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My Ray

Immediately Kai knew he was going to regret this. Big time.

"Oh baby!" Tyson pumped his fist into the air. "That's just what I was hoping for you total sucker!" Tyson laughed in his face. "Ha! Sucker! Sucker!" Tyson pointed and howled. Kai gripped his shirt, tearing his anger out into it.

"Yeah baby!" Ray joined in. "Suuuucker!" Suddenly, to everyones dismay, besides Hilary and Kai (and a very questionable Tala) Ray dropped his pants. "Kai's such a sucker! Teehee! So come suck my big boy!"

"... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... "

Screams of laughter, horror, and the undecided caused a giant earthquake in the room. "AHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Tyson fell over, his stomach hurting so much already he needed the bathroom. Daichi thought he was going to wet himself. Hilary didwet herself. Max and Kenny were crying, in laughter, sadness, god knows what. Tala was ogling Ray, and Kai... had his jaw dropped, probably appropriate if he had a huge 'enter here' sign above it.

"Ray..." Kenny only just managed to say. "Pull your bloody pants up!"

"I've honestly never witnessed so much exposure in one night," Daichi cried.

"R-R-Ray..." Everyone quietened somehow when Kai began to speak, tears streaming down their faces. But the words never came out, and his mouth was still wide open.

"Haha! I think Kai's trying to tell you something Ray with that wide mouth," Tala grinned.

"Oh! You think so!" Ray buzzed and ran towards Kai.

"What the-" Kai flew backwards like his nakedness was a disease. His eyes were wide and horrified, or more like, shocked with pleasure, when Ray jiggled himself towards him. "Get away Ray!" Kai cried, pushing the Neko back with one hand. It wasn't even hard, but Ray still managed to fall and land harshly on his back. "Just give me that goddamned ELECTRIC CHAIR!" He blushed.

"Wah!" Ray scurried up and pulled up his pants, everyone still laughing hysterically.

"Geez..." The phoenix groaned.

"Ha...ha... oh I know what I'll have you do," Tyson chuckled, giving Kai the willies for some reason. "I electric chair you to use your scarf as a diaper," Kai didn't like this already. "And pretend Ray is your mummy! You have to act like a baby! Oh, and also go back to that 24/7 store and show that Ray has given birth!"

"Ohohohoho..." Max was static.

Kai just stared at him. He shook his head. "What are you trying to do to me Tyson Tyson Tyson Tyson Tyson Tyson Tyson Tyson Tyson Tyson?!"

Tyson rolled his eyes. "Woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof."

"Awww..." Ray wandered over to Kai and patted him on the shoulder. "How wonderful! I've given birth. Let's go, son!" Everyone snorted. "Let's get you in to that diaper before you poop yourself!"

"...What?" Kai stared. It seemed Kai had no choice but to carry out the electric chair. Ray grabbed him and flung him on Tyson's bed, beginning to strip him. "RAY!" Kai cried, not even bothering to struggle. He seemed to get all his clothes off easily but when he came down to his underwear, Kai pushed him off. "I'll do that myself thanks..."

He went out of the room. Seconds later, he emerged back in...

"Oh my..." Tala dropped his alcohol bottle. Kai looked like every word possible. With red blush painted on his face, his stripped top half and legs flashed, and his scarf wrapped neatly around his middle like an actual diaper, he looked hilarious, cute, amusing, entertaining, and sexy, Ray thought.

"You really do look the part!" Hilary giggled. "Awww, Kai looks like a wittle baby!"

Ray sniffed. "I'm SO proud!"

Kai blushed deeper. "Argh. Fuck off."

"Wooooa! Baby Kai no swear! Naughty!" Kai's eyes flashed open when Ray spanked him. "Now-" He froze when the tiger led him towards Tyson's old pram which he had dug out especially. With that, he pushed Kai in, but he could only fit in sideways and his legs and arms were hanging out. Actually, it looked too painful for words.

"Ahhhh! I think I'm gonna die due to the cuteness!" Hilary cried. "Kai you look SO adorable!"

Tyson turned red. "Not as adorable as me..." He whispered.

"..What was that?"


Kai didn't do anything except 'Hn' and look sexy.

"Heh..." Tala grabbed a new bottle and gave it to Kai. "Baby Kai needs milk- or should I say, lovely strong bitterness. I think you'll need this, anyway."

