Well, we all knew it wouldn't be long before I began to write another story. So, here it is. I've got it planned to be about 8 chapters or something, so I plan to stick to it. No sequels, though. Set after Edward left in New Moon. No Bella and Jacob, no cliff diving. Italics are thoughts!! They should be self-explanatory as to who is thinking what.

I don't own Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, the movie of Twilight, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, or Edward Cullen. The idea for this story also belongs to EdwardIsMyLover, who wrote this as a oneshot and said I could use the idea. This is basically what she wrote, with a few alterations from me.


We'll rest in our graves,

Lexington cross your veins,

Sleepers can't just wake the dead,

When needles and lover collapse on guilty beds.

(Godspeed by Anberlin)

She wouldn't even be nineteen yet. I'd left her a few days after her eighteenth birthday, but it seemed like it had been an eternity since I left her in those woods. For a while, I'd lived on my own. Everything I owned was just a tragic reminder of her.

But even I couldn't hold out forever. I had to return to my family. It didn't seem right though, that they had to watch me suffer so. They tried to act normal, but no one ever mentioned the life we'd left behind. I'd slipped up in the worse possible way, and yet I hadn't consumed any blood. I had, however, fallen in love.

I was snapped out of my thoughts when my brother spoke. "Alice, why do we even bother watching this?" I forced myself to turn, acknowledging Emmett's question without adding anything towards the conversation. That would involve speech.

Alice inhaled slowly. Not again…she thought in a huff, forcing her voice to be normal as she spoke. "So we can pretend as though we fit in. Media assists us in our deceptions, Emmett. It helps us act modern, and not like the however many year olds we all are." She switched the volume up.

Emmett was silent for a second. She has a point. "But this is boring. There's a Monster Truck marathon on now that's far more entertaining." He tried to snatch the remote off her, but she danced away with a smug smile. I couldn't find the motivation to make my lips quirk up the way hers did.

She chose to ignore him, sitting back down neatly. He decided not to pursue the matter, knowing it could easily turn into another fight. It seemed all our family did lately was fight – the tension in the air almost snapped whenever anyone moved.

It was when the news started to talk about how to avoid being attacked at night that Emmett decided it was worth the fight. I pinched the bridge of my nose, eyes closed, as I fought to block their thoughts from my mind, their voices too loud.

I moved to another chair, glancing at the door momentarily. Carlisle would hopefully be home soon – he liked to keep everything calm. It was only Alice, Emmett, and I home, having hunted last weekend. Thank goodness Rosalie was still away, or I'd really have a headache.

"And now for the last story of tonight. We're going to go live with a matter from a small town called Forks, in Washington, a little while out of Seattle." My attention instantly focused on the television, my supposed siblings shocked silent.

A new man appeared out the front of the hospital. "We're reporting from Forks, Washington, where a tragic, but shocking, story took place over the past few days." I gripped the couch, hearing Emmett and Alice move towards me. Bella was usually involved with strange cases and hospitals. Oh God. "Only a few days ago, at six in the morning, the daughter of a local Police Officer was found in the woods in a condition not known to any medical experts. The girl – who went by the name of Isabella Swan – was found by a family friend, Jacob Black, who claims he heard the screaming from a large distance away." Oh Bella, Bella, Bella…

The screen flashed to Jacob, standing beside Charlie, anguish on both of their faces. Bella…oh God, not Bella…

"After an ambulance took her to the local hospital, specialists were called over her condition. It seems Isabella was in unimaginable agony, screaming for three days, with her only injury being a small cut on her hand. What puzzled local doctors was that she had an identical one on her other hand. However, before tests could be performed, tragedy struck as Isabella's heart stopped." No, no, no, no… "The body was kept in the hospital morgue for an autopsy, when the pathologist performing the surgery was found dead of a broken neck. The same people who found the body described the destruction around the shelving as horrific. One witness claims that it appears something had torn into the metal, but the damage was too substantial to determine if something got in…or out."


The reporter continued, standing beside the damaged morgue cabinet. "We'll be keeping you updated if anything else is found. But until then, our thoughts and prayers go to her father, friends, and family. Back to the studio." I switched the screen off, frozen.


Alice caught my attention. "How did we miss this?" She threw yesterday's newspaper at me, and I focused on the small article inside, my breathing stopping as I glanced over the small print, Emmett peering over my shoulder.


Medical experts called to Forks, Washington to investigate the case of eighteen year old Isabella Swan are completely bewildered by the extraordinary condition of the teen. It seems she was found screaming in the nearby woods, but the source of her pain has yet to be found – the only injury found has been a cut on her hand. Let us hope that Isabella is an isolated case, and not the latest medical epidemic.

I crumpled the paper in my hand, shooting to my feet. "I have to find her." If I hadn't left her, she'd still be breathing…I had to find her. Without waiting for my family to react, I started to run.


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