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Contains swearing and rudeness.

Italics; Thinking/Flashback

Electric Chair

The Game Begins

Tyson had invited Max, Ray, Kenny, Kai, Hilary and Daichi (Well, he practically lived there anyway since his say so) around to his house. It was not until Tyson had so promptly introduced the teens to alcohol that things started to liven up more, and even though at first Hilary was reluctant to try some, she soon began to get into the swing of things.

"So, Grandpa actually bought you all this?" Max asked while he took a small sip from the bottle. It was really strong stuff and as clueless as he was to liquor, he did not know what was actually going into his system.

"Yup!" Tyson grinned with his own bottle held in one hand.

"My Mom won't be happy if she finds out about this," Hilary groaned, though obviously she disobeyed her mother's wishes when she took a huge gulp. Her face screwed up as the strong liquid slid down her throat.

"Oh, Hil!" Tyson sang, slapping the girl on the back playfully. "You only live once. Take it like a mannnn."

"Yeah, Tyson's right," Ray added with his own bottle clutched as if his life depended on it. He glanced over at Kai who had not yet touched his bottle. "Hey, Mr. Sourpuss, the drink too sour?" The Neko launched into a bawl of laughter and almost toppled over.

"Wow, Ray! You're tipsy, bud!" Tyson laughed.

The golden-eyed teen stopped laughing abruptly and glared at the dragon. "I am not. I'm fine. See?" He tried to prove his point as he stood up, and for a second, everyone believed him- until he let out a loud burp and swung into a little dance in mid-air, battling to remain upright. He managed to trip over his own feet and hurdled toward Kai.

Everyone winced. A huge scuffle began to occur.

"YOWCHHH!!" Ray cried out. His legs were in a tangle with Kai's shocked body. Again the crew grimaced. Ray sat in a weird position with his elbow in Kai's nose and his legs torn across Kai's body. He was sprawled over him in an awkward straddle. No one was able to keep their giggles quiet long enough before they came out as snorts of laughter. Kai's face was photo-worthy when he viciously threw the heavy boy off him. Ray struggled in vain to keep a hold of his bottle.

Kai looked unfortunately flustered as he dusted himself down. "The reason I decided to keep away from the drink."

"Ray..." Kenny giggled with stifled laughs. He watched the vulnerable teen as he swayed on the floor for a few seconds, his back on the ground and his legs and arms playing with the air like a kitten and a ball of wool. Next Kenny expected him to start purring, hissing or something close to the behaviour of a feline.

"Hey, Tyson!" Daichi grinned as he licked his lips.


"How about we..." The redhead leant over and hovered close to Tyson's ear, pausing before he exclaimed, "...PLAY A GAME!"

Tyson winced at the loud revelation. "Daichi! For crying out loud! I'm not deaf!"

"I beg to differ," Hilary smiled before she sent Tyson a playful wink. The boy blinked for a few seconds as he stared at her. The brunette looked suspicious, though half expected him to blush but instead he came out with something else.

"...Don't tell me you're losing it like Ray, Hil."

Hilary rolled her eyes. "Don't be stupid. He's a lightweight and can't handle it. Hey? What type of game anyway? This could be good."

Daichi shrugged. "Meh, I dunno. How about Truth or Dare?"

Max immediately thumped his fist into the air and grinned. "Oh yeah! This'll be good! I'm up for it." Kai grunted and the others all agreed too already setting up a circle between them. The order was as follows; Daichi, Tyson, Max, Ray, Hilary, Kenny, Kai.

"But, you know what would be even more fun..." Tyson rubbed his nose. "How about, truth, dare, double dare, promise to repeat, hot chilli peppers, liquorice, electric chair." At this, everyone's eyes seemed to widen a notch in the room. Some of them had no idea what he was talking about, while others, couldn't believe he even suggested it.

"Tyson!" Kenny gaped, looking shaken. "B-But that game is barbaric! It's so inhumane and disgusting; I can't even begin to explain how much I'm against this!"

