Short chapter

Short chapter. Kinda like a prologue. Enjoy, and by the way, I base this off of the novel, so the boys name is Michael, not Markl.

Chapter 1

In which there is a small mistake

Howl's moving castle, though it is still feared in several towns, has become even more famous. Young Sophie Hatter lived there with Howl, Michael, and the fire demon Calcifer. The Wizard Howl was famous for stealing beautiful girl's hearts, but Sophie learned that was not true. Michael, Howl's apprentice, is a young boy who has gotten quiet good at magic, though he does make a lot of mistakes.

Sophie walked into the living room to see Howl working with Michael on a new spell.

"What are you boys up to?" she asked, brushing her short silver hair over her shoulder.

"Howl's teaching me a spell." Michael said with a shrug. Howl remained silent and leaned foreword on his chair and looked at the boy.

"So I mix these powders, right?" Michael asked, looking up from the workbench. Howl got up and looked as he began to mix them.

"Yeah. Try and remember what I said goes next." Howl said, crossing his arms over his chest, waiting for him to continue. Sophie let her curiosity get the better of her. She walked over and watched as well.

Michael picked up a packet and began to mix it with the spell. "Wait Michael, don't!!" Howl exclaimed, lunging forward and grabbing his arm. It was too late though, he already poured whatever was in the packet into the mixture. There was a loud bang, a puff of thick dark smoke and a high scream.

"What the heck just happened?" Michael's voice sounded, smoke still covering the room.

"I can tell you. the room exploded!" Calcifer's voice called. Howl reached out and grabbed Michael's shoulder. He walked over to his apprentice and hit him on his head.

"You mixed in the wrong ingredients!" Howl snapped. They could hear Calcifer coughing in the in the fireplace, but they heard nothing from Sophie besides that one scream.

"Go open a window Michael." He ordered. Michael headed off into the smoke. A clanging sound went off, as well as a swear from Michael. He eventually found the window and opened it, letting the smoke blow out. Both of the boys received a shock when they saw a small, one year old girl sitting where Sophie was standing just minutes ago. The baby looked up at them with wide eyes, and the boys looked back.

"Michael, what did you do?" Howl hissed, looking at the boy. Michael pointed to the baby, then to himself. He was completely lost for words.

"Yes Michael. You did that. You turned Sophie into a baby!" Howl yelled, causing the baby Sophie to tear up.

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