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In sunny California, a secret couple were making out. They took their make-out time whenever they got it. Even thought they were in a closet, it was a good moment for Quinn. However, the chemical smell was getting to her.

"Man, we have to get out of here!" Quinn said, exasperated. Logan looked confused. "Why? I kinda like it in here."

Quinn cocked an eyebrow and fake coughed, put a hand to her head, and pretended to pass out.

Logan smiled and said, "Besides the toxic chemicals that are killing our brain cells, it's a pretty nice space for a secret couple of two."

Quinn smiled and corrected him. "Baby, a couple is always two." Noticing that he was getting annoyed she added, "But it really is a nice closet, other than the smell."

Quinn sighed and Logan tilted his head in confusion. "What's wrong, Quinn?" She smiled sadly and confessed. "I just wish we could go on a date sometime, you know? Not that I don't love this," she motioned around, "but I wish we could go on a real date. Like dinner and a movie or something."

She looked down at the floor, lost in thought. Logan, having a flash of inspiration, suddenly yelled, "QUINN!"

Quinn snapped out of her thoughts and looked at Logan like he was crazy. "Are you insane? Someone could hear you!" She whispered loudly. Logan, caught up with his great idea, continued on excitedly, but in a softer tone.

"What if I took you to Vaccaro's? I'm the only person rich enough to go there, so we won't be seen by anyone from PCA! It's the perfect plan!" He was beaming while he studied Quinn's face as she thought it over.

"Yeah," Quinn started. "Yeah! This is brilliant, Logan! But are you sure you want to spend so much money?" She asked warily.

Logan looked at Quinn impatiently. "Quinn, if there was anyone I would want to take to Vaccaro's, it would be you."

Quinn smiled and hugged him. "So," Logan asked. "When should I pick you up?"


It was a really nice restaurant. Somewhere you were required to wear a jacket or a skirt. Just the kind of place no one from PCA would be seen at.

Perfect, thought Quinn. She was wearing a pink shirt and skirt with her hair partially pulled back. She thought she looked good.

But she thought her date looked better.

He was wearing a beige jacket and a white shirt. Quinn didn't notice anything else that he was wearing because she was so fixated on his face. He looked really happy, almost elated, just to be with her at some overpriced restaurant.

Who would have thought, Quinn pondered with a smile.

"Table for two?" Asked the strange maître who used the women's bathroom. When Logan nodded, lollipop guy sat them.

"Wow, Logan, this is great!" Quinn exclaimed out loud. She looked at her menu as Logan watched her.

"Anything look good?" He asked.

Quinn looked up and said, "Lobster would be great, but—,"

Logan cut her off as he told a passing waiter that he wanted four lobsters. And two Cokes.

Quinn, all the while, was gaping at him. "Holy crap Logan! Do we really need a pile of lobster?" She smiled. "It was a sweet gesture."

Their pile of lobsters got delivered and they started to dig into them when some familiar faces appeared.

"CRAP!" Logan cried and dived under the table.

"What? What is it?" Quinn asked, panicked.

"Look to your right," he said and Quinn saw the problem. She was in a silver dress and her hair was wavy while he was wearing beige pants and a navy jacket.

It was Zoey and James, here for a romantic dinner date.


"Crap!" Quinn whisper-shouted. "What should I do?" She asked Logan.

Right as he was about to answer, Zoey and James sat down at the table next to Quinn and Logan's.

"Quinn?" Zoey exclaimed, both surprised and exasperated.

"Hi," she said awkwardly.

"What are you doing here?" James asked.

"Well… I was really in the mood for lobster, and everyone knows this is the only good lobster place around, so… here I am!" Quinn lied quickly. She heard Logan under the table trying not to laugh, and she resisted the urge to kick him.

Zoey and James looked surprised, and slightly suspicious.

"Wow," Zoey said. "I never knew you loved lobster so much." Then she noticed the pile of the red crustaceans. "Now I know what to get you for your birthday…" she trailed off as she and James sat down.

Quinn nervously laughed and then spotted the napkin that Logan had thrown up at her. Go to the restroom, it said.

"Excuse me. I have to use the ladies room," she said to Zoey and James, and got up quickly.

