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My Transformers story is going to be on the Cybertron/Galaxy Force series, as it is my favorite series as well as my favorite version of Optimus Prime


I got the idea for this story from Cman710's "Homeworld" story, but I'll be using a different kid instead of Chris, and it won't be based from the '07 movie, it'll be based off the Cybertron series. And I will be using my own storyline, which won't be Cman710's but my own.

Chapter One.

On the planet Cybertron, in the middle of the ruins of a city that has clearly seen a devastating war, stood two giant robots, or 'Transformers' as the Cybertronain citizens called themselves. One was a red-and-blue Autobot called Optimus Prime, the other was a silver-and-black Decepticon with a purple face and orange optics, his name is Megatron.

Optimus Prime was in Super Mode at the, his legs were thicker, his feet were huge and he has wings with two cannons on strapped on his back.

Then, without warning, both Transformers charged at each other and clashed against each other at the same time! They were locked together by their hands, trying to crush each other's hands and push the other down.

"You won't get away with this, Megatron!" Optimus yelled as he pulled one of his hands free and threw a big fist at Megatron.

Megatron caught the punch, kicked a leg out from under Optimus and threw him, causing the Autobot Commander to fly a few yards backward before crash-landing on his back.

"Oh, Prime," Megatron scoffed. "Will you give up already; you know you can't beat me."

Optimus' yellow optics flared with anger and determination.

"Never, Megatron!" he turned one of his cannons around and aimed it directly at Megatron and fired a big blue beam at him.

When the cloud of smoke cleared, Megatron stood there, unharmed, his arms crossed over his chest.

"Is that the best you got? You're an even more disappointment than I thought…"

Megatron looked up to see a human space pod shooting across the sky, heading straight toward them. He watched as it crash-landed on Cybertron.

"I'd love to stay and chat, Prime, but I just saw something worth investigating."

He rose up in the air and flew toward to space pod. He landed next to it and ripped off the pod's door to find a little human boy inside.

"Ugh! I was hoping to find something worthwhile in here, but no, I find a weak, pathetic little creature in it." He said in disgust, in his eyes, small weaklings such as this boy did not deserve to live. He reached into the pod to take the boy and crush him.

Suddenly, a big blue foot collided against Megatron's purple face and he was thrown a dozen yards away on impact.

He looked up to see Optimus standing next to the pod, the two cannons on his wings were pointing directly at him.

"I will not allow you to harm the human, Megatron!" Optimus roared, his yellow optics glowing in fury. Threatening an innocent life was a sure way to get Optimus' tempter up. "One shall stand, one shall fall!" And with that, his two cannon open fire on Megatron, leaving the Decepticon Commander badly injured.

"Ugh! I can't believe it, an Autobot actually managed to hurt me!" he spat in disgust at his own defeat. He stood up slowly and painfully. "This isn't over, Prime, I'll be back!" A warp hole with a flaming outline appeared and he limped into it and the warp hole vanished.

Optimus transformed back to regular robot mode, parts of his legs and his wings disconnected from his body and connected to each other, forming his red fire engine's trailer with two gray cannon on top. His gray mouth plate lowered down to reveal his blue face and mouth, his black ears folded on the side of his head.

In this mode, he was a two feet shorter in Transformers term, in human term he was ten feet shorter.

Optimus walked over to the space pod to retrieve the unfortunate child. He gently laid his hand on the ground, palm-up, next to the space pod.

The child inside looks to be four-years-old by human standard, he was very cute with greenish-blue eyes and short blond hair. He was curled into a ball in the seat of the space pod, whimpering and shaking like a leaf as Optimus patiently waited for him to jump into his hand.

"It's okay, little one; I'm not going to hurt you." Optimus said in a soft and gentle voice. "I know you're frightened, but I promise to protect you." He smiled warmly at the child.

The boy looked up. "You promise?" he asked timidly.

Optimus nodded solemnly. "My words are my bound."

The little boy hesitated, and then he uncurled himself and slowly climbed out of the space pod and into Optimus' waiting palm. Optimus raised him so that they look each other, eyes-to-optics.

"My name is Optimus Prime, what is yours?" He asked the youngster.

"I-I'm Jason…" he said timidly.

"Well, Jason, welcome to Cybertron." Optimus said. "How did you get here?"

"Mommy and Daddy put me in that thing, I dunno why… they seems scared when they put me in there."

"Alright, I'll take you back with me and we'll figure this out, okay?"


Optimus laid his hand down on the ground so Jason could hop off.

Then he converts to his vehicle mode, which was a red fire engine with two gray cannons on top of the trailer. The door on the driver's side opened and some extra steps was lowered so Jason can get in.

"Hop in," Optimus said, his orange headlights blinking as he spoke.

Jason slowly climbed the steps into the driver's seat. He sat down and the seatbelts automatically buckled themselves around him.

"When out for a drive, always fasten your seatbelt." Optimus said through the radio. Jason nodded, gripping Optimus' steering wheel.

"Can I drive, Opt-a-mush?" he asked cutely, but mispronouncing Optimus' name slightly.

"Yes, you may," Optimus replied, deciding to let him take the wheel without actually taking control. Optimus started rolling away, driving slowly but picking up speed little-by-little.

