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Chapter Eleven

Miles away from the Autobots' base, the red seeker jet form of Starscream flew over Autobot City with a little boy crying inside of him, flying over the buildings until he hovered above a cyber-like mountain just outside the city's boundaries.

Starscream opened the hatch of the cockpit where the little boy sat and threw him out. The boy went screaming through the air as Starscream transformed into his robot mode. He quickly moved his hand under the boy and he landed on his palm. He held the boy close to his face, smirking at him.

"Well, Jason Prime…I finally caught you." Starscream said.

Jason was looking up at him in pure terror, his body shaking.

"Take off your shirt!" Starscream barked at him.

Jason flinched and shook even more as he slowly did as he was told, crying as he did so.

"Now, lie down on your belly." Starscream said when Jason had stripped himself to the waist. Still whimpering, Jason shakily obeyed, turning around and laying himself across Starscream's palm.

Starscream laughed triumphantly as he saw the small black Cybertronian mark imprinted on the center of Jason's upper back.

"There it is—the code!" Starscream yelled delightedly. "Now hold still, you little organic worm!" A beam shot out from Starscream's red optic and shone on the mark located Jason's back, downloading the code. Jason gasped as the beam hit him, it felt so warm.

Starscream smirked as he finished reading the code.

"So, the Allspark is located on Earth," he muttered to himself. "Now, to make sure the Autobots and Megatron don't get the code…" He moved a sharp finger to Jason's bare back, preparing to slice off part of Jason's skin where the mark was located.

"Pick on someone your own size, Starscream—like me!"

"Huh?" Before Starscream could so much as scratch Jason or turn to look at the intruder who stood next to him, a large black fist was thrown at his face and hit him! He fell sideway and Jason flew out of his hand.

Jason flew ten yards away before he was caught by his rescuer. He looked up, expecting to see his Daddy, Optimus Prime, but instead it was someone he didn't know, but he had an Autobot shield on his gray chest.

"Are you okay, kid?" he asked before he took a quick aim at Starscream and blasting at him.

"Y-yeah." Jason said shakily.

"What's your name?" the stranger asked, keeping his long red optic on Starscream who was in the stasis for the moment from a blow to the head by the stranger's shooting.

"J-Jason," he replied nervously. "Jason Prime."

"So, you're Optimus' kid, I thought I recognized you. The name's Jetfire, I was sent to find you when Barricade and Frenzy kidnapped you but as you know, your old man found you."

"Jetfire!" Optimus' voice rang out through the air.

Jetfire turned to see Optimus and Wing Saber approaching from the sky. They landed and Optimus stepped forward toward Jetfire.

Jetfire held Jason out to Optimus. "I believe he is yours, Optimus."

"Hold on to him, Jetfire, I got some unfinished business I need to take care of. Take him back to the med bay at the base."

"He's not hurt, Optimus." Jetfire stated.

"He may not be hurt, Jetfire, but I'm certain that Chris will be happy to see that Jason is alright."

"Chris is in the med bay, what for? Is he hurt?" Jetfire asked with concern.

"Yes, he received a blow to the head by Starscream here, and Prowl is there as well, he has been gravely injured and he lost a lot of Energon.

Jetfire growled Starscream's name in an angry tone.

"Jetfire, please take Jason back to the base." Optimus repeated, sounding a little more urgent this time. "I don't want further his suffering, do you understand?"

"But he's not hurt…"

"Maybe not physically, but emotionally, see how frightened he is?"

Jetfire examined the facial features of Jason and saw that he was indeed frightened, Jason was scared and he was sniffing and trying hard not to cry but tears flowed anyway.

"Alright sir, I'll take him. Good luck with Screamer here."

Jetfire's feet hover off the ground before he flew with Jason to the Autobot base.

Judging by the absence of Jason's shirt, Starscream had already read the code off of Jason's back… Optimus thought. Now I must stop Starscream before he get away and make the journey to wherever the Allsparks are.

Starscream came back online, he jumped to his feet.

"So, Optimus, you managed to save your little son for now." Starscream said, thinking that Optimus was the one who had hit him and blasted him. "You can have him, I have no use of him anymore." He said a smirk.

"Starscream, for what you've done, I'm not going to let you go so easily—Wing Saber!"

"Right behind you, Optimus," grinned the white mech named Wing Saber.

"Optimus Prime—Sonic Wing Mode!" yelled Optimus as the back of his legs flipped over to the bottom of his feet, forming a pair of large feet. The two blue water tanks from his trailer connected to the back of his legs.