Kai grunted. "Yeah, thanks."

"So come on then Kai! Act like a baby! What do babies need, Kai!? Babies need their mothers!" Tyson sniggered. Kai had never looked so freaking funny before.

Kai blushed. None of them could even begin to imagine what he was feeling right now, and he wasn't even sure himself. He guessed he had no choice but to do what Tyson said. He gulped, preparing himself. "M-Mummy... I want toys!" His voice was so well altered to fit a baby's cute tone he deserved a medal. Immediately everyone laughed.

"Oh, of course darling Kai!" Ray skipped happily to Tyson's bed and rummaged under it- and pulled out a football. "Here," He threw the ball without thinking and it clonked Kai right on the head. "Oops!"

"Ha! Are you trying to kill your baby!?" Tyson cried.

Kai froze for a moment... then... "Waaaaaaaaaaah! Waaaaaaaaaah!"

"Oh!" Ray ran to his baby's aid. "You poor boy! I'm so sorry. There there." He stroked Kai's face. The gang thought they would never stop laughing. "What do you want?"

"Mmmm..." Kai pondered. "I want Tala's dirty magazine!"

"Wha-" Tala stared.

"Hmmm... Okay!" He grabbed the magazine from Tala and gave it to Kai, who started to chew on it.

"What the hell! Ray would make one shit parent!"

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Kai cried again, kicking his legs and arms out, successfully managing to hit Tyson where it hurts.

"Oh no! What now?!" Ray cried.

"Tyson's face is scaring me! I want him to go! Waaaaah!"

"Woof! Why you little-" Tyson rolled up his sleeve and approached Kai, tightening his fist.

Ray gasped. "How dare you try to hurt my baby!" The Neko punched Tyson and he stumbled, falling backwards against Max. "Get away you horrid boy!"

"Haha! Looks like this is backfiring against you, Tyson," Max smirked, holding Tyson's shoulders.

"Woof... Ah..." Tyson held himself up and soothed his jaw where Ray had affectionately whacked him. "You're telling me. But not for much longer. Ray! Take that... little bastard for a trip to the 24/7 store."

Ray saluted. "Yes! We need baby wipes! Let's go, Kai."

"..Will you buy me more dirty magazines?" Kai asked in such innocence Hilary wanted to attack him with hugs. "They taste good..."

Ray smiled in a motherly way. "Of course my child. Anything you want."

And so, Ray left Tyson's Dojopushing Kai in a pram. The people from before were still stood outside, having taken a liking to the madness that was going on at Tyson's that night. If they were shocked by the antics before then they really didn't know what hit them when they saw Kai kicking his legs in the air, looking like a baby with muscles, drinking from a bottle of alcohol and wailing random things.


"Do de do!" Ray sang happily. "Off I go to the store with my beloved baby Kai! Hehe!" The Bladebreakers and Tala followed, giggling.

Tala noticed all the people staring and decided to give them something to really stare at. He mooned them. They gasped.

"Woaaaaaaaa!" Max gaped. "I can't believe you just did that!"

"What! What did I miss!" Ray shrieked, leaving Kai in the pram in the middle of the road.

"Tala mooned those guys!"

"Ah shit.. I missed that!? Was it peachy!?" Ray looked heartbroken. Then he grinned. "You know, I'll bet Kai's butt is as soft as a baby's bottom. I may have to check."

"Wah?" Kai's face was suddenly blazed with sharp, yellow light from up ahead. Then he realized. A car was travelling towards him. "WAAAAAAAH!" Panic settled in but he struggled to get his butt unstuck from out the pram. He cried louder. "WAAAAAAAAAH. OH FOR FUCKS SAKE! RAY YOU BASTARD COME HELP ME! EMERGENCY! BABY IN HEADLIGHTS!"

Ray turned around and nearly fainted when he saw the car nearing his 'son.' He screamed like a woman and bolted towards Kai. "No! My baby! Someone save my baby!" Tyson etc. just stared. Just in the nick of time Ray dived into the pram with Kai and inevitably it rolled across onto the pavement just as the car drove past and beeped.

"Woa..." Ray was somehow squished inside the pram, head first with his butt in the air. Very comical looking. Kai was muffling something, literally pancaked by Ray's weight. Eventually he managed to throw him off and the Neko rolled across the floor, and Kai sat up, exasperated.