"Ohh, what's wrong chief, scared?" The dragon taunted.

Kenny blushed. "No, no... It's not that..."

"I don't even know what he's going on about! Care to explain?" Max asked with a puzzled look. He looked across at Daichi who also demanded the same explanation and Kai by the looks of it. Glancing across at Ray, it seemed that he was up for anything and probably didn't know what day it was by now.

"Gladly," Kenny sighed, looking really nervous. They all knew the chief was a coward when it came to these types of games, but could it really be that bad to call it barbaric? "Well, it's the same rules as truth or dare, but I guess you could say we get more of a choice... double dare is an even more extreme dare than dare itself, while promise to repeat is repeat something from another person, preferably revolting no doubt." He seemed to flush at the next one. "A hot chilli pepper is kissing, or rather, making out with an object." A few sniggers were heard in the room at that one.

The blush on Kenny's cheeks rose once more. "Ahem, yeah. Liquorice is where you gotta lick something." He spoke with disgust. "And, possibly the worst one of all, electric chair... it's the ULTIMATE dare, and you have no choice but to do it. It can be anything, strip naked, something really horrible, and there's no choice in the matter, but only really daring people do that one and usually at the end!"

For the moment, most of the gang held blank faces.

"That's it? That's not even that bad!" Ray said with a laugh.

"Yeah Kenny!" Hilary agreed—which surprised most of them. She was usually so sensitive about those types of games too. It was probably half the drink talking. "You're just a wuss."

"Am not!" Kenny cried back, a pathetic attempt to defend himself.

"Prove it!" She shot back. "And play the game with us!"

With lots of smug grins aimed at him, he finally sighed, giving in. "Well, all right..."

Tyson smirked quite evilly, possible dares already hitting his head already. "Kai? You playing?"

Kai stuck his nose up high in the air. "Do I have a choice?"

Ray coughed. "Well actually, yes."

The phoenix tossed a glare.

"Haha, just admit it Kai, you so want to play! BUT!" Tyson yelled out abruptly, gesturing his head toward the bottle of strong drink. "You gotta drink, Kai. It won't be fair otherwise. You'll have a clear head and perfect self control. After all... there's only one possible way to play, right? Fairly…?"

Kai narrowed his eyes at the teen. Oh, very clever Tyson... For some reason, his glance drifted secondly onto Ray, who was obviously now pretty much pissed. He shrugged, supposing it would be fun to an extent, obviously at the expense of others. Glaring competitively around the circle, he swiped the drink. "Fine. But I don't intend on getting smashed."

Ray stuck up his thumb clumsily. "Nice one Kai Hiwatari!"

"And remember, if you don't complete the task at hand you're out!" Daichi reminded, seeming to take joy in saying that. "To make it a bit more interesting... let's sat that the winner gets to electric chair everyone when they're sober!" Kenny's face faulted at that. "And also everyone else has to be their slave for a week! Heh, heh, heh..."

Tyson stared at him competitively. "You're on!"

"Let's begin!" Hilary yelled enthusiastically before taking a drink. When she pulled away from the bottle a gasp of fulfilment left her lips. "Can I start?" Tyson suddenly felt excited. He had high hopes for this game. He grinned at the girl, "Ladies first."

The brunette sat on her hind legs and scanned the boys. Max, no... Ray, no... Me... Obviously not... Her face brightened when she met Kenny's scared eyes, purposely cowering behind his arms. "Kennnyyyy." She sang.

"Be nice..." He squeaked.

"Truth, dare, double dare, promise to repeat, hot chilli peppers, liquorice or electric chair?" She asked contently.

"Uhm…" The young teen appeared to be pondering, tapping his chin hesitantly.

"Honestly chief, it's not hard... Just pick one!" The girl urged. "NOW!"

