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LNL Chapter 22

After the incident with Cayden, we were able to pack up and leave within a few minutes. The good-byes were somewhat sentimental, but most of them were done out of courtesy. It's no surprise that the longest farewells were from Heidi and Aro. I am still quite surprised that Aro has let me leave after all of these years. He has always been fascinated with me and during my time that I spent here, I believed that he was also somewhat in love with me. I think his romantic feelings were feelings that leaned more toward curiosity than true love, but he had known that I was off limits because my heart always belonged with Edward. Now that I have been with them for almost a century, I believe that he is still quite interested in me and my behaviors, but he will be looking for fresh meat to entertain him.

We were boarding on one of the Volturi's private jets. If you plan on living for all eternity, buy and private jet because you need no passports, you don't to need to land at an airport, you get no overlays or airport traffic, and you don't have to hide your true nature. Overall, it's a great investment. As soon as we were seated, everyone turned to me and I could practically see the questions that each one wanted to ask. Thankfully Edward decided to start off with the introductions.

"Bella, these are the members of my family. Esme and Carlisle are the parental figures in our lives, next to them are Emmett and Rosalie, and then Jasper and Alice. Everyone, this is the love of my existence, Isabella."

"It's so wonderful to finally meet you! I have been having visions of meeting you and seeing Edward happy, but I never knew when it was going to happen and I was trying to hide it from Edward so he would be surprised and poor Jasper had to put up with my constant fluctuations of emotions and,"

"Alice, honey, you need to calm down," Jasper said while placing his hand on her thigh. I immediately felt calming waves wrap around me and I was thankful for that. I could tell that they were a very balanced couple that fit together perfectly.

"You really don't know how happy we are that Edward found someone to love. It's even better that you just happened to be together before both of you got changed. We always felt bad for Edward being surrounded by three married couples, but at the same time we couldn't just ignore our mates."

"Mom, you are making me sound pathetic. It's slightly embarrassing."

"Oh admit it Edward, you missed being embarrassed by our parents."

"I seem to remember that you were oh so keen on being embarrassed too." If I was still human I would've blushed a million shades of red.

"Shut up." I pulled my face into my signature scrunched-up frown.

"If it makes you feel better, I missed you even more."

Darn it, I looked into his eyes and I was immediately dazzled. Even though he didn't have his piercing green eyes anymore, he now has a striking pair of golden orbs that are just as easy to get lost into. I was broken out of the trance by a chorus of laughs, including Edward's.

"I guess I still have the magic touch," Edward said with an arrogant smirk.

"I would say something but then your ego may inflate and we wouldn't want that."

"Eddie-boy's ego has been practically non-existent, but I could give you a little hint of something else that needs to be inflated," Emmett stated as he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. I was embarrassed for Edward and then I broke out into nervous giggles. He was then rewarded with a hard smack on the head by Rosalie; which brought on a whole round of laughter.

"I apologize for my husb-Emmett's behavior. He enjoys embarrassing people, especially when it is highly inappropriate."

"Ah Rosie…you didn't even acknowledge me as your husband, I am truly hurt. We have been married three times already and you still don't want to be known as my wife, that's just wrong." Emmett's pouting face

"Wait you've been married three times?" I looked to Edward, "We are very much behind the times then if we haven't even been married once."

Everyone laughed. "Well only twice but we were thinking about doing another ceremony around New Years. And Bella, you have a perfectly good excuse for being behind the rest of us."

"Thanks Rose."

"So how did you and Edward meet? Edward tried to tell us, but his human memories are fuzzy. That's usually what happens when someone is turned, but you seem to be an exception."

"Well Mr. Cull- Carlisle, we have known each other since we were born. Our fathers had gone to school together and our mothers had gone to school together so it was natural that went to school together. We always did everything together and Edward always took care of me when I was sick. He only got sick twice in his life, and one of those times he died, or so I thought. I don't really remember how we fell in love with each other. It just happened one day that we both discovered that we both wanted to be more than just friends."