"ARGH! I can't believe you stupid idiots just stood there!" Kai cried, pointing at Tyson and Tala.


"But..." Ray began, concerned. "Tala didn't just stand there. He was mooning people."

"..." Kai sighed. "HOW THE FUCKING HELL DOES THAT MAKE IT ALRIGHT!? I don't care if he's got his cock stuck in a shredder, I'd still expect him to help me!"

"...Wow, that must hurt!" Ray grinned.


"Now now, don't be naughty Kai!" Ray shook his finger and everyone laughed. "Or no candy and dirty magazines for Kai. Don't be such a grouch." The watchers-on gaped. There was nothing normal about any of this.

Kai huffed and blushed, cringing. "Wah. Goo goo."

"Oh my god..." Hilary nearly died. "GOO GOO!"

So, after gaining a lot more attention from people and Tala showing off his lovely, peachy bottom, they finally made it to the store (it was only a few yards away but took them half an hour). Ray pushed the door open with his bum and Kai felt the stares hit them straight away.

Some random man actually dropped his basket of shopping. The shop keeper looked like he was having a spasm. To make it even worse Tala was mooning him through the window, his butt pressed against the glass. "WHAT THE-"

"Oh!" Ray spun and smiled at the man. "Hello! I've given birth to a beautiful sexy boy!" The shop keeper stared in horror.

"Uh... goo goo!" Kai let out warily, flailing his legs around like he was about to have a tantrum. "Egh..egh... sniff."

"..." Beautiful? All the shop keeper saw was one big ugly baby on steroids.

"Where are your baby wipes?" Ray asked, grinning. The man just stared, his face white. Tyson and everyone once again entered the shop and headed straight for the porn magazines.

Kai saw and suddenly let out a loud whimper. "I want DIRTY MAGS!" He huffed, crossing his arms.

Ray sighed. "Yes Kai dear, I know. Let's get those first," Ray giggled and looked back at the shop man before turning. "Tut. Such a growing lad is my Kai!"

"Hmmm..." The Neko picked up random magazines and threw them into his basket. Boobs, boobs and more boobs. Penis' and sheep. Everything a pervert could ever ask for.

Kai picked up a random magazine and started chewing on it. He purposely slobbered all over it, took out a chunk and flung it on the floor. "TASTE BAD!"

"Oh, Kai! Naughty boy! If you're not careful young man I'll have to spank you-" Ray bent over and picked up the magazine, the whole shop gazing at them in complete amazement. The shop man actually gagged with feeling sick at that although felt himself developing a nosebleed-

Hilary giggled. She couldn't believe how cute Kai was, but she knew he must be suffering. His cheeks were constantly flushed pink. She felt his pain. But that wasn't the only thing she wanted to feel... His doo-dah sticks out rather bluntly under that scar- heh, I mean diaper...

"Right," Ray sighed. "Now the baby wipes."




"No! You've had enough excitement for one day!"

"But I want something else!"

Ray slapped his head and shook it. "Sigh. I spoil you too much, Kai. What do you want now?"

"I want.. that one!" Kai pointed towards a young, pretty woman. She looked a little startled at first but then smiled- he really was a cutie.

Ray shook his head. "Uh, no Kai. Why her? That one is so much nicer!" He pointed at some very scared cute boy then. "Don't you want that one instead?"

"Hmmm... goo!" Kai agreed and clapped his hands happily.

"WOA!" Tyson suddenly yelled and pointed. "That baby's GAY!"

"Hey! Who do you think you-" Ray was cut off.

Kai narrowed his eyes. It was time to teach Tyson a lesson. "WAAAAH! That boy is scary mummy, he keeps pulling weird faces mummy, he's soooo fugly waaah! Tyson!"


"Tyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyson!" Kai sang.


"Oh my gawd-" People watched as everything suddenly went bonkers.

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! Tyson scary! Tyson scary! Tyson scary! Tyson fugly!"

"Ah! Woof, woof, woof. WOOF! Tell your fucking baby to shut it's mouth before I clobber the little shit!" Tyson yelled, throwing a porn mag across the shop. He managed to clunk Kai on the head who in return cried louder. Tala then began making fucking noises in the background to add to the insanity.

"Waaaaah. I wanna do what Tala is doing!"

"Not until you're older, Kai darling," Ray said.

