over to hug them before I went outside.


"Gosh Bella, what took so long?"

"Mama was trying to convince me that I should act like a normal girl. You know like playing with dolls and stuff."

"I can't see why she would keep trying to get you to be normal. I mean, you couldn't even if you tried!" He said while trying not to laugh.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means that it is impossible for you to be normal because you are simply not normal!" He flashed his little crooked smile before he took off running.

"Edward that's cheating!" I yelled as I took off after him.

I needed to catch up with Edward so I pushed myself faster. As luck would hav eit, I tripped over a tiny, little rock and fell flat on my face.

"Bella, are you alright?"

"Edward, you should know that its just a scratch and I am used to falling on the ground."

"So, what does the dirt taste like this time?" he said laughing.

"Hmm…like old shoes, dirt, and fish," I said and he burst into another round of laughter.

"Here," he held out his hand to help me up.

"Why thank you kind sir."

"Anything for you young lady."

As I stood up, I started to laugh really hard and then Edward was laughing too. We both ended up falling back on the ground. After a while, we finally calmed down a bit and looked up at the clouds.

"Hey Edward? Doesn't that cloud look like a deer?"

"Yeah, and the one right over there looks like a mountain lion. He looks like he's going to attack and kill the deer."

"No way. Deer are fast animals and would outrun him."

"I wouldn't count on that. Even though the deer may seem faster, the mountain lion is definitely stronger and will still kill it."

"Just because it looks strong doesn't mean it is, Edward. You shouldn't assume anything. Maybe the deer is smarter and gets away."

I closed my eyes and just lay there soaking up the sun. I suddenly felt very tired.

"Bella, are you mad at me?"

"Of course not Edward. I could never be mad at you. I am just feeling a bit tired that's all."

"Are you sick Bella? We just ran that little bit so you shouldn't be tired."

"Maybe I just need more sleep. Let me take a short nap."

"Come on Bella, its about to get dark and I can't carry you all the way home."

"Edward, just please let me take a little nap," I whined. I really just wanted to lay on the soft grass and sleep.

"You can sleep when you get home. I will help you walk, but I really am not strong enough to carry you home."

"Okay. Um…. can you help me get up?"

He slightly chuckled, "Of course Bella."

He lifted me up slowly and helped me steady myself before we started walking. I leaned against him the whole way home.

"Oh dear God Bella what's wrong?" Mama sounded hysterical already.

"Mrs. Swan, Bella says that she feels really tired and her skin feels warmer than it should be too," Edward told her politely and calmly.

"Charles, could you take Bella and put her to bed?"

"Of course Renee." I felt myself being lifted up. With my hand losing grip on Edward's hand, I said, "I promise to play with you tomorrow."

I didn't hear his reply, since I fell asleep before making it to the top of the stairs.

"Bella dear, you can't go outside today. You are ill and you need to stay in bed," Mama told me yet again.

"But I promised Edward that I would play with him today and I can't break my promise!" I cried, "If I don't keep my promise, I would be a liar and Edward wouldn't trust me anymore!"

"Bella, quit being so absurd! I am sure that Edward will understand that you are sick and won't be able to come outside. He is also in school right now so you can't play anyway."

I was going to retort back, but all of the crying was making me feel sleepy. I didn't want to sleep but I knew that if I didn't sleep, I wouldn't be able to play because I would still be sick. I was able to go back to sleep after a cool, wet towel was placed on my forehead.

I felt a cool hand close around my warm one. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Edward sitting at the side of my bed.

"Edward," I croaked, "What are you doing here? You are going to be sick too!"

He handed me a glass of water. "I wanted to see you. You didn't come to school today so I was worried. You should know be now that I have yet to be sick!" He said proudly as he stuck his chest out.

That was very true. Edward had never been sick before. I have known him ever since we were born and I have never seen him sick. I remember one time where we thought that he had a cold, but he just had a runny nose. Every time I have gotten sick, he tries to stay and take care of me. He told me that he was getting ready for when he becomes a doctor, instead of a businessman like his father. I then remembered that I broke my promise and I started to cry.

"Bella, what's wrong?

"I am so sorry Edward. I never meant to break my promise. I am a liar and I can't keep promises!"

"Bella, don't be sad," he said that as he wiped me tears away, "I never expected you to keep your promise because I knew you were sick." He paused, but then continued once he saw my confused look. "You are always running around with boundless energy. When you said that you were tired after we ran just a little bit, I knew that you weren't feeling well, and you were very warm."

I saw Papa poke his head in, "Edward, your mother would like you to come home now."

"Yes sir." He got up and placed a kiss on my cheek. "Hope you feel better soon Bella."

"Bye Edward," I said quietly. I felt even more heat rise in my cheeks. Edward just kissed me!

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