"Ahhhh PROMISE TO REPEAT!" He cried out quickly, his eyes widenening when he realized what he'd actually choose- "Wait, lemme pick another! I thought too fast!"

Max didn't buy it. "Yeah right chief. Since when do you think too fast?"

"No way! You've chosen it now, so you gotta do whatever I do, okay!" The girl almost yelled at him. Her bossy voice caused him to grovel. Kenny groaned when her face neared as everyone else seemed to lighten up. He took a huge swing of alcohol in an attempt to wipe away his shyness. He was already drowning his sorrows...

"Hmmm, let's see..." Hilary looked around in thought. "Aha! Kenny, do as I do!" She promptly grabbed a long object of some sort; although she was sure it resembled a hockey stick, but nonetheless wandered over to Kai, leant down beside him and to everyone's amusement, began poking him repeatedly in the side with the stick. "Ohh... now this is interesting."

"Ha... ha..." Tyson stared in bewilderment, unable to believe she actually had the courage to do such a thing to Kai. Max on the other hand roared with laughter, Kai's expression down right hilarious. He looked like he was about to pounce on Hilary and kill her.

Kenny stared in disbelief.

Kai's crimson gaze fell upon her coldly. Hilary shrieked sarcastically. "Omgosh! It's looking at me! Help! Help!"

This time, the whole room fell into unrewarded laughter.

With a grin, Hilary pulled away much to Kai's delight, stood up and handed the stick to Kenny. "Now you- poke Kai."

Kai hit his forehead. This is so dumb...

Kenny, as expected, looked inwardly disturbed and shook his head hardly. "But! But! It's Kai!" At that the phoenix threw him a glare. "AH! See!? He's set out to kill me already!"

"Listen to me, Kenny," The boy blinked and looked at Kai. "Do you want to be out of this stupid game on the first round? It's an insult; surely you can do just this one? Otherwise, you're not as sophisticated as I once was led to believe."

Everyone gaped. Well, he had a point. It would be pretty stupid if Kenny couldn't even do this.

"It's like he wants to be poked," Tyson sniggered in Max's ear who giggled in return.

Kai didn't seem to hear and fixed his full attention onto Kenny, who was actually shaking when he took the hockey stick and slid a little closer to Kai. He gulped, Tyson and Max's laughter not helping whatsoever.

It was either this or an electric chair. The choice was not difficult.

The young teen felt a whole lot of pressure leave him when he slowly reached out and prodded Kai in his abdominals harder than intended which caused the phoenix to throw one of his infamous death glares at him. "E-Er... oh, now this is interesting..." Kenny was finally getting into the swing of it like Hilary had and began repeatedly prodding him, earning a flinch from Kai sometimes due to his hardness.

Furious, but low giggling rocked the room as they watched Kenny poke Kai a few more times, the phoenix's face just... hilarious. He looked like he was about to explode and bitch slap Kenny. Like Hilary had done, he waited until Kai threw him another scowl until proclaiming, "Oh my... gosh? It's looking at me! Help, help!"

"Yeah, yeah, that's enough!" With one big push Kai managed to get the fragile boy away from him with a shove onto his backside.

Everyone still sniggered silently. "Man that was funny! You two would make one hell of a double act," Daichi said with a grin.

"Kai and Kenny!?" Max spat out his drink. "That's not even something we should joke about."

"You're telling me..." Tyson groaned, gesturing his head towards Kai's deadly expression. "Anyway! It's your go chief!"

"Um... all, right, just let me think for a second," Kenny looked at everyone nervously, proving the game was too much for the innocent young man already.

"Guys, this could take a while," Hilary sighed.

"Ahh no! I've got one- Uhm... Truth, dare... you know all that stuff... Daichi?"

Daichi took a triumphant swing of alcohol. "Yay! Let's see," He took a break to hiccup, his eyes spinning wildly out of control. The only thoughts that went to everyone's mind were evil- vulnerable and easy he was going to be, that's if Kenny gave him something good to do. "LIQUORICE!"

