Wishes for Family

A Xander Harris/ Willow Rosenburg and anita blake crossover

Fanfiction By: star2000shadow

Chapter One:A Heyna, and Two aged Toddlers

Part: C

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Warning for this chapter: Swearing.

Author's Notes:

Summery: Challenge IssuerTrix Challenge NameXander and Willow gets a new mommy?

Challenge TypePersonal Challenge CategoryAnita Blake Description In Sunnydale, while getting a bit drunk and talking about their miserable childhoods and crappy love lives, Xander and Willow make a wish.

"I wish you were my sister Wills. Well except we should have the parents that made with the love and protection gig"

"Me too."

Meanwhile in St. Louis Narcissus is making a wish for children after a miscarriage.

Enter Anya and/or Halfrek.

Bright shiny lights (or whatever you special effects budget will allow) and Xander and Willow are two small children in St. Louis.

Narcissus is in for a very big surprise when he finds out he is the children's biological mother.


Now on with the show..

Xander had responded to his and willow's new mother's fear in the way he did when his girls had been scared. he'd kill whatever had put that fear there, and dance on it's grave. and the same went for this anita blake,

he and willow had just found a family that loved them for them, listend to them, even if they where in bodys only about six to seven year's old. it didn't matter. they where happy.

and he wasn't about to let ANYTHING try and take that away. and by Willow's reaction as well, he was sure she felt the same.

for once she had a mother who talked shop with her about this or that.. never mind that nearly all the Heyna's in their pack,

pard whatever, where males. they'd both pointed out how unhealthy that was and, Surpriseing everyone, after the two had explained why, started actively recruteing females. sure they where more submissives but they where FEMALE. and they knew fucking up would get them more then kicked out, it would get them very dead. but it was a start, and all thanks to two 'children'.

Xander watched as Axel and a few of the other werehyena's in their pard, or well group listend to willow as she taught them math. he knew the pard was trying to figure out how two toddlers had the knowledge of two teens, and he knew they just chucked it up to them being extremely ahead of their level's. that they where geniuses and that that could, besides being infected, and shapeshifters, why their 'parents' had abandoned them. he felt. content. he thought after the first few month's he'd of missed Buffy, or Dawn, Giles or the slayer's that they had been starting to gather before some 'First' evil could gut them.

but now, now all he had to worrie about where two people. the rest of their 'pack' or group could take care of themselves. though he noticed Narcissus was protective and territorial of his group. but he'd of been to. kicking his legs back and forth he hummned as he sharpend a peice of wood. unintentionally sharpening it into a stake. ignoreing the rest of the group as willow taught them what she knew. 'Bet she starts studying again.. just to keep ahead of her group..' he thought with amusement. but that was will, she was a learner. and a teacher. and a witch. that had startled them. the fact she knew so much magic.

Xander sighed and stood up moving towards the room Narcissus was in talking to someone. he could smell his distress even though it was very very faint. "Mama?" he asked as he climbed into Narcissus's lap, and nuzzleing him trying to calm his adoptive mother down. his small hands patting the other's face as he calmned him down, his own beast, far older then Narcissus, not that he knew that, rolled against the other's purring sort of like.

Then he glanced at the petite black women and frowned. 'Wills, come to Narcissus office. theres some short midget women here and she's .. weird.' he'd found over their six months of being there, that he could sort of sense things like willow, but not. so he often needed to call her in to clarify with. he glanced over as the green eye'd six to seven year old presentation of his teenage friend climbed into Narcissus's other lap and looked at the black haired women. they both eyed her. "What ever magical equivelant of a bear trap you steped into lady.. you really royally fucked your center up." Xander said bluntly.


Anita had seen the two toddlers before her three weeks ago and had been, delicately, well as delicate as she normaly dug into things, looking into how, or WHY they where with Narcissus. sure she'd heard he'd lost the baby he'd been carrieing. and some small part of her felt bad for him. but damn it he was a monster.

she might of claimed to understand the monsters, but still there where parts where she still considerd them just that. hell she considerd herself the biggest monster around. considering she had a vampire servent, a panther type animal tied to the wolves AND her pard, and just.. everything that had happend to her over the years. leaving her almost staggering under the pressure.

She'd stormed into Narcissus office with the intent to find out exactly where the hell he had gotten those two children and where their parents are. she had not expected one of them to enter the room, not a few moments into the conversation, climb into Narcissus's lap ignoreing her compltely for a moment as he petted the older male as if he where a cat. she'd felt her own..metaphorical beast hiss at the childs intrance and had gone still.

much like a Vampire. and then the second child she was interested in, then of course both of them focused on her and she shiverd.

It felt as if they were seeing her but seeing INTO her at the same time. and it sent shivers up her spine. of course then the young boy spoke with a conviction nearly three times his age. "What ever magical equivelant of a bear trap you steped into lady.. you really royally fucked your center up." She glared at the child. "You should lose some manner's boy.." the red head decided to butt her two cents in. "You have death magic mixed with the dead, animal magic with vampiric. are you LOOKING to get yourself killed. the only reason it hasn't toren you apart is apparently you've been keeping other species around yourself to bleed off the magical build up." the girl looked at Anita with a solmeness that was.. strange.


Xander watched as the dark haired, light skinned women stared at him as if he had growen a second head and then gave Willow the same look. And Xander snorted. "Think we stumped her Will's.." he squirmed down to his feet. and went around the desk. knowing the women probably knew better then to attack him. he studied her closely. breathing in through his nose. 'Dead, Cat..Blood..' he grimced at that scent. because it wasnt diffrent from her over all scent he knew she'd probably feed a vampire. "Eww.. how can you let those things touch you.." he mutterd.

Willow came to his side with a questioning look. "She fed a vampire.." she also grimced. "Walking dead meat yuck.. guess that answers weather she has pride or not.." they didn't even relize they where circleing her like she was a threat they where trying to figure out how to take down. or the fact that Narcissus was tensed behind the desk watching Blake very very carefully. the sort of carefully that said if she so much as touched the two toddlers she'd end up loseing an arm or more.