So Cold

Author: Mrs Ronald Weasley

Rating: NC-17

Pairing/s: Edward/Bella (Edward does NOT do the raping)

Category: Angst/Drama

Spoilers: Twilight

Warnings: Strong depictions of rape/Non-con

Summary: While the Cullen's are away Bella takes a trip down to Port Angeles and runs into someone she never wanted to see again.

A/N: I got the idea for this while reading ladydemando's fic.

"Bella?" I turned at the sound of my name. Edward and Carlisle stood in the entrance to the kitchen. Edward took a step towards me, "we need to go hunting...I'm sorry, we really should've done it before the others left."

"It's alright, Edward," I said. "Go, I'll be fine." I'd been planning to go down to Port Angeles to get some new summer clothes and if they were going away for the day, it would be perfect.

"Are you sure?" Edward asked, glancing at the curtained window; the sun was shining. "We'll have to go into the mountains. We'll take our cell phones but it's not likely we'll get reception up there."

"Its fine," I assured him with a smile. I moved away from the sink and wrapped my arms around his waist, laying my head on his stone chest. "I'll miss you, though."

"I'll be back tonight," he said, kissing the top of my head. He sighed, turning to Carlisle. "Let's go."

I watched as Carlisle grabbed his keys off the counter and followed Edward out to the garage. I turned back to the sink to finish drying the dishes before I ran up to the bedroom to grab my purse.

I took Edward's car and drove to Port Angeles.

It was around seven-thirty when I left the restaurant that I'd eaten dinner at. I found it strange that the street was deserted; when I'd first came the restaurant's parking lot was so full I'd had to park on the street.

A feeling of unease filled me and I picked up my pace, digging in my purse for Edward's keys. I heaved a sigh of relief as I finally made it to the car and pushed the unlock button on the remote.

I had just swung the door open when I heard a voice that sent fear and dread tingling down my spine, "well, hello, sweetie."

I knew that voice, although it had been a few years. I opened my mouth and prepared to scream when the man grabbed me around the waist with one large arm and placed his other hand on my mouth, muffling my scream.

I struggled, the intense fear swimming in my head, making me dizzy and weak. My futile attempts to kick at him only seemed to amuse him. "Don't fight me, bitch, this time there's no one here to save you."

As we passed a lamp pole with a burnt out bulb, I reached out and tried to grab it. He just pushed me tighter to his body; I could feel the evidence of his arousal at my waist. My heart pounded in my chest as I fought even harder against his strong grip.

He dragged me down into a deserted alley, where I could have no hope of anyone coming to my rescue, no matter how loud I screamed.

Tears flowed down my face as he threw me to the ground and I landed in a mud puddle. "Don't do this," I pleaded as I raised my head.

"And why..." he draped a finger down my jaw to my chin, ignoring the shiver that ran through me. "…Should I not? Is it because of your filth? I know you're filthy, but that isn't a deal breaker." His finger tipped my chin up towards him so he could look into my teary eyes.

I tried to avoid his gaze; tried looking away at anything besides the monster that stood before me. The way he spoke to me made my hair stand on end; the way he sneered at me. I didn't even know this man, let alone think he would give me the graces in leaving. No, he wouldn't. He was too determined at what he was doing to consider letting me go away unharmed. I could figure out that much just by his touch.

I meant nothing to him, and when he raped me, I would reciprocate those emotions. His hard stare into my eyes weakened my strength a little. He was glaring so intently that I could literally feel him searching my mind for ways to tear me up emotionally as well.

My friends would never look at me in the same way again. Edward would not attempt kissing me as he once did, if not by fear, then by anger at the man for taking something this delicate from me. Silently, as he bit my collarbone with fervour, I prayed that he would not leave me pregnant after this mess. But I didn't ask for it not to happen, for that would be a wasted prayer. This animal who'd had attacked me didn't seem like the type to back off.

He spoke. I heard him gruffly say something that would normally make me blush scarlet. My mind didn't want to repeat it. I tried focusing on the disgust I felt for being thrown up against a dirty wall and violated, so that all thoughts of Edward could be put in the back of my mind. I wouldn't last long if I imagined my family and he would hurt me even more if I resisted for them.

