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That One Girl

Who says we should leave the hero-saving to the super-powerful ones, huh?

A nameless young girl passed Kagome in the halls. She was wearing her plain school uniform, and he black hair was pulled back in a ponytail and her hazel eyes hidden behind eyeglasses. Nothing much is known about her, but we do know what she did that day.

Kagome was running trying to get to her class and didn't notice the wet floor sign.

"Higurashi-san!' The girl called to her as she sped past.

"What is it? I'm going to be late for class!" Kagome quickly skidded to a halt and turned to the girl. She'd seen her face before but never learned her name.

"The floor is wet, you shouldn't run!"

"Oh. Thanks!"

Kagome walked down said wet hall and ran the rest of the way, and she managed to get to class.

"You're welcome, Higurashi-san."


Two girls were in line to buy tickets for a train. First in line was an ugly-looking girl, and behind her was Kagome. The girl couldn't talk proper due to her mental illness, and she couldn't think well either, so she tended to have bad grades.

"I buy a ti-kit for the train to T-To-Tok-you." She stuttered.

"You're one lucky girl. We have one ticket left." The cashier managed to smile and be polite, but was very disgusted at the strange girl.

Kagome gasped. "When does the next train to Tokyo leave?"

"Tomorrow evening."

Kagome panicked. "No! I have to be home tonight!"

"I'm sorry miss, but we don't have room."

The challenged girl decided to speak up. "I-I-I-m gonna get a tic-it for twomorow's train."

"Didn't you want one for today?"

"She can h-have it." The girl pointed to Kagome.

"Really!" Kagome squealed happily. The girl nodded. Kagome quickly hugged the girl and paid for the ticket.

She wouldn't be late tonight!


A regular woman, mother of two children, was shopping for groceries. Kagome Higurashi ran into her in hurry and fell over, dropping her food. Kagome began to curse to herself.

Without thinking about it, the woman began to help Kagome pick up her groceries and then did her own.

Kagome thanked her and ran off in the same hurriedly pace.


Kagome began to pack her bag for her trip to the feudal era and her mother came into her room.

"Kagome-chan, be back by the weekend, okay. You're American cousin is coming for a visit."

Though Kagome loved her family, her mind was elsewhere. Her mind was on the three nameless females who helped her without a second thought that day.

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