"How did he propose to you?" Esme and Alice asked simultaneously. I launched into an elaborate description of every detail of the proposal. I periodically looked over at Edward and saw that his face was stretched into a permanent smile. The boys; meaning Jasper and Emmett, were laughing at Edward's lavish dates that never happened as planned, or his subtle romantic gestures, or even how nervous he was around me every time we went out together after we officially became a couple. The girls were just gushing at all of the details and elbowing or slapping their husbands to pay attention and take notes. Before we knew it, we were landing at a secluded airport in the middle of an icy field.

"Um…where exactly are we?"

"We are in a secluded airport in Canada. It is owned by the Volturi so that they have a secure, isolated place to land their plane. Aro had consulted with me while you were packing and he said that he was willing to transport us this far instead of making us swim."

"Wow Carlisle, I am surprised that he was this helpful. One time he had a new recruit travel to South America, only to dump him in the ocean to see if he made it back. His name was Adam, but he was eventually killed because he revealed himself to a village and Felix had to take care of the problem."

"Aro has always been the deceivingly ruthless type."

Once the plane came to a stop, we got up and Edward took my whopping one bag of luggage that I owned.

"You know Bella, we are definitely going shopping when we get home. I can NOT have my sister dressing like that. Of course your clothes are fabulous and you are gorgeous but this style isn't you and isn't this time period. Aro and the others may have loved you in this but this isn't working with this family."

I turned and looked at Edward, "I can't escape her wrath can I?"

"I am afraid not, and even if you happen to escape you can't truly runaway from the psychic."

"You think Jasper would mind distracting her for me every day for the rest of our existence?"

"As much as I love Alice and she loves me, we would need to take a break at least once," Jasper chimed in.

"You would protect me wouldn't you Edward?"

"You know I love you, but Alice can be an evil little pixie and she I NEVER step between her and fashion."

"Glad I know that you will defend me from everything EXCEPT manipulative pixies," I said dripping with sarcasm.

"I would protect you if your life was threatened, but I know that Alice doesn't get too violent and I would love to see what she tries to do to make you even more beautiful. Sadly I will have to wait until we reach Alaska. Before you ask, we are going to meet up with the Denali coven, have you heard of them?"

"I have heard the name, somewhere before. What are the names of the coven members?"

"The Denali coven is made up of Carmen, Eleazar, Kate, Irina, and Tanya."

"Oh now I remember. Katrina, or Kate, Irina, and Tanya were created by Sasha, who was murdered by the Volturi along with her immortal child Vasilii. I heard this story from Aro when he was explaining vampire laws to me. He said that creating immortal children is strictly forbidden and Sasha had broken the law and was killed for her actions."

"Yes, that's true. I don't think that I have to tell you, but bringing up that story wouldn't be wise. Even though it happened many decades ago, the Denali sisters are still saddened by the loss of Sasha. For them, Sasha was their mother figure and their sire, so it would be like us losing Esme."

"So they don't have any mates either? How long have they existed?"

"They were born around 1,000 B.C. and all changed around the same time so I would guess that they were about mid-twenties when they were changed. The Denali sisters aren't related, but they have known each other for so long and their desires for men had eventually led men to create the myth about the Succubus Sisters."

The succubus sisters are rumored to be only the most beautiful creatures in the world. I am immediately nervous about meeting them. How could someone as average as me meet someone like them? If they are all single, how did one of them not grab Edward's attention?

"I must confess to you that I did once try to be in a relationship with Tanya. We both tried, but Tanya saw that the love wasn't real and told me that if I ever moved passed you that she would be waiting. The sisters are all beautiful, but no one holds a candle to you, my Bella."

"Hey Eddie boy! I think the pilot wants to leave now and you two lovebirds are taking up his time. You can make love all you want when you guys are actually ALONE!" Emmett shouted.

I jumped up and was embarrassed for the millionth time tonight. Edward just laughed, grabbed my hand and we exited out of the plane.

"I'm sorry for holding us up. I was asking too many questions like usual."

"Not a problem dear, I remember the first time I met Carlisle and I was not much better than you are at the moment, but that's another story for another time. Shall we head for Alaska?"

"Let's go. I am curious to meet the legendary Succubus Sisters." I said, hoping that my enthusiasm seemed real instead of heavy with nervousness. If I have Edward and his family on my side, I think everything will turn out alright.

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