"Hohoho!" Max chuckled, already knowing this just had to be a good one no doubt. Kenny seemed to look a little unsure. "Don't worry bud; I'll help you out if you can't think of anything good."

"Uh. Stop patronizing me! It's only licking something, how hard can it be?" The mousey-haired boy spoke with confidence, though his sweating just proved it all- these sorts of games scared the hell out of him, probably something to do with scarring issues later "Lick... uh..." He watched his friend's faces. Obviously they were expecting something good. Now that he thought about it, he wouldn't mind proving them all wrong and showing he could be the last one in. A sudden smirk leapt onto his lips which caused a few raised eyebrows. "Lick Tyson's toilet seat!"

"That's gross!" Daichi yelled, making loud throwing up noises.

"AH! I have to use that, you know!?" Tyson cried, slapping his cheek. "Kenny, you... you little sneaky weasel."

"Ewww, Daichi's gonna taste Tyson's crap!" Ray sang so encouragingly... NOT! It just made Daichi make more gagging sounds. Everyone in the room, including Kai, squeezed their faces up in disgust. Kenny looked positively satisfied. "Well? Are you going to do it or not?"

Daichi folded his arms in protest. "No!"

"You'll be out otherwise! Electric chair and slavery!"


Ray clumsily high-fived Max before he turned his attention to Kai. "High fiveee buddyyy" Kai's eyes crowed open when Ray accidentally slapped him across the cheek. "Whoops, sorry! High five!" The teen caught Ray's hand before he could slap him again and stood up, following his friends into the bathroom. That boy was beginning to get on his nerves. Though, he was pretty amusing when drunk.

"Lick! Lick! Lick! Lick! Lick!" Chants swirled deep into the smelly depths of Tyson's rather unclean bathroom. Daichi leant over the toilet seat, a horrified expression on his face. It was a white seat but with some very weird markings and some scratches on there which he could only presume belonged to Tyson when he attempted to scratch his bottom, and a distinctive yellow mark, too...

"THIS IS SO DISGUSTING!" Daichi cried, sticking out his tongue. "Don't you ever clean it?! You're a revolting fuck Tyson!"

Tyson hit him across the head. "I only cleaned it yesterday! Now shut up and LICK! Wait- do I mean that?"

"Uh…" Everyone watched with eyes like an owl as Daichi closed his eyes, and leaned closer to the seat as he took his last break of dignity before he slowly closed in. His body grimaced when he felt the tip of his tongue touch it. With one quick stroke, he pulled away indefinitely, his green eyes wide and horrified.

"Ew he actually did it!" Hilary wanted to spew and threw her hand over her mouth.

"That was the most disgusting thing ever! SHIT!" The redhead ran to the sink and washed out his mouth.

Tyson groaned. "I'm going to have to disinfect that now..." Hilary giggled as everyone wandered back into the room, suddenly feeling quite ill. The circle formed again, it was Daichi's turn.

"Heh, heh, heh. Ray," Everyone glanced at the disconnected teen that seemed to be examining his fingernails, picking something out. "Truth, dare, double dare, promise to repeat, hot chilli peppers, liquorice or electric chair?" Immediately Ray looked up and grinned. "Oh boy! You picked me!" Laughter split the room. He sounded so high. "Then I choose double dare!"

"Oh, you better make this good, Daichi..." Hilary warned.

"I double dare you to..." Daichi paused as he glanced around for inspiration. "Aha." Then it hit him. Kai sat looking glumly amused, though how he pulled that off he had no idea. All night Kai had been annoyed by Ray. An evil grin spread across his lips. "Kiss Kai!"

Inevitably Kai jerked, having to blink a couple of times to let it sink in.

Tyson, Max, Kenny and Hilary stared at Daichi in disbelief and together turned their heads to Kai, then Ray.

