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Blossoming of the Rose: By Lady Starlyra

Chapter 1: The Confession

"I love you!!"

As Seiji and Shizuku watch the rising sun wrapped in each other's arms, she thinks back on how this moment came to be. Books, it was all because of her first love that she met her second.

"Shizuku, are you okay?"

Startled out of her thoughts, she looks up to his worried face in surprise. "Sorry, I was just thinking about books."

Seiji looks at her a moment, then bursts out laughing. "Books! Why should I be surprised about that? Is there room in your heart for me as well?"

"Of course there is!" Feeling her face turning red at this statement, she quickly presses her forehead to his chest. Could he read her mind? "I mean, books hold a special place for me, but you, you have made your own spot in my heart." Shizuku tries to escape his arms, but just ends up turning to face the sunrise and leaning against his chest. "Oh man, that sounds as corny as some of my lyrics."

Letting her go, he moves to stand next to her and gazes over the landscape. "I never thought your lyrics were corny. It must have been hard to translate that song. And 'Concrete Roads', funny, but very true. You have a gift with words that would make any author green with envy."

"Do you really think so? I didn't think 'Baron's Story' came out all that well. I was actually thinking about throwing it away and forgetting about it."

Seiji shakes his head, "I don't think you should. Grandpa told me how great it was for a rough draft. He actually told me that it reminded him of my first violin." Chuckling softly at that memory, he turns to her. "Somehow I don't believe your story was anything like that splintered mess I made. Shizuku, I know that what I said must seem like it came out of no where, but I want you to know that it came from the heart and that I mean it. So please, think about what I've said." Grabbing her hand and leading her to the bike, he smiles. "Come on, I better get you home before you get in trouble. I want your parents to like me, not think I'm a trouble maker."

Hopping on the back of his bike, Shizuku runs over the last hour of events. She, Shizuku Tsukishima, has a boyfriend! What is Yuko going to say? And Michiko? And the rest of her friends? But is she really his girlfriend and does she have those kinds of feelings for him? And what about his proposal, was he just caught up in the moment when he asked? So many questions, so few answers. But one thing is for certain; she does have some feelings for him, perhaps not love yet, but just the beginnings. Wrapping Seiji's jacket tighter around her, she leans closer to him with a sigh.