She burst into the bathroom and started pacing, waiting for Logan. Suddenly her cell started ringing and she picked up before it could get to the second ring. "WHAT SHOULD I DO?"

Logan calmed her down and then told her to create a distraction. "You know, so I can get out from under the table." Quinn nodded to herself and breathed. "Okay, are you ready now?" Logan asked.

Quinn breathed some more. "Yeah, I'll be right out."

Right then the toilet flushed, and the maître came out and started licking a lollipop.

"What?" He asked, and left.


"Moo," said James as he ate a lobster off of Quinn's pile. Silly carnivore, Quinn thought as she made her way back to the table.

"I'm back," Quinn said as she sat down.

Zoey rolled her eyes. "So we've noticed," she said sarcastically. She didn't mean to be so bitchy, but she was pissed that the one night that her and James got to themselves, someone had to be there to ruin it.

"Are you okay" James asked his girlfriend, and she just nodded.

By that time, Quinn had picked a target (a waiter's backside) and set up her Zap Watch. She turned it on to full power, wound it up, and…CRASH! Plan Distraction: complete.

"GO!" She whispered to Logan and accidentally kicked him. He hurried out from under the table and away from the splattered spaghetti and crushed crab, but then Logan's phone went off.

Crap. We're never going to get out of here, Quinn thought. Logan picked up his phone as fast as he could, but it wasn't fast enough.

"LOGAN?" Zoey sounded exasperated now.

He nervously smiled from the ground, phone to his ear. "Dude, WHAT?" He practically screamed into the phone.

"Hey, man! I just wanted to know if you wanted to play pool with Lola and me." Michael said, always happy. He muttered into the phone "she kinda sucks."

"I heard that!" Logan heard Lola scream from the background.

"Logan, what are you doing here?" James asked Logan from the table behind him.

Logan stalled for time. "Um…. I'm," he looked at his phone. "Picking up a soufflé for Michael!"

Michael, on the other end of the line, heard Logan. "Really! Awesome! Thanks man!"

"Why are you getting Michael a soufflé?" Quinn asked, confused and momentarily distracted.

"Um… for his birthday."

"His birthday was a month ago."

"And I forgot! Therefore, soufflé."

"Lola!" Michael exclaimed excitedly. "Logan's getting me a soufflé from Vaccaro's!"

"Oh man!" She said back. "I heard those are amazing! But you have to eat them hot."

"Dude," Michael said to Logan. "Don't go anywhere. I'll be right there!"

"DUDE, NO!" Logan screamed into the phone. But Michael had already hung up.

Shoot, Logan though. How am I going to get out of this one?

"Well, since you're here…" Quinn started, trying to be subtle. "Why don't you sit down?"

Logan looked confused until it clicked. "Oh, well...uh. I still don't like you," He said.

"Oh, yeah. Definitely," she stumbled over her words.

"But, you know, while I'm waiting for the soufflé, I can sit down."

Zoey was over at her table huffing, obviously angry.

It was going to be a long night.


When the whole PCA gang was at Vaccaro's, mass chaos occurred. After about twenty minutes, they all got kicked out, due to the noise complaints by all the other customers.

"Good riddance!" The maître huffed as he showed them out, putting a new lollipop in his mouth.

Everyone looked at each other before getting in their cars and going back to PCA.


Tension was reaching a breaking point within the group. Zoey was pissed that everyone ruined her and James's date. Logan was mad for the same reason, but had to hide his anger, which only made him more aggressive. Lola was mad because no one seemed to want her there, and Michael was mad because he didn't get a soufflé.

All in all, it wasn't a bad night.

Quinn was in her dorm room by herself while everyone cooled down.

Hmm, Quinn thought. The perfect time for nail polish.

She got out all of her nail colors. She was keeping the red on her toenails. After all, she liked the color, and it looked good on her.

Now, for her fingernails. She liked the yellow, the yellow was great. But she thought it was time for a change.

Quinn picked a color at random: purple.

Okay, Quinn thought. Purple it is. After all, prom was coming up. Now is the time for pampering and feeling like royalty.

Sometimes she already did.

What, too mushy? Ah, who cares. Quinn was happy.

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