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It was a lovely peaceful day on earth, the birds were singing, the sun was setting, all the people in Westopolis were happily minding their own business, living their normal happy lives. Everything was great on earth, except for a certain black hedgehog; Shadow was looking at the city from his usual spot. It consisted of a tree and several Chao clawing each other to death, fighting over who was the ultimate Chao.

Shadow had taken pride in raising these ferocious Chao, but he wasn't interested in them today. Instead he was deep in thought, pondering his past, until a sudden random newspaper flew out of nowhere and landed on his leg. Shadow looked down at the paper before picking it up to see the headline.

'50 year return of the black comet!! Best view tonight, so get your guns and start shooting at the sky!'

He then threw the paper away into the air before pulling out the Shadow Rifle and blowing it to tiny bits. Shadow then returned to trying to remember his past, he suffered from amnesia and had forgotten everything up until his awakening in Eggman's base.

He remembered seeing Rouge there, although he didn't know her at first, it was also the place where he met E-123 Omega, who was so happy to see him awake that he decided to celebrate by shooting everything in the room. At one point he shot Rouge, but thankfully she kept a lot of rings on her in case the worst should have happened.

Shadow the Hedgehog...Why does that name haunt me? It's the only thing I can remember, apart from the events of that game Sonic Heroes. Oh and then there's those two gruesome images...

Shadow scrunched his eyebrows at one of the terrifying memories.


It was dark, lighting flashed in the sky as a giant metal dragon, aka Metal Sonic, loomed over Eggman's base, laughing like the crazy idiot he was.

"All right everyone; we have the seven Chaos Emeralds! Me, Tails and Knuckles will go into our super forms and own Metal Sonic." Sonic said feeling all high and mighty.

"Um, what do we do?" Shadow refused to stand and watch this faker take the credit for saving the world.

"Hmm, I know! Distract him so we can turn super!"

"Why do you need us to distract him!? It only takes a few seconds to turn super!"

"Ah, but you're not important at all Shadow my friend." Sonic replied wagging his finger in a mocking way.

"Yes I am! I am the second most popular character in this god damn game series!"

"But who came first? Me or you?"

"ME!" Shadow had shoved Rogue and Omega out of the way and was standing 7 cm from Sonic.

"NO! I was created in 1991, you came ten years later faker!" Sonic had closed the distance to 3cm.


Sonic and Shadow then began to call each other faker for at least a solid hour. Eggman couldn't take it anymore.


"Oh yeah him. Anyway guys, let's show that creep the real, super power of TEAMWORK!!" Sonic 'tried' to sound good but failed horribly; Shadow would be having nightmares from this day forth.

End flashback

Shadow tried everything to get rid of this haunting memory, therapy, worshipping some random dark chicken gods, anything he could find. Then he recalled another memory, this was one wasn't as bad but wasn't pleasant to think about.


Shadow ran through a long corridor, it seemed to drag on and on and on. He was holding a girl's hand, he was trying to escape from something but he couldn't see what it was. One random flash on the screen later he turned around; the girl did the same, to see about five guards holding weapons in their hands stop before them, blocking the exit.

Another flash, the girl looked scared and turned to him for help, another flash, the lead guard pointed his gun right at the girl. He smiled a huge happy smile before yelling.

"DIE!!" He then pulled the trigger.

The bullet had hit spot on in the girl's forehead; she collapsed on the ground, undergoing 'ragdoll physics'. Shadow looked at the body, he couldn't believe she had been shot, he looked at the guards to see them talking on their communications.

"Yes, the 'ultimate life form' has been exterminated. The only other civilian is a black hedgehog." The guard nodded a few times before speaking again.

"Right, roger sir!"

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!? YOU KILLED MARIA!!" Shadow was now pointing at the guards.

"Sorry about this civilian, but we needed to exterminate the girl. She posed too great a threat."

Shadow looked back and forth between Maria's body and the stupid guards. He continued before falling on his knees and yelling to the heavens.


End flashback

Shadow returned to his senses, he was back on the hill. Only one Chao remained, it was looking at Shadow with one of those cute, irresistible faces. Shadow stroked its head before speaking to himself.

"Who am I? And why can't I remember anything? And who is this Maria? And more importantly, why am I talking to myself?" Shadow tried to think on these matters, so many questions with no answers was going to make his head explode. That was until a dark ominous cloud loomed overhead, Shadow looked at the cloud as it flew over the city of Westopolis. It formed what looked like an eye of a storm, lightning flashing from it before numerous things fell from the hole in the sky.

These creatures fell into the city, some giant and some small ones landed everywhere. The second they landed they commenced tearing the place up.

"Obliterate the city! DESTROY!!" A giant had yelled before whacking a poor car into the side of a building.

