Okay, here you go. The much requested sequel to Accidents Happen!

Gibbs let his eyes drift back and forth, following the path of a rubber Super-Ball being tossed across the isle between Tony and Ziva's desks. The ball would leave one agent's hand, bounce once on the floor, and be caught in the other agent's hand. At first, he found it irritating, but now he was mesmerized, not able to take his eyes off it. This was why he hated slow days.

McGee placed the last of his reports on the stack, "All done boss," he reported proudly, "We're done for the week. All of it." he continued to try to prompt Gibbs into saying those magical words

"Alright." the three younger agents perked up, the bouncy ball missing its target, landing in Tony's fishbowl, causing the two occupants to scatter, "You three can go home. See you Monday. Tony, Ziva, rest up. You two have your physical evaluations first thing in the morning. McGee, you're done with them already, so you will be helping Abby go through cold cases unless we get something else to work on."

Tony bolted up from his desk, retrieving the ball from his fishbowl where Ziva had throw it, "Got it!" he held it out to her outstretched palm, "I win! You lost it when Gibbs actually said we could go home early. Therefor, I win!"

Annoyed, she placed the wet ball in a drawer, drying her hands on her pants. She scoffed, "You did not win. There was no objective, therefor you could not win."

"She's got a point, Tony," McGee pointed out, "Trust me, there was no objective in that. You two were passing that back and forth for more than three hours."

"All three of you," Gibbs ordered, "Go home before I change my mind. If you need some more work, I'm sure I can find some somewhere!" he offered, standing up from his desk

They all nodded their heads in agreement, commenting about work needing done at home, bills needing payed, or other engagements. Gibbs smiled, watching them disappear behind the elevator doors.

"So," Tony started, "Any of you actually have plans, or did you just say that so Gibbs wouldn't make you scrub toilets with a toothbrush?"

McGee and Ziva exchanged glances, "Yes, but why would Gibbs have us scrub a toilet with a toothbrush?" Ziva asked, dumbfounded, "It would be a very inefficient way of cleaning it, yes?"

"You wouldn't be doing it because it was efficient, Ziva," Tony rolled his eyes. He loved this girl, but and her analytical mind drove him nuts at times, "One: it would be your personal toothbrush, and two: generally its a form of punishment. I think its a Marine thing..."

"Yeah, I bet you know from experience, Tony," McGee smiled, picturing Tony with his head in a commode, scrubbing away while Gibbs supervised

"No, McBrown-Nose," Tony sneered, "But I've heard things. Terrible, terrible things..." he let his voice lower, flipping the emergency brake, setting the elevator in darkness. He sounded like a twelve year old, trying to frighten his friends with stories around the campfire, "probies driven to madness, legal personnel resigning in the first week, you think Palmer's the first Autopsy Gremlin? Think again! The last place you want to be is near Gibbs if he has 'busy work' that needs done."

Ziva reached over, flipping the lights back on, "Yes, now if you are done intimidating McGee-"

"I'm not intimidated, Ziva. Tony's just being an ass."

"Alright, if Tony is done being an ass," she corrected, "Then can we leave now, or are you two planning on keeping us in here until Monday?" she turned off the brake, hearing a deafening snap. The lift began to descend rapidly. She dropped her bag, grabbing the railing for dear life, "What the hell?!"

Gibbs finished signing off on the last of his paperwork, finally content that the week's work was done. Normally, a slow day was something to relish compared to the normal rushing and chaos. But today seemed abnormally reluctant to end. A full week of cold cases, missing person's reports, and hoaxes really took their toll.

He drained the last of his coffee, and grabbed his coat. He walked toward the elevator, jumping slightly when he heard a loud crash coming from below. He forced open the elevator doors, peering down into the dark shaft. His flashlight beam illuminated the top of the cart, several stories below. "They left five minutes ago. They're not in there. They're not in there." He told himself, running down the stairs, two at a time.

Halfway down the stairwell, he nearly collided with Ducky, who was on the way up, "Jethro! Did you hear that crash? I told you one of these days the brakes would give out on that old shaft!" he instantly regretted his joke, seeing the pained look on Gibbs' face, "Sorry, that was in poor taste. Seeing as your team is the only one likely to be in the building at this ungodly hour, I figured it was best to see if everyone was alright."

Gibbs brushed past the ME, continuing down to the basement, with Ducky soon following, "I don't know yet, Duck. They left five minutes ago!" he prayed they were already on their way home; or in Ziva's case, already home and eating dinner.

Abby ran from her lab, hearing the footsteps crashing down in the metal stairwell, "Hey, any idea what happened? I think the elevator just went out in a big way." her lab was down in the cool recesses of the basement. The fallen cart was just below them. "Gibbs?" her voice got softer, seeing Gibbs' hesitance as he forced open the doors, "Please tell me that it was empty?" she pleaded

Ducky wrapped her up in a hug, "Not to worry, Jethro thinks that we are the only ones left in the building. Tony, Ziva, and Timothy left a few moments ago. Even the janitor already went home." he assured her

Gibbs jumped down onto the roof of the lift, pulling open the emergency hatch. If this wasn't an emergency, what was? The sight below him was sickening. Tony and Ziva lay thrown limply on the floor, neither of them moving. McGee sat on the bottom, staring up at him, his eyes pleadingly looking up at him, "Gibbs? We need some help!"