Meanwhile, Wing Saber transformed into a pair of wings and strapped himself onto Optimus' back.

Optimus landed onto the ground with an earth-shaking force and stood tall. He had white wings strapped to his back and a yellow chest plate on his chest with an Autobot shield in the center of it.

"Only one should stand, Starscream. I will finish you." Optimus declared.

Optimus dashed over toward Starscream.

"You want me, come and get me!—CYBER KEY POWER!" Starscream yelled. A white key with a Decepticon shield on it shot out of the sky and into a key slot on Starscream's arm, activating his full power Energon swords. "Prepare to meet your doom, Optimus Prime!"

Optimus drew out a pair of katana blades and shifted his body into a defense stance.

"Show me what you got, Starscream." Optimus challenged.

"Oh, I intend to, Optimus!" Starscream dashed over to Optimus, raising his swords up over his head and bringing them down to slash Optimus but Optimus raised his katana blades and blocked Starscream's assault.

Then Starscream begin swinging his swords around, left and right, high and low, but his every attacks were blocked by the katana blades

Starscream jumped back as the last attack failed and smirked.

"Impressive, I didn't know that you were a swordsmech, Optimus."

"As Commander of the Autobots, I had to master every form of fighting and combat, including swordsmanship." Optimus stated.

"Well, let's see you stop this!" Starscream held his swords up high and swung them down on Optimus.

At the last moment, Optimus scanned Starscream's attack and saw that he was putting too much power behind the attack; his katana blades wouldn't stand a chance against that kind of force.

Throwing his katana blades aside, Optimus threw his hands up and caught Starscream's blades, he felt cracks forming on the base of his thumbs as he try to push Starscream down but that only made Starscream put more power behind his blades, deepening the crack wounds on Optimus' thumbs

"It's too bad you have to die out here, Optimus," Starscream said, adding more pressure on his blades. "Then that little organic worm is as good as dead next time I see him…"

Optimus' optics glowed bright, flaring with anger. He let out a yelled as he closed his hand on the blades and twisted them. With a loud a SNAP! The blades of Starscream's swords were ripped clean off his wrists!

Starscream staggered backward in shock.

"You just made a big mistake, Starscream!" Optimus shouted as he spun around on the spot and kicked out a leg, kicking Starscream in the stomach, sending the Seeker flying backward and crashing a few yards away.

Standing up, Starscream smirked. Without a word, he transformed into the red seeker jet and blasted off.

"You're not going anywhere, Starscream!" Optimus yelled; the wing pack on his back burst out a trail of flame and smokes as he shot upward.

He circled around Starscream and got in front of him. He then grabbed the front of the jet and whirled it up in the air before throwing it downward. Like a bullet, the jet shot to the ground and crash landed, creating a crater where it has struck the ground.

Groaning, the seeker transformed back to his robot form and stood up.

"You're going to stand your ground and answer to all your crimes." Optimus said, landing and walking up to Starscream.

Starscream growled as he got to his feet. I got to get out of here, he's too powerful for me to fight in Sonic Wing mode, being able to break my swords proved that.

Too preoccupied with his thoughts on a quick escape plan to noticed Optimus moving fast toward him, he received a blow to the face by Optimus' fist and was thrown onto the ground.

Groaning painfully, he struggled into a sitting position. He looked up just in time to see Optimus' hands on his wings. Optimus put a lot of pressure on the wings, causing them to crack. And then with a sickening CRACK, the wings snapped off completely.

Starscream let out a howl of pain as Optimus tossed his disconnected wings aside.

"Now you can't fly away from your problems." Optimus said, grabbing the seeker by the shoulder and lifting him up. "I won't do anything else to you, Starscream unless you're foolish enough to attack me."

"What are you going to do with me, Optimus? I thought you wanted to kill me…"

"I did, but unlike Megatron, I don't find pleasure in killing or causing destruction." Optimus said. "I'll let you live, but I'll make sure you won't be going after the Allspark."

Starscream's optics widened in surprise, and before he could say or do anything, Optimus chopped his neck, forcing him into the stasis, his optics faded to black as he went offline.

Optimus and Wing Saber separated and stood over him.

"If you're not going to kill him, how are we going to prevent him from trying to go after the Allspark, Optimus?" Wing Saber asked. He knew all about it from being combined with Optimus, while combined, the two can share information.

Optimus stared long and hard at Starscream, considering options

"We'll erase the Allspark and everything he ever knew about it from his data bank." Optimus replied finally.

