A talk


Lady Razeli

Disclaimer: I do not own Star Trek: Voyager or Xena: Warrior Princess

"Who are you?" Ptera asked. Xena entered sickbay.

"Ah Lieutenant."

"Deactivate EMH," Xena ordered. The doctor went off line to his annoyance. It was nearly time for Ptera to be sent back through the subspace vacuole it remained to be seen whether or not she would live.

"Who are you?" Ptera asked again.

"Lieutenant Alanna Tudor."

"Is it time?" Ptera asked. Xena shook her head.

"No, I actually came on my own to assure you of an afterlife." Ptera frowned.

"No one else can answer me, why should you be any different."

"Because I've returned from the after life many times. The truth is your physical body in this world is left behind. You kinetic energy your soul is what leaves your shell of this world and appears in another. You will in a sense gain a new shell more suited to your environment. At least that's what happens to us. Mostly I've observed is that your kinetic energy joins the planet among its rings. I think that's your Heaven, your Elysian Fields."

"What are you saying?" Xena sighed annoyed.

"I'm saying that if we have our heaven, which would be our next emanation than yours surely exists, you're in the between world now where your outer shell is thrown away so you can be free from your previous limitations. You just never had the chance to continue on your journey to your last stop where all your family awaits." With those last words Xena walked out of sickbay. "Activate EMH."

"Well that was totally uncalled for Lieutenant..." The doctor noticed she was gone and sighed. "What did she do?" Ptera shook her head.

"She just gave me reassurance," Ptera told him before it was time to send her into the vacuole in an effort to return her home.