"Waaaaah. But I wanna fuck something!" Tyson caught the brief smirk on his face when he pointed towards him. "I wanna fuck Tyson!"

Tyson let out a loud, estranged gasp and turned redder than whatever was really red. "Woof! Oh my god! Control your baby's gay sexual urges please!"

"Oh, oh yeah Daichi!" Tala screamed rather loudly.

Daichi squeaked. "Huh!?"


Daichi covered his ears. "AAAAAAAAARGH!"

"MOOOOOOOOO," Max joined in randomly.

"Waaaaahhhh Tyson!"

"WOOF cocksucker!"

"OH THAT'S IT!" The loud revelation came and immediately the room fell back into a short pause. The shop keeper had punched his counter rather hardly and was fuming, red in the face. "This is a grocery shop not a bloody brothel! Get out! Before I call the police!"



"Hush hush Kai!" Ray stroked Kai's hair and tangled his fingers in the mess. He looked back up and scowled at the man. "Let's go. We don't need to put up with this nonsense. You mean man! You made my son cry! Hpm!" With that, Ray marched out of the shop with Kai, he now sucking on his bottle quietly.

"Geez.." Tala scratched the back of his head. "I can't have decent hanky panky anywhere..." And he stormed out. Tyson, Max, Hilary and Kenny glanced at each other then raced out afterwards, along with a very confused Daichi.

"Uh..." Out into the street, everyone crawled back to the Dojo, exhausted, blinking, like snails trudging along. That had to be one of the most eventful shopping trips ever, and Kai was STILL acting like a baby. And Tala was still mooning random people.

Back inside, Ray collapsed on the floor. "I never knew having a kiddy was so tiring. Especially Kai, all he wants to do is fuck all the time. It sure does get tiring."


Kai suddenly sprang up from the pram, face still red. "Never, in my whole life, am I ever, ever, going to do ANYTHING like that again, even if you paid me, I fucking swear." They just looked at him.

"..Not even if I showed you my ding dong, hehe!" Ray giggled.


Tyson coughed happily. "I think that's an exception."

Kai looked ready to pick up Ray and shove his groin in Tyson's face just to see how he liked it.. Not that I mind anyway. Unfortunately, Hilary butt in.

"Ahem! So!" The brunette stood up lazily. "I don't think we're getting anywhere! I mean after seeing Kai doing that... I don't think there's anything left we haven't seen. So how about some sort of tie-breaker between Kai, Ray and Tyson?"

"Hmmm..." Kai narrowed his eyes.

"I know! How about..." She looked perverted. "...the first person to capture Tala and strip him, tie him to a tree and make out with him wins," Tala looked turned on while the rest just stared. "But you've all got to dress like girls to turn Tala on."

Tala's eyes widened then, not to mention Kai, Ray and Tyson's. Although Kai had just dressed as a baby, so it didn't really matter. "Who said I like girls..." Everyone gazed across at the redhead then in wonder.

"..Really?" Asked Max.

"Heh, No, joking, joking!" He scratched his head, looking suspiciously shifty. Well then again, he'd always looked shifty.

"Soooo!" Ray exclaimed. "All in favourrr of Hilary's idea?"

"Aye!" Everyone agreed and put their hand up apart from Kai. Actually, even Tala did.

"What the? But .. but... argh!" Kai sighed, defeated. "Can I have slave enlisted for help?" Daichi looked scared.

Hilary shook her head. "Nope. And Kai.. you might want to get dressed first.." She giggled, and he looked down, realizing he was still sat with his scarf wrapped around himself. He blushed. "A-Although on the other hand..."

"Aha! Hilary still has her mind in the gutter," Daichi giggled and Tyson scowled at him.

She flushed. "Go shave Daichi you hairy freak! And you three go dress like girls!" She ordered, pointing to the door.

"Uh, Hil. I'm a guy. I don't have girl's clothes," Tyson pointed out.

Hilary smiled. "Oh, I'm sure you could cut up some old pants and make them into a skirt. And you can use my make-up."

"A skirt! Oh boy! My long-term fantasy! I'm making a bra too!" Ray was really excited and zipped off out of the room to prepare. They heard him yell, "I'm gonna be a 40Z!"

"...Wow. Good for him," Hilary giggled.

Tyson was drooling. "Mmmm... 40...Z..."

"...Does that even exist?" Asked Max, blinking.