"A-A gay kiss!?" Hilary looked like she was about to explode in pleasure, the thought mused a weird expression on her face, that really freaked the others out.

Kai stared at the drunken Neko-Jin, his golden gaze making him very uneasy. Kiss? Is this some sort of sick joke? Lucky for me, I don't think Ray will do it... I mean come on... Kai gulped. Will he..? He seriously doubted that. Ray was drunk. He wouldn't know what he was doing!

"Well..." Ray began and sent a gentle smile around at all his friends. "OK!"

"WAH!?" Max gaped, the only word that came out. Technically, it wasn't even a word.

"EXCUSE me!?" Kai looked explainably shocked when the Neko pounced towards him, grabbed Kai's neck and pulled him close. "Get the fu-" The phoenix was cut off when his lips were pressed harshly against Ray's. For countless seconds, his eyes remained wide, unable to pull himself away from the drunken cat as his claws dug into his cheeks and lips pressed against his.

Max's mouth was wide open and his hand fell upon Daichi's shoulder. "Daichi, I love you."

Daichi stared at the scene, looking delightfully proud of himself. "You too, Max."

They had no idea what they were saying, a mixture of the drink and the total corruption of their eyes drew to the kissing.

For a reason unknown to him, Kai found himself enduring into the kiss and closed his eyes, but not for long as Ray pulled away, letting out a loud breath of air. "Ah." Everyone just watched and blinked as Ray settled down as though nothing had happened, smartening up his face again as he wiped away the drool.

Kai was left on the floor to blink hysterically in surprise. He just... he just...

"You know... we should get Ray pissed more often," Tyson suggested. He glanced across at Hilary who gazed in amazement at Kai and Ray, her eyes all loved up. "Hilary's a pervert!"

On that outburst the brunette pulled out of her trance and glared at Tyson. "Fuck you!" She blushed furiously.

Yes please! Tyson smirked jokily to himself before he gasped. Wow. Do I actually... mean that?

"Kai, how you feeling?" Kenny asked politely. The phoenix only managed to blink.

"...Great, just great," He answered. Somehow, he found his sarcastic tone.

Max laughed. "Poor Kai's falling victim tonight, though he probably enjoyed it."

"Not as much you'll enjoy a punch in the face," Kai fed back with a gulp of alcohol like it was coke. He really needed it.

Kenny gasped.

"All right, my turn!" Ray declared, waving his hands in the air and almost toppled over in the process. "Truth or what's it's face Tyson!"

The dragon looked slightly cowardly against the expression on his friend's face. He could only expect something bizarre and weird to come out of his mouth after actually being enthusiastic about kissing Kai. He grinned. And I like it... the weirder, the better. So I better pick... "Dare."

"Not double dare?" Daichi taunted. "You're scared in Ray's state he's gonna give you something really crap and daring, right?"

"No! I'm not!" Tyson growled.

"Don't worry guyz! I won't go easy on him!" Ray hiccupped with a giggle to himself. He slid over to Tyson in a sway and leant over to his ear, his alcoholic breath whisked up Tyson's nose. Tyson tried to move away but Ray only pulled him closer and whispered something in his ear.

As each word drained through him his eyes widened more and more. Ray pulled away quite drunkenly pleased with himself. "Go for it dude!"

"What!? You're joking; please tell me you're joking!" Tyson begged, almost squealing. Ray shook his head and grinned. "WHA-"

"So, what is it?" Asked Kenny, intrigued, as was everyone else.

The navy-haired teen growled. By any means, he did not want to be the first person out of the circle. Before Kenny too! Suddenly, a visible red flush fell across his face which caused everyone to seriously begin to wonder. They watched as he stood up and began to walk across the middle of the circle, stopping in front of a nervous Hilary.

He looked at her for a moment. "Sorry Hilary, but I gotta hump your leg."

"..." The brunette looked just about ready to burst. Her chocolate eyes took in his apologetic, blushing face. "And you call me a pervert!"

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