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Abz, need u 2 stall 4least 1hr, keep Ziva away.

Abby closed her phone and cursed a little under her breath. She knew that she and Ducky would have to keep Ziva away from the house until they were finished setting up but it wasn't supposed to take this long and she didn't wast Ziva to suspect that something was amiss. Why did they have to be so slow?

Upstairs, Ducky sat with Ziva sharing a cup of tea, "I am sure that it will be fine. You worry too much, my dear."

"I know, and he means well," Ziva shook her head, "Every time I feel sore or tired he panics! I know he is only being protective of me and the baby but I can take care of myself."

"Ah, Abby was there something you needed?" Ducky noticed Abby standing behind Ziva trying to signal something to him. He assumed that her gesturing was sign language but he didn't know nearly as much as Abby or Gibbs.

"Um, not needed exactly." she paced, her usual nervous habit especially, when on a caffeine high, " The director said since there aren't any hot cases right now that we can take the afternoon off."

"Really?" Ducky was skeptical and he was certain that there was more that Abby was trying to tell him that wasn't meant for Ziva's ears. "So I suppose since we have a little time off, I would like you girls to accompany me to go and have some lunch."

Abby nodded eagerly, giving Ducky a thumbs up.

Ziva shook her head, "Thank you, Ducky. But I am tired and having the afternoon off means that I might be able to get some rest. He has been keeping me up at night." she caressed her stomach, talking to her restless son, "Yes, I mean you."

Ducky noticed Abby shaking her head a little bit, trying to be discrete. "Hm, are you sure that your lethargy is due to inadequate sleep? What all have you had to eat today?"

"An apple, some toast, and an egg, why?" Ziva shrugged.

"I believe that your blood sugar may be a bit low," Ducky stood up and gestured for the girls to follow him, "Come with me, down here."

Down in autopsy, Ducky rummaged through a few drawers until he found what he was looking for. "Ah, here we are. Most women experience some degree of change in glucose tolerance during pregnancy and in around five percent of cases this can lead to gestational diabetes."

"You think I am diabetic?" Ziva asked, "I was tested last week and it was negative."

"That doesn't guarantee that your blood glucose level is normal," he picked up Ziva's hand and gently pricked the tip of her finger, "I simply worry about you, my dear. And I want to make sure that it in only nothing."

"Ducky's right," Abby assured her, "Better safe than sorry, right?"

"Let's see," Ducky tested the strip with Ziva's blood, "95 isn't bad but a tad bit low. Let's get you something to eat and then I will drive you home so that you may get some rest."

Ziva agreed, if nothing else to placate their concerns, "Alright, let me grab my jacket and I will meet you down in the garage."

After Ziva left, Abby turned to Ducky. She felt a little guilty about tricking Ziva, but she hoped that after she saw the surprise that was being set up at her house, all would be forgiven. "Tony needs us to stall for another hour or so because they're not ready yet."

"I figured that, however if you had been a bit clearer I wouldn't have had to scare the poor thing into thinking that there may be something wrong that could put her or her child at risk!" he was more frustrated at the situation than upset with Abby. "She really shouldn't worry about diabetes. She's as healthy as a horse and if her test last week was negative, she shouldn't be concerned. High blood sugar is more of a concern than having it be low five hours after eating breakfast."

"So Ziva's fine, right?" Abby asked nervously.

"Yes, she's perfectly fine from what I can tell," he put the supplies away and grabbed his jacket and hat, "Her blood glucose level is actually 110, which is healthy, but I still would feel better if she ate more than apples, toast and an egg."

"Probie? How's it coming?" Tony finished putting the bedding on the crib mattress along with a bumper on the railing to keep his son from bumping into the wooden bars.

"Almost done," McGee was perched on a ladder, hanging the banner for Ziva's baby shower. "There, how's that?"

"Crooked, McGee." Gibbs pointed out, sipping coffee in the kitchen. "Your end needs to be up about two inches."

"Damn." he pulled out the nail and moved it up, trying for the third time to get it right. "Third time's the charm, right?"

"I know of a lovely Italian bistro a few blocks away, how does that sound?" Ducky offered.

"Sounds nice, Ducky." Ziva smiled, "And thank you. For everything."

He smiled warmly at her, "My pleasure. I know you hate the feeling of having people dote on you, but you may as well try to at least enjoy it a little? Pregnancy is not a disability and you shouldn't feel like you're an invalid for having people care for you."

Abby nodded, "Enjoy it while you can. Plus, Tony's your bitch until that baby comes!"

"Abigail!" Ducky scolded gently.

Ziva laughed, "She is not wrong. He has been very...I do not know how to describe it. He worries about me, and has been very protective. I am no longer on bed rest, but he seems to still be watching every move I make to see that I am safe. He glares at any man who looks at me, and it almost seems like he has been more affectionate since I have gotten pregnant." Most women worried about their men not finding them as attractive during pregnancy. However Ziva had the opposite problem. To Tony, bed rest meant keeping her content at all times to the point where neither of them ever wanted to leave the bedroom. He made sure to let her know that he thought she was beautiful, and he never let her forget it.

"Aw, how sweet!" Abby cooed, "That's not because you're pregnant, or on bed rest. The guy's head over heels." Off Ziva's puzzled look, she elaborated, "Smitten, lovestruck, dumbfounded, pussy whipped?"

"I'm sorry, 'pussy whipped'?" Ziva was almost afraid to ask.

Abby demonstrated by making whipping noises. "The man's in love, Ziva."

After lunch, as promised Ducky drove Ziva home. She had eaten a little more than she'd liked. Whenever she ate, the baby would always wake up. In spite of her odd and often intense cravings, it was still at times difficult to eat while she could feel something moving inside her.

"Here you are," Ducky pulled into the driveway and got out and walked around to open the door for her.

"Ducky, always a gentleman." Ziva smiled.

She agreed to let Ducky walk her to her door, even though it was less than twenty feet because she had begun to accept the fact that regardless of what she said, he was always going to be chivalrous to her as he would with any woman. "Now, there is one more thing before I go."

"And what would that be, Ducky?"

"Surprise." Tony opened the door, and lead his fiancée inside.

Ziva gasped looking around. The table was covered with gifts, balloons, blue ribbons and streamers decorated everywhere she looked, and everyone was standing around waiting. Director Shephard, who had given them all the afternoon off, stepped forward and embraced her friend, "It's a baby shower, Ziva. Surprise!"

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