Tala smirked. "You'd be surprised." Not so long afterwards, Ray returned to the room... everyone stared.

Ray actually WAS a 40Z. His bazookas stuck farther out than the Eiffel tower. (And he was wearing a skirt that could pass as a belt, but that pretty much flew past most of them as his chest was just asking for attention. Kai however was enjoying how tight Ray's thighs looked.)

"Woa..." Tyson was dribbling like a baby now. "I want some of those puppies!"

Hilary giggled. "Let me do your make-up, Ray!" She approached him with lipstick and he didn't look the slightest bit reluctant. Tyson got his outfit sorted to, although Kai was a little more resistant and took them ages just to get him to wear the bikini Ray made for him. Well, actually, they pinned him down.

"You little fuckers! Get the fuck off me before I shove this fucking tartfit up your arse!" He was more pleasant than they thought, actually. Eventually when they had fitted it on him they stood back and let him up, their eyes widening in humour. The bikini only just fit his huge manly chest and it was pretty obvious the bottoms were madesmall on purpose to meet Ray's needs. They even had cute little ribbons on the side. He just looked hilarious. A very convincing drag queen.

"Your mind works like mine.." Hilary drooled. Tyson looked great too, very womanly and revealing with his tank top and skirt, but Kai was just the picture. "Okay!" She grinned. "We are ready!" Kai was blushing beet red but was determined to go through with it.

Tala nodded. "Catch me if you can!" And he shot out of the door.

"Remember, no cheating! Stripping each other or innocent members of the public and making out with them doesn't count. It has to be Tala," She pointed.

"Yeah yeah!" Tyson rolled his eyes. "I feel so gay..."

"Feelings turn into reality," Kai smirked at him.

"Oh Mr. Homo, I pity you with your poor bare feet..."

"Huh?" Kai looked down- then up at Tyson- The little shit had stole his shoes! "Hey!"

Tyson grinned. "This isn't cheating, just an edge on winning!" And he ran out of the door. Ray laughed and followed.

"Oh, Kaaai," Hilary sang and he turned and looked at her, face dropping. She was swinging her heels with her hands.

"Oh for fucks sake, I can't make myself look any more of a twit, I've already done that. So give me those boots."

When Kai waddled out into the street, a pair of white, thin heals on his feet, people nearly died laughing. Unfortunately, people from earlier were still around. And when Kai saw the gay people, he actually started to run frantically to look for Tala.

"Oh wow, it's that babe from before!" One cried. Kai blinked. And ran faster.

It was all very crazy and amusing. There were three drag queens running around the neighbourhood, looking lost, and Kai must have fell over countless times in the heels. What on earth possessed him to wear them anyway?

"Where the hell is Tala the little arsehole!?" The Russian yelled out, just as he fell flat on his face.

Daichi burst out laughing.

Max grunted. "Ah man, watching all them in drag makes me wanna..."

Hilary, Kenny and Daichi all stared at him. Suddenly, someone with red hair caught their eyes as they appeared from a bush, dashing up the street.

"Gahahaha! Run run run as fast as you can, you can't catch me, I'm the naked man!" It was Tala, who was... naked.

"Uh... Tala? Wasn't the dare to strip him!?" Hilary burst, "Why the hell is he.. er..." She blushed. "Naked?"

Kai looked up, eyes wide, then pounced up with great difficulty and held out his hand, swaying. "STOP! In the name of nakedness!" And he bolted after him, took a few good steps, before falling right on his face again. "OH FUCK THIS!" Kai growled and sat up, his red face throbbing and threw off his heels angrily. "Tala, you get back here!" And he ran after him, his cute bikini flapping against him in the wind. Baywatch, anyone?

"Haha! I already got pinned down and stripped by Ray, but I got away! Oh yeah, you'll never catch naked man," Tala chuckled and that caused Kai to run faster, anger suddenly thrusting against him. How dare he get stripped by Ray. No. He wasn't going to stand for it. As well as tying him to a tree and kissing him stupid, he was gonna shove a super-glued stick up his arse and hold it there until it dried to teach him a lesson.

Suddenly from no where, Tyson came zooming out from the corner and crashed into Kai, who fell backwards and landed on his backside with such a thump it almost sounded like a crack.

"OWCH!" Tyson cried, nearly falling on top of Kai before Kai came back to reality and pushed him off him.

"Tyson you moron! I nearly had Tala!" Kai screamed, holding his banging head.