"What did I ever do to you!?" The driver yelled before his car exploded in a fiery...fireball.

Shadow, using his great power known as 'Camera that jumps to random scenes when I'm not there' had seen all the events. He could see more aliens landing in the city, quickly turning it into a battlefield.

"Hmm, look how pathetic they are. I don't have time for these humans...and why am I still talking to myself?" Shadow turned around to leave the pathetic humans to their demise.

"Shadow..." Shadow stopped at the mysterious voice which had called him.

Shadow turned around to see what looked like a starfish with one eye in the centre; it flew a bit closer before shooting a hologram of a tall alien overlord. It was tall and had three eyes, tons of jewellery and three fingers on each hand.

"As you can see, the day of reckoning will soon be here." The alien spoke motioning his hand to the flaming city.

"Really!? Oh my god!! I have to get off of this world! EVERYONE TO THE ARK!! TO THE ARK!! Wait a minute...what's an 'Ark'?" Shadow was pondering this until the alien spoke again.

"Control yourself fool! Anyway, find the seven Chaos Emeralds, and bring them to ME! As promised." The alien spoke.

"Uhh, why?"

"...What?" The alien was confused at Shadow's words.

"Why should I look for seven Chaos Emeralds and bring them to you? I don't even know you!!" Shadow was pointing at the alien with a serious face, which was rare for Shadow.

"Because, you promised me you would!!" The alien was getting closer to slapping Shadow around the head for his annoyance.

"When did I promise you that!?" Shadow had crossed his arms over his chest and stood as tall as he could.

The alien hesitated for a second, how could he fool the stupid hedgehog. After a few minutes, he figured it out.

"You promised me in that pub the other night." This was ingenious.

"Huh? I wasn't in a pub last night."

"Yes you were!"

"I will tell you now, I have an excellent memory!" Shadow had developed a grin on his face, he would love to see this alien find a come back to his statement.

"You have amnesia..." The alien was now seriously starting to consider whether or not it would be worth it to persuade Shadow to join him and his alien army.

"Damn it! But that doesn't prove anything at all! I was here all day yesterday and-"

"Oh fine! Be annoying, you aren't worth my time!!" At this the hologram of the alien overlord disappeared and the starfish flew off into the distance toward the city.

Shadow was about to give chase, he wanted to find out how this alien knew him. Unfortunately, he had forgotten he had placed several mines around the tree, as he took one step forward, they all exploded around him. After the smoke cleared, Shadow could be seen lying on the floor with his head in the ground. It appeared he had gone flying from the explosions and landed head first in the ground.

After several attempts to pull himself out, he finally emerged out of the ground, he wiped all the dirt off his face before speaking.

"Just what was that all about? He says he knows me...but I haven't the foggiest idea who he is. He mentioned the seven Chaos Emeralds...hmm." Shadow started to think what he should do, collect the emeralds and give them to him, or hog them to himself and taunt the faker.

Shadow smiled at the thought of surpassing the faker with the power of the chaos emeralds.

"No Shadow, please. Don't destroy me, oh no whatever will I do." Sonic replied in a sarcastic tone, it appeared as if he was tied up to a random barrel on a mountain.

Shadow had used the Chaos Emeralds to become Super Shadow, he floated above the ground. A wicked smile plastered on his face, he finally had Sonic where he wanted him.

"AHAHAHAA! Yes Sonic, squirm in fear! Squirm! SQUIRM!!" Shadow was flying in front of Sonic's face as he waved his hands around in front of him.

"Oh no, what am I going to do..." Sonic didn't look frightened at all.

Shadow sensed this and had called forth Sonic's biggest weakness, it took the form of a pink female hedgehog.

"SONIC!!" Amy had emerged from a random portal Shadow had called forth with his Chaos powers.

At seeing Amy, Sonic started to fear for his life, he wanted to stay single for a while longer.

"Please, Shadow, I'll do whatever you want! Polish your shoes, worship your awesomeness, anything!!" Sonic was now terrified at Shadow's dark grin.

"Amy!" Shadow called forth the young female.

"Hey Shadow, SONIC!!" Amy pounced on Sonic, squishing him with a giant hug.

"He's all yours..." Shadow turned to walk away, leaving the blue hedgehog with the love struck Amy.


Shadow had returned to reality, he knew what he had to do. His goal was to get the Chaos Emeralds, turn super and live that moment in reality. Also it could maybe help him remember who he was and what he did in his past.

"Well, it looks like the only way to make Sonic suffer and uncover the secrets to my past, is to get those damn Chaos Emeralds!!" Shadow then took off towards the ruined city of Westopolis; he needed to find the Chaos Emeralds and fast.

And so began the adventure of Shadow the Hedgehog.

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