"Isabella…" he breathed huskily into my ear, startling me. He said it as if it were a cuss word rather than a name. Anger tore up inside me when I heard him speak, finding him daring to call me that. I had a name, but not for him. I would've said something about it if he hadn't continued. "…You know I love it when you toy with me. I know you love it when I speak dirty for you…" his hands ripped apart my blouse. "I'm going to fuck you so hard, you won't be able to walk your pert little ass out of here when I'm finished with you."

My mind was screaming at me not to say anything and I happily obliged. For me, everything he said was so evil and wrong that I could ignore the wickedness easily. The only sound I made was when he ripped apart my shorts and panties and shoved himself inside me, and that was a cry from the pain. He was too big and it was too hard to accommodate. I tried hard not to scream when my head was roughly banged against the decaying brick wall behind me.

"Fuck, Isabella, you're so tight." He groaned, his hands at either side of my hips, pushing me towards him harder. "You're so fucking filthy but so fucking beautiful… you understand why I need this, Isabella."

One moment my head was throbbing in pain and the next it was near the ground, my face in the mud and my backside in the air. His fingers dug into my back as he pounded into me. Tears dropped into the dirt below as I muffled my screams with the moist floor below me. The mud in my teeth was only a small price to pay for not giving him the satisfaction.

He knew what I was doing seconds after I started it. His face twisting in anger, he pulled my hair backwards to arch my body and move my face so I could scream. I was crying harder now; the mud from my poor silencing attempts flying out of my mouth when I released my yelps. One hand on my hair, the man scratched down my back with the other to draw blood. "It won't help you to hide," he said, almost softly. "I want your mouth to be tired when you suck me off after I pound your ass."

The realization hit me hard moments after he said it. I was going to be filled with him in every way he can take me and he wasn't going to make it nice for me. He pushed himself deep within me, pumping harder than before his climax. I let out a loud whimper after he roughly pinched my clit. This was more embarrassing to me than the act itself. Taking a little time for rest, the man pulled out. "You like it rough, don't you, Isabella? You like it when I take you hard," he growled.

When he thrust himself into my backside, he didn't bother to get me ready first. It wasn't until after he pushed in a few times did he push my cheeks aside to go in faster. My screams reverberated off the alley walls when I cried, the pain engulfing me to near blackness.

"Fuck Isabella!" he shouted at a level that was louder than my own. "You must've fucking never been fucked like this for you to be so tight."

It was the longest moment in my life when I anticipated his release, but it never came. Rather, he just pumped into me so fast my teeth chattered as his hands pinched and squeezed the more private parts of my body. His balls bounced against my bruised clit every time he entered me completely. Suddenly, without stopping, he slapped the side of my ass to get my attention and 

said in a grave tone "I'm going to flip you over so you can suck me off. I want to cum down your throat more than in your disgusting ass."

True to his word, he exited me and pulled me to where I was kneeling in front of him. No warning was given when he pushed my chin down forcefully and shoved himself into my mouth. "Now Isabella, I don't want any biting from you. You bite me and I will make you do worse than just sucking me, do you understand? Besides," he smirked into my horror filled eyes. "I would like it if you did."

This scared me more than the thoughts of what he would do with me if I tried it. The man was twisted. He gagged me so badly when he rammed himself down my throat. The choking didn't stop him from pushing me against him over and over again. I nearly had his balls in my mouth when he finally came. I was crying too hard to hear him groan as the hot, sticky liquid filled my mouth so much that it seeped out and onto my chin. Two more gag-worthy thrusts and he pulled out, gliding over my cheeks as he did so.

"I would be lying if I said that was good," he spat, pushing me away before tucking himself back into his pants. "However, it was adequate."

Even though I was battered and beaten from the inside out, the most surprising thing that happened was when he bent over and kissed my cheek softly. "I love you, Isabella."

Then he was gone, leaving me bruised, bleeding, and sobbing uncontrollably in the alley.