"WOOF! WHAT!?" Tyson screamed, jumping up. "He's here? Where!?"

"Oh, I don't think so..." Kai growled and grabbed the misunderstanding Tyson, grinning at him before kneeing him in between his legs. Tyson howled in pain and fell backwards. "Sorry sucker, but I'm winning this."

And he ran off, smirking to himself but on the inside he was furious and so determined to get to Tala before Ray did, and turning around the corner, he stopped dead.

"Noooo!" Tala was screaming as the Neko-Jin grabbed a hold of him and flung him against a tree, beginning to tie a rope around his middle. Kai watched, stunned, his eyes burning, as Tala struggled, but laughing as Ray began to tickle him under his arms.

"HAHA! Ray you- haha- cut it out- ha, please!"

Ray grinned. "Not likely you little whore! Now here comes a kiss from daddy-"

Tala blinked. "Wow, do you have any idea how creepy that sounded?" Ray approached him, his smile perverted and sinister, eyes wandering down his body which Tala rather enjoyed. "Heh.. hey, Ray. Can you remember when I..." Kai sneaked closer, desperate to hear. "...gave you that lap dance?" His crimson eyes widened.

Ray looked puzzled. "Erm, yah! My dream duuude!" He smiled. "It was hella kinky."

Tala sniggered. "No Ray, you were pissed as fuck. So was I. It wasn't a dream."

"It wasn't!?" Ray asked. "Hmmm..." He patted his chin and looked up, something vaguely coming back to his drunken mind.

Tala peeled off his shirt, swaying his hips towards Ray and sexily running his hands down his own body, all the way down to his toes, his flexibility unbelievably pleasing. Ray sat grinning as Tala approached him, and sat on his lap slowly, leant forward and grunted dangerously against Ray's ear.

"Ooooh Taaala, what big eyes you have..." Ray sniggered.

Tala licked Ray as he continued to move against him, his legs jiggling in a little, sexy dance. "All the better to see you with, my dear..." Tala nibbled his neck then.

Ray grunted. "What sharp teeth you have..."

Tala smirked. "All the better to eat you with..."

"Oh!" Ray laughed. "Thaaat was hawt. So. It wasn't a wet dream. Huh. Anyway." Ray looked around and madesure Hilary and co. were watching, which they were with wide eyes, and closed the gap between him and Tala, his boobs squishing against the naked boy's chest.

Kai, still hiding in a bush, now with Tyson at his side, had his jaw dropped. A hidden anger had exploded, blood rushing straight to his hot head. His fists clenched, mouth wobbling, nose sweating. Ray and Tala? Kai scowled as jealousy coursed through his veins. No one had his Ray. No One.

He ignored Tyson's gaping face, due to having lost, and ran out of the bush towards Ray and Tala, who were still kissing. Face like a thunderstorm, when he reached Ray, he clasped a heavy hand onto Tala and in surprise, they broke away from each other.

"Excuse me, but... this is mine," Kai said, glaring at Tala. For a second everyone thought Kai was being a sore loser and was going to kiss Tala. But suddenly he turned his focus and to his happy surprise, spun Ray around with his hand and kissed him.

It was strong and powerful, every time their lips touched sparks flew into the sky. As well as that, it was pretty amusing, being in drag and all.

Tyson, Hilary, Daichi, Kenny, Max, even Tala, couldn't comprehend what they were seeing. Even more so when Ray kissed back, their arms becoming clipped around each of their bodies.

"Well... I never..." Kenny managed to say but no one else said a word for a long, long time. And Kai and Ray didn't pull apart for a long, long time.

"Hmm..." Hilary had to restrain herself from drooling. It just wasn't fair. Why did Kai and Ray always get to kiss? All night she hadn't had a single one... Oh. She suddenly blushed, remembering Tyson's little gesture that got rudely interrupted. She glanced over at him and he didn't much notice her shift towards him, still gaping at Kai and Ray.

"Ahem..." She patted him on the shoulder and he looked around. "Wanna..." He knew what she meant straight away. He grinned and shrugged.

"Why not?" And he kissed her.

Max coughed and looked warily across at Kenny. The boy blinked, then understood. "WHAT! NO, NO! Are you crazy!?"

"Huh," The blonde scoffed. "Don't say I didn't ask."

Tala and Daichi just stood there like the lonely muppets they were.