"I can do that." Wing Saber said, dropping down beside Starscream and starting to work. He opened Starscream's head and started deleting files here and there. "Done!" he said as closed Starscream's head back up. "But in a memory file, it reveals that Megatron too knows about the Allsparks,"

"What?" asked Optimus shocked. "How did he know about them?"

"Megatron was the one who found out and told Starscream about them. Though he did not know that Jason had the code or he'd never try to kill him, Starscream found out by hacking into Vector Prime's files then he hacked into the Earth's worldwide web and discovered that the guardians Vector Prime had appointed to protect one of the Allspark had a son. It was his plan to send them a false report, causing Michel and Sally to come to Cybertron, but his plans were thwarted when Soundwave and his troops attacked them in space and killed them. Imagine his relief when he learned that their son survived."

"Yeah," Optimus agreed. He looked down at Starscream. "We'll take him prisoner and lock him up."

"Yes sir." Wing Saber said as he and Optimus lifted Starscream up and carried him off to the prison.

"I want him in a top-security cell, understand?" Optimus said to the guards.

"Yes sir!" they said.

They put Starscream in a cell with his arms pinned to his sides by three Energon rings.

"He won't be going anywhere," one of guards assured Optimus. "Those binding rings are strong enough to hold even Megatron himself!"

"That's good to know. Farewell." Optimus said as he and Wing Saber left.

"You know, I don't get you sometime, Optimus." Wing Saber said shaking his head. "You wanted to kill Starscream and yet you spared him and only taking the memory of the Allsparks away from him."

"As I said, I find no pleasure in killing." Optimus stated as the walked out of the prison. "I would kill as a last resort but for now I think imprisoning Starscream and erasing the Allsparks data from his head is the best approach." Wing Saber nodded in agreement

Jason looked down at Chris on a hospital bed, his best friend was going to be okay but it pained the little four-year-old to see him like this with a bad lump on his head.

Taking Chris' hand in his, he let his tears fall. "Please…Please, Chris, wake up." He desperately begged his friend.

In a corner, Red Alert and Ratchet was having a quiet discussion.

"I just hope Starscream didn't hit Chris hard enough cause…as human call it 'brain damage.'" Red Alert was saying.

"I see nothing in the boy's brainwave pattern that suggests brain damage." Ratchet stated. "Beside, it's Prowl I'm worried about, we need to close that wound before he lose any more Energon,"

"Yes sir." Red Alert inclines his head, and the two of them went back to work.

On the other side of the med bay, Chris Prowler stirred. Jason, who had his head down on the bed next to Chris, felt Chris' fingers move in his hand, his head jerked up and he watched intensely as Chris' eyes flittered open. He turned his head to look at Jason and he smiled pleasantly.

"Jason," he said quietly, sounding relieved. "You're okay…" this time he sounded thankful.

"Yeah, I-I'm okay, but what about you?" Jason asked anxiously, slowly laying himself across Chris to hug him gently, he wasn't sure if his head was the only place that hurt or what but he wasn't taking any chances that might hurt Chris.

Chris sighed, touched that Jason cared about him. "It's just a bruise, Jason, I'll live." For the first time, he noticed Jason didn't have his shirt on. "What happened to your shirt, aren't you cold?"

"Y-yeah, a little bit." Jason admitted

Chris opened his covers, "Hop in"

Jason climbed into the bed and settled himself next to Chris as Chris brought covers back down to cover them both. Jason snuggled in the blankets next to Chris.

"So," Chris said, putting an arm around Jason's shoulders. "What did happen to your shirt and what did Starscream want with you?"

"He told me to take it off, I dunno why, and then he told me to lie down on my belly." Jason told him. "Then I felt something warm on my back, I dunno what it was."

Chris pushed Jason up into a sitting position, leaning him forward a bit to examine Jason's bare back. He saw a black Cybertronian symbol imprinted on the younger boy's back. Having been taught by Ratchet, Chris could read Cybertronian writings and signs.

"'The location of the Allspark is on Planet Earth,'" Chris read off Jason's back. "'The coordinate is four, O, N…seven, three, W.' What on Cybertron is this 'Allspark'?"

"I dunno, I never heard of it." Jason shrugged.

Chris pulled Jason back down and covered him up again. "Is that all Starscream wanted you for?"

"I don't know, I don't even know what he wanted me for in the first place."

Chris hugged his friend around the shoulder, thankful that he was still alive and well.

