Instead of a one shot, I'm doing a second chapter. There's only two chapters. Enjoy R&R.

Summary: Yuuta wants to admit those three simple words to his Aniki. Will he ever get the chance? Or is fate against him?

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Yuuta never did get a reply. And he had started to sulk. It was actually noticable. No one questioned the second year, mostly out of fear of Yuuta's wrath being set upon them.

So now Yuuta was currently passed out on the couch of his empty house. His father was, once again, away on business. His mother was out shopping, his sister had gone out with some friends, and who knew where his brother was.

"Hm? Tadaima." Yumiko blinked at noticing a pair of shoes.

"Welcome home, Nee-san." Yuuta called from the living room.

"Yuuta, you're home early today." Yuuta sat up so his sister could take a seat.

"Does Aniki have his phone on him?" Yumiko blinked.

"Syuusuke's phone got caught in the rain last weekend. We haven't gotten around to getting him a new one yet." Yuuta sweatdropped. He hadn't been home in a couple weeks.

"That makes sense."

"Hm?" Yuuta shook his head.

"Where is he now?" Yumiko thought about it.

"Practice was cancelled so him and his friends were going to the arcade." Yuuta got to his feet.

"Thanks, Nee-san." Yuuta shot out of the house and to the arcade. There were a bunch of Seigaku members there. Currently he had noticed the one who had knocked Yanagisawa out back at the district tournament, he was playing one of the guys from Fudomine at a game of DDR.

"Ah, it's Fuji-senpai's little brother." Yuuta twitched at hearing that, snapping to stare at the three first years.

"It's Yuuta, Fuji Yuuta." He hissed.

"Yuuta, don't scare little kids." Fuji frowned behind his brother.

"I wouldn't be here if you didn't leave your phone out in the rain to get destroyed." Fuji hummed.

"You've been trying really hard to get a hold on me." Yuuta twitched.

"You knew?! Then why did you never call me back?!" Yuuta had gained the attention of close to all, if not all, the people in the arcade.

"Let's go outside." Fuji lead his younger brother outside and to the side of the building.

"Tell me. Why didn't you call me back?" Fuji brushed some strands from his face.

"I didn't have the time." Yuuta frowned.

"That's a lie. You always have time. Tell me the truth." Yuuta cornered his brother against the wall. He was bigger than his elder brother, but wasn't aware if he was stronger.

"I've been ignoring you. Is that what you want to hear, Yuuta?"

"I want to know why."

"Because I like you, Yuuta." Syuusuke couldn't look his brother in the eye.

"Then why avoid me? I like you, Aniki." Syuusuke shook his head.

"I like you more than a brother should." Weren't those his thoughts when Syuusuke had asked him if he liked him. Yuuta leaned foreward and kissed his brother gently on the lips.

"Don't run away, Aniki. Don't ignore me. Because you'll tear me apart if I know I'm rejected by my brother, by the person I love more than anyone else." Syuusuke's eyes went wide before he wrapped his arms around the other.

"I won't, Yuuta. Don't worry. I also love you more than anyone else."

"I love you." Yuuta finally managed to say the words.

"I love you, too." It felt so nice to hear the words back. Words meant just for him.


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