And so, the night carried on with more drinking and more randomness and.. more stripping.


Ray sat up, noticing his head banging like a drum straight away. "Ah, geez..." He looked around, lots of passed-out teens lying around the room in some weird positions- one being Max with his butt in Kenny's face. God knows how that happened. "What happened here?" Tyson and Hilary were lying together, his arm around her waste. Same for Tala and Daichi, rather strangely.

His eyes caught something laid on the floor and at first he just stared at it, wondering what it could possibly be. Taking a deep breath, he reached out and grabbed it. It was a picture of... his eyes widened in horror. Himself naked. "Holy shit with sugar on top! What the hell went on in here last night! What the..oh my gosh.." Ray blushed. That couldn't be him, it just couldn't be. It wasn't possible. He'd never do anything like that in his whole life. "Goodness... this can't be real. It has to be fake. Ah, who am I kidding? I must have gotten absolutely bladdered last night! And my banging head speaks for itself..." He blinked. "Hey, who am I talking to?"

Someone chuckled.

A little startled, the Neko glanced to his side, and to his surprise, saw Kai lying there with his eyes open, staring at him through hungry crimson eyes.

"...Kai? Damn. I can't remember a thing. And I feel like shit."

"You look like shit." Kai looked sad. "You can't remember... anything?"

Ray continued to look down at the phoenix. There was something about him... "N-No... but..." He closed his eyes. There was definitely something tugging in his mind, and for some reason the guess was as clear as water. It just felt right. Everything.

He watched Kai's face turn into wonder when he grinned. "Oh. But..." He leant down and Kai felt something soft brush against his lips. At first, Kai hesitated. Then he kissed back, wrapping an arm around Ray's neck, before he pulled away slightly. "I know this is right." He smiled and leant in again and whispered against his lips. "My instinct... has never failed me yet."

The tiger leant in again to kiss him and for a few seconds, shared a nice, passionate kiss. It was so different from last night. Ray wasn't rough or drunken but it was so sweet and gentle, until Kai pulled apart to speak.

"I've got a question," Kai spoke seriously, and to his surprise, Ray laughed.

"Oh, I'm sorry Kai.." He settled down. "It's just... me and Tala..." Kai looked sceptical. "It was a long time ago. I was drunk, he was drunk, it was nothing... I was so drunk I could hardly remember it properly. Trust me, Kai..." Ray giggled and left little kisses over Kai's lips. "I like you, you're the one I want."

"Oh, so you do remember a bit, then?"

Ray pouted. "Not really. It's like I just know. But I can't work out why I'm..." Ray looked down at his body. "Naked..."

Kai couldn't suppress the smirk. "You know, I don't regret playing the game any more." Ray raised his eyebrows. "...Because now I've found out something I didn't know before. I like boys, too."

Ray grinned. "Oh Kai..." And he leaned in and kissed him again, hot and fiery this time. Their lips moved as though they'd done it a million times over, both kissing with confidence.

Another thought hit Kai and he pulled back, again.

"You've still got to electric chair everyone, Ray. You won the game of truth or dare. And... enslave everyone." He sighed. "And I have to announce to the BBA I'm gay. Although it is truthful."

"Hmm. Slave, huh? I like the sound of that. I suppose, I'll make all those guys cook my meals and wash my socks and wipe my arse for me when I need the toilet."

"..You serious?"

"Heh. Maybe not the latter. But... you, Kai. You'll be fun. And as for their electric chair? Hmm. They'll be forced into watching you perform your electric chair. Which is... dig deep into me, Mr. Homo..." Kai raised his eyebrows though soon came to accept it. He'd like it, he was sure of that, obviously with an audience it would make it rather interesting.

Kai laughed. "Fine. But remember, I'm not yours. You're mine." Ray chuckled.

"Uhhh..." They glanced over at Tyson who was still sleeping like a baby. "Woof..."

Kai and Ray chuckled quietly to themselves. And so, with time to spare, they decided to practise Kai's Electric Chair.

The End

Oh dudes... That was SO long! And after all the anticipation, I really hope I've made it a good ending, if I haven't I'm sowwee!! -.- And yes, Kai's electric chair was to have sex with Ray.

Oh, just to let you know, I have a rather weird Kai/Tala one shot out soon, it's a little bit like this, so if you liked EC then I hope you can check that out too!

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