"Hey, let's not think about it anymore, okay?" Chris said as he gently pushed Jason's head back onto the pillow. "Let's go back to our sleepover." He let out a big yawn. "We were going to share a bed anyway, I only have one bed—or I had one bed, I'm not sure my bed survived the attack…" He stopped talking when he heard a low snore coming from the younger kid next to him. Jason was asleep, resting his head between Chris' chest and shoulder. "Great, he fell asleep on me!"

Wrapping his arms around Jason, Chris too drifted off to sleep.

In the operation room, Red Alert and Ratchet were working as hard as they could to save Prowl, who was slowly dying from lack of Energon.

"It's no use!" Ratchet said loudly, overturning the tool table in frustration and his tools scattered all over the floor. "The gash is too large and too deep to melt it close with a welding torch! DARN IT! We're going to lose him!"

"Are you certain that we have tried every possible solution?" Red Alert asked.

"Yes, Red Alert, I'm certain, or at least, every solution that I know of anyway. Do you have a solution?" asked the older mech.

"Hmm…" Red Alert said thoughtfully, staring at Prowl with great concentration. "We could cover that wound with cover-up metal, transfer his spark to another body or rebuild him entirely,"

"You just gave us three options to chose from, lad, but which is the best approach?" asked Ratchet, at this point he was willing to try anything that might help Prowl.

"A spark transfusion is risky, not all Transformers' sparks can be transferred to another body for some reason. So we could either cover up the wound with cover-up metal or rebuild him. My suggestion would be to use cover-up metal because I'm not sure that we have the prosper equipments to rebuild him entirely."

"That makes sense, but where are we going to get the cover-up metal?"

"Leave that to me, sir." Red Alert said with a bow before contacting Scattershot through the com-link. "Scattershot, this Red Alert, we have an emergency situation on our hands. I need you to send me a warp gate to sector twelve and back to the med bay, do you read me?"

"Yes, Red Alert, I'm sending you a warp now."

"Thank you."

Red Alert jumped into the warp and came back out within second, holding a square piece of cover-up metal.

Ratchet and Red Alert placed the cover-up metal over Prowl's chest and Ratchet held the welding torch and melted the cover-up metal to blend in on Prowl's chest. When they had finished, they stood back to admire their handiwork.

"Not bad," Ratchet said, impressed with Red Alert's and his own work.

Prowl now look exactly the same as he did before Starscream sliced him open, except now his chest was silver, like the cover-up metal.

"Not bad," Ratchet repeated. "Just a little touchup paint and no one would know the difference."

"Right." Red Alert nodded.

"How is Prowl coming along?" said a voice behind them.

They turned around to see Optimus and Vector Prime standing there.

"He's going to be fine, Optimus, nothing to worry about." Ratchet said kindly. (He can be kind and less grouchy when he wants to be.) "He just lost a lot of Energon, we just have to give him more Energon to replace the amount he lost and he'll be as good as new."

"That's good to heard, and Chris?"

"He's fine, Optimus." Red Alert stated. "He just received a minor bump to his head. He and Jason are in the stasis in the next room."

"Thank you," Optimus said. He turned to leave but Red Alert let out a gasp, causing Optimus halt in his track and turn around to look at him. "What is it, Red Alert?"

"Optimus, your hands!" Red Alert cried, taking hold of Optimus' wrist and turning his palm up.

"Good Primus!" Ratchet gasped. "Sorry." He muttered when Optimus gave him a look of disapproval for the use of Primus' name. Never take Primus' name in vain in Optimus' presence. "But it looks bad, what happened? Your thumbs are hanging by a thread! We have to mend your hands immediately, why didn't you tell us sooner?!"

"I guess I didn't want to distract you from Prowl." Optimus replied. "I got these wounds in a swordfight with Starscream."

"Well, that explains it." Red Alert stated. "Shall I run and fetch your welding torch?" he asked Ratchet.

"Yes, please do!"

They spent about ten minutes mending Optimus' thumbs and now it was as good as new.

"Thanks you two, I can always count on you." Optimus told them, leaving beaming with pride.

He went into the next room to find Jason and Chris in the bed together, looking like brothers sleeping together. Chris had his arm around Jason's shoulder while Jason rested his head on Chris' chest, hugging Chris in his sleep. It was such a happy and adorable scene that even the Autobot Commander thought it was cute. Although he didn't voiced his thoughts at loud for that would be very out of character for him, he just stood there, watching them with a fatherly smile.

Little did Optimus know that this was just the calm before the storm…

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