"Vroooom, vroom, vrooooom!" Jason was making racecar sounds as Optimus drove toward Autobot HQ. Optimus chuckled through his radio.

"Am I a racing truck now?" he asked, amused.

"Yep!" Jason exclaimed happily. "Go faster, Opt-a-mush!"

"Jason, can you say 'Prime'?" Optimus asked, getting a little annoyed with his name being mispronounced.

"Yes, 'Prime.'" Jason said, proudly proving that he can.

"Okay, call me Prime for now."

"Okay!" and he was back to making racecar sounds.

Optimus rolled into Autobot City and stopped.

"Hang on, Jason." Optimus said before converting his trailer into a pair of wings and he hovered above the ground before he took flight, flying to the Autobot Command Center.

As he flew, he heard little Jason laughing joyously. He flew to the rooftop of the Autobot Command Center and landed on a circle, similar to the helicopter landing site. The circle lowered itself into the building

Optimus rolled down the hallway toward the medical center.

"Red Alert, Ratchet? Are you present?" Optimus asked.

"I'm here, Optimus," Red Alert came out of the shadow. "I couldn't go into the stasis for some reason, Ratchet is over there recharging. Why haven't you transformed yet?" he asked, noticing that Optimus was still in vehicle mode.

"I have a human child in the driver's seat." Optimus replied.

"From Earth City?" Red Alert asked, referring to a human-inhabited city on Cybertron.

"No, this one came here in a space pod, alone." Optimus said. "I want you to give him a full examination and an inspection for signs of physical injuries or errors."

'Errors' is a Transformers' term for sickness and allergies

Inside the truck, the seatbelt unfastened itself from Jason, and the door swung open.

"Jason, please step outside." Optimus said softly.

Jason slid down out of the seat to the floorboard, on his hands and knees, he crawled backward toward to the doorway. When his feet touch the steps, he climbed down to the ground.

"Optimus Prime, transform!" Optimus yelled, the front of the fire engine split in two halves to form the shoulders and arms, the trailer separated from the back as it folded back to form a pair feet with big heels. Optimus stood in his regular robot mode beside Jason.

Optimus bent down and laid his hand next to Jason, so that Jason could hop onto his palm, Jason did so.

Optimus straightened up and held Jason out to Red Alert.

"Be gentle with this one, Red Alert, I'm counting on you."

"Yes sir, I will treat him with the utmost care." Red Alert stated, he raised his hand and meant to take the child in his hand but the boy backed away from him, moving up to Optimus' wrist, looking scared.

"Jason, it's alright," Optimus said soothingly. "Red Alert is a great comrade of mine. He's not going to hurt you; he's just going to check you for injuries and errors."

"Can you do it?" Jason asked Optimus, glancing shyly at Red Alert.

"No I can't, sorry, Jason. I'm not a medical mech, or as human term put it, a doctor."

"You're not a doctor?" asked Jason, looking disappointed, he barely knew Optimus and he wasn't comfortable about having total stranger checking him out.

"No, I'm not," said Optimus. "Red Alert is the doctor, he'll check you out and it'll be okay, he won't hurt you, I promise."

"Can you stay with me?" Jason asked, not wanting Optimus to leave him.

"Looks like the human child has grown attached to you in a short amount of time, sir." Red Alert stated. "I suppose you can be present during the examination."

"Thank you, Red Alert." He extended his hand to Red Alert to give him Jason, but once again, the boy backed away from him in fright.

"Why don't you just set him on the examination table, he doesn't seem to want anybody else but you to hold him."

"Right," Optimus incline his head. He walked over to the examination table and sat Jason on top of it. "Now, stay still for me while Red Alert examines you."

"O-okay," Jason said nervously. "He's not going to give me a shot, is he?"

"What?" asked Optimus, misunderstanding the term of a shot. "No, he's not going to shoot you."

"Optimus, I believe he's referring to an injection, human children call them 'shots.'" Red Alert stated; he turned attention to Jason. "No, I will not give you a shot unless you need it."

Jason nodded but still felt untrusting toward Red Alert.

Red Alert took his pulse, and then did a bio scan on him with the monitors.

"Well, these test results indicates that he is perfectly healthy," Red Alert announced after an hour of examining Jason. "He only has an allergy to pollen. His reaction to pollen is sneezing twice and then no more reactions for a while afterward. We won't have to worry about that as pollen only exists on planets like the Jungle Planet and Earth."

Optimus nodded his approval. "That's good to hear. Thank you, Red Alert." He turned his attention back to Jason; the boy was standing up on the table, looking at him and holding his arms up as though he wanted to be picked up.

"Is this check-up over?" Jason asked as Optimus scooped him up in his hand.

"Yes, you did well." Optimus told him, smiling at him.

Jason hugged Optimus' index finger: "I love you, Prime."

"I love you too, Jason." Optimus then turn to Red Alert. "Open a warp gate to Earth City, I need to find out what Jason needs, as humans do not live on Energon."

"Yes sir." Red Alert said as he opened a warp gate.

"Thank you, Red Alert." Optimus said as he stepped into the warp hole with Jason in his hand, and the vanished from sight.

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