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"Harry!" two loud voices yelled in unison. Harry Potter spun around, only to be tackled to the floor by two larger bodies. They slid a little across the snow before stopping. Harry hardly had time to register who or what had hit him before the rambling began.

"That was bloody brilliant, Harry."

"Yeah, a real fine piece of work."

"How did you come up with that?"

"Chip off the old block, ey?"

"Ey! Ey!" they both said in unison, stressing it a little each time.

"I'm brilliant.. Now get off. I can't breathe," Harry whined. The two Weasley twins chuckled and picked themselves up off the ground, along with Harry. Each grabbed an arm and ripped him to his feet.

"Honestly, Harry. Turning our own inventions against us was fantastic," Fred said.

"Really great stuff. We didn't mind though. We got to see first hand what it was like to be no taller than one of Ginny's dolls," George added. Both were grinning like idiots.

"They ate more of their creations later and made Ginny's dolls their prom dates," Ron piped in.

"Ron!" Harry exclaimed and hugged Ron like they'd been apart for years.

They were all standing just outside the doors into the Entrance Hall. Returning students ran past them to meet with friends in the Great Hall before dinner began. Harry found himself feeling warm, despite being wet from the snow and out where more could fall on him. He was surrounded by three fiery red heads. They all supported him, and he supported them. There were just two things missing...

"Harry!" Hermione's voice sounded out. She rushed over and hugged him. Harry almost fell over again, but he was caught by one of the twins from behind.

"Welcome back, Hermione," Harry greeted. The brown haired girl giggled and turned to Ron. She hugged him too, but not as forcefully. The twins pried her off of Ron and half suffocated her by hugging her at the same time.

In this little group of people off to the side of the entrance steps, Harry counted that now only one thing was missing. Once again, however, he spoke too soon. Two arms snaked their way around Harry's waist, and he felt breath on his ear.

"Having a party and not inviting me, Harry? How cruel," Draco's voice hissed teasingly into Harry's ear. They didn't have to worry about disapproving students seeing them right now. Draco was in the back of the group.

"Of course not," Harry laughed, catching his friends' attentions.

"Ah! When did you get here?" Ron asked, jumping and pointing a little at Draco.

"Pointing is rude, little Ronnie," Fred teased. George leaned on his brother's shoulder and snickered. Ron pouted and glared at them.

"What? Do you not want me here? I can always leave. I can tell when I'm not wanted," Draco said, being totally over dramatic - although it seemed rather natural for Draco. Harry chuckled.

"No. You're fine right where you are," Harry said, pulling Draco around to stand beside him instead of hiding behind him.

"Did you have a good Christmas, Draco?" Hermione asked politely with a big smile. Draco smirked devilishly.

"Of course," he replied like he knew something she didn't.

Of course, nothing overly intimate had happened between Harry and Draco yet. All his friends knew that, because Harry would definitely freak and send them all letters if something like that had actually happened. Still, the way Draco looked and sounded was so convincing. You'd think something naughty had occurred.

"Look, I approve and all but... Could you stop doing that? I've had enough sexuality thrown in my face for one season," Ron groaned and held his head. Harry and the twins laughed, Draco smirked viciously, and Hermione laughed lightly while patting him on the back.

"You'll get used to it," she promised.

"He better," Fred said. "Cause he's surrounded by it."

"Yeah, Ron... Or you could convert and join us. I hear Blaise Zabini is hot to trot," George offered. Ron's face went crooked.

"Oh please. Leave me out of it," Ron half begged, grabbing Hermione's hand unconsciously.

Speaking of Blaise, Draco raised his eyes to the passing crowd. Yep. Blaise was watching him while he walked by, in a very incognito way so that no one else would pay them much attention. Blaise winked at Draco, and Draco blushed. So Blaise HAD known... somehow. Maybe the red headed twin was right. Maybe Blaise was gay too? Who knew? Draco would have to confront him about it later.

"I'm hungry!" George suddenly burst out, standing up straight.

"Yeah!" Fred cheered. Following their lead, the whole group moved toward the big double doors to head inside.

"I'll see you after dinner?" Draco asked.

"Absolutely," Harry replied with a nod. With that, they let go of each other. A few steps later, and several hungry cheers from the twins, the Gryffindors parted from their Slytherin friend and headed to their own table.

Now was the beginning of the hardest year and a half of Harry's life. How to keep a relationship secret from the entire Slytherin house so they wouldn't kick his ass? Oh well. They had the parchment now. It should be easier than it looked. Even if they couldn't be together in public as much as they wanted to be, Harry and Draco could be together while on opposite sides of the castle with Harry's magic parchment.

"Congratulations, Harry!" One of the twins cheered. Harry wasn't looking and didn't know which one it was exactly.

"To the best Christmas eva!" Fred held up his glass of pumpkin juice. Resounding cheers went up, even from their friends who didn't know what had happened to make Christmas so great to the Weasley's and Harry. Across the room, Harry watched Draco raised his glass in a manner that toasted with them without looking like an idiot to his fellow Slytherins.

It seemed Fred had been waiting as well, because with Draco's added glass, Fred downed his own juice. The other Gryffindors followed suit. Harry and Draco made eye contact before drinking theirs together.

Yes. This was the start of the most stressful and exciting year and a half of Harry's life. But